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I'm a gaming, bird loving fanatic!

Male, 19, United States

While one side of my interests reside in Nintendo gaming, the other involves a passion for all creatures. But avian life has a particularly special place in my heart. If something has wings, feathered or otherwise, chances are I'll love it.

Thu 5th January, 2012

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WingedSnagret commented on The Videogame History Museum's GDC Nintendo Ex...:

Good for Nintendo not being ashamed of past failures. The Virtual Boy, short lived oddball that it was, is nonetheless a part of Nintendo history, and it's nice to see that they still treat it as such instead of sweeping it under the rug.



WingedSnagret commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Instead of arguing about the whole sexual topic itself, I shall simply state that my main problem is with how unrealistic the girls are physically portrayed. The fact that their breasts are bigger then their heads is just stupid. Yeah they can be huge in real life, but only through plastic surgery.

The fact that a body part is embellished to nonsensical proportions simply to "increase" sex appeal doesn't seem right.



WingedSnagret commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

I knew it wasn't going to be that good the moment I first saw the game, but still...

It's a shame that every single Yoshi game has failed to match the level of the original.



WingedSnagret commented on Guide: The Building Blocks Of Success In Poké...:

@JQuest They hack them in. I personally don't know how the process works myself, but the bottom line is they can get Pokemon with above max EV/IVs, movesets that the Pokemon couldn't normally learn, abilities that don't belong to the Pokemon, and are typically shiny. A classic example is a Wonder Guard Spiritomb.

They do get traded around, and worse are used in battles against random people.



WingedSnagret commented on Video: F-Zero Gets the "Did You Know Gaming?" ...:

Well this certainly explains why F-Zero isn't doing as good as it should be. I guess that tends to happen when you don't bring more then half the content of the franchise overseas which is where it'd more successful to begin with!

Nintendo, you can really tick me off sometimes. :p