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Windy commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

I've never been a big fan of street pass myself. I have hardly ever got more than 7 street pass hits a week. I recently took a trip to Arkansas via Las Vegas to Orange County Airport to Houston and into Fayetville Arkansas and back. After all that travel I ended up with 49 streetpass hits for the trip. That's the most street pass hits I've gotten in an 11 day time span. I still think that's low and Nintendo seems to think street pass is this huge hit in North america. It would be huge if we all worked at Nintendo of America and got over 100 street pass hits a day. I was actually happy with the trip as it gave me a chance to play those games I haven't touched in over a year. I do like the games but I think it would be more fun if your friends could hit a button to send their avatar once a week or even once a day or something. It would just be more fun that way



Windy commented on Akihiro Hino on Why Fantasy Life 2 is Not Comi...:

This is the ultimate betrayal! Going to markets which have Millions more users than the Eshop is all this is about. They can candy coat it all they want too but I will be skipping it on my tablet just as a protest. The better way to game is on 3DS not on smart phones. They must have fired all their gamers at Level 5.



Windy commented on Rumour: Project X Zone 2: Brave New World Head...:

I have the first one and have yet to even pop it in. Maybe if I ever get to the first one I would give part 2 a try. I played the demo and liked it enough to buy the game but it got shoved to the rear of my backlog. I also still have the Etrian Odysseys to play and shin Megami Tensei soulhackers to play.



Windy commented on International StreetPass Week to Bring New Str...:

Speaking of street pass I traveled through 3 airports and went too 4 cities in the last couple days on my way too Bentonville Arkansas. My first stop was McCarren Airport in Las Vegas to Orange County Airport in Southern California. I scored 8 street pass hits. Today back to Orange county airport to Houston TX where I scored 8 more street pass hits. Got on a plane in Houston to NW airport Arkansas where I got 0 hits. To me these numbers are still low. I do want the fishing game though so will more than likely pick that up. Street pass is still a dud in my opinion in North america. I live in Las Vegas and the last 2 visits too McDonalds scored me 0 hits near my house.



Windy commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:

Sounds like the half ass'd android market and the way it runs. **shudders at the thought** I really hope Nintendo doesn't get the idea to run it exactly like the android market. There are some things they could incorporate like the ease of connecting with your actual friends



Windy commented on Nintendo Download: 9th April (Europe):

I wonder what happened to that Horse Racing solitaire game which was being made by the people from Pokemon. I was looking forward to that but there hasn't been any news lately.



Windy commented on Review: Iron Combat: War in the Air (3DS eShop):

Would be cool if they would consider doing this with online play and online leaderboards. One of the reasons I didn't pick this up since I have Liberation Maiden I will wait for a sale. But if it had online it would have been an instant buy.



Windy commented on Pandora's Tower And Sin And Punishment Coming ...:

I probably won't buy either of these since I have CD's but I did want to say, if you haven't played Pandoras Tower do yourself a favor and pick it up at the introductory offer if they offer it at an introductory offer. Its a really neat Platformer with some small RPG elements to it. Has a decent storyline and plays very good. Just do yourself a favor and pick it up. If I didn't already have it I would :)



Windy commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (North America):

I really want Citizens of Earth but I'm so broke at the moment. I can't even afford to pay attention.....Had Had! An oldie but a goodie...well maybe not anymore. I may try and get that before the sale ends.



Windy commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

Shin Megami Tense IV is my favorite 3DS game :) I also enjoyed Castlevania, Disneys World of Magic, Fantasy Life, Both Monster Hunter Games, Mario Golf, Ocarina of Time 3D, MarioKart 3D and Cave Story 3D. I was bummed the Disney Game wasn't on the list cause it is absolutely a great open world RPG game. Anyway in reality all the games on the list are good.



Windy commented on Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata Warns Not To Hold Y...:

A Zelda live action series would be so easy to mess up its not funny. But for me it would have to be absolutely perfect to be enjoyable. Most videogame to movie adaptions have been pretty bad. They always goofy them up somehow. This is not one that needs that special goofiness which Hollywood seems to think makes a good on screen transformation



Windy commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@JaxonH well one thing about the internet and websites such as this Naysayers and spammers can't be kept out so there will always be this type of stuff to deal with. Truth of the matter is. Not a soul here has a clue at what Nintendo is doing. The stock market sure seems excited though.



Windy commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

I'm actually really hoping Nintendo is making a tablet type console which will connect to the TV or go portable. Something with a built in controller and also has the ability to connect extra controllers wirelessly for multiplayer when connected to the TV. Hopefully the system stays along the same lines of the 3DS but something new is also welcome. I just hope it ends up being downsized to just 1 system for everything. I do think its very important though that a controller is built into it similar to the Wii-U pad yet the entire system is in the pad.



Windy commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

Its time for a big shake up at Nintendo and this is pretty big. Let's hope this is just what they needed. I would have probably just dropped the Wii-U bringing out remainder of announced games and focus'd in on the 3DS money machine. I know that's kind of cold but the Wii-U is really just floundering. I own one myself and hate to see it die so early. But does it really make sense to keep going with it. Zelda will sell some systems along with Xenoblade X. I was really hoping to get Dragon Quest X which I thought would also sell systems



Windy commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

Well Nintendo's quality over quantity campaign worked a lot longer than I thought out was going to go. But its dying now and time to re-tool. People are starting to realize and even believe that Nintendo brought Quality over quantity compared to its competitors. When in fact it just never really happened. I hope this new re-tool works and this NX will be what most of us imagine



Windy commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

I just hope its as simple as making a Beefy 3DS which will connect to a TV for big screen play or still have the clamshell for just popping it open and playing. Also will need to connect to bluetooth controllers for local multiplayer on TV. From here I'm sure the big boys at Nintendo can figure out the rest of it. Motion controls will be a thing of the past and good riddance. Just what I'm hoping for anyway.



Windy commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

The Zelda game and Xenoblade are going to help a bit. But I think it will be short lived. I mean come on Nintendo....Sony is sticking it to you. I'm a little bit afraid to see what Nintendo has planned next round. Now if we maybe got games like Dragon Quest X which is a Wii game it would help. Does square even port games anymore or does Nintendo have to publish for them in North America and Europe? Things are not looking good for Wii. 3DS continues to rock the planet. I think its time to consider just working on 3ds. I say make it possible to connect the 3ds to your TV to play that way or portable. Upgrade the system and make it the most powerful handheld out there. Then make it so you can connect Bluetooth controllers and other accessories directly to the 3ds. Make it a 1 system which does it all. Portable, TV and multiplayer with accessories. Time for Wii and Wii-U to go the way of the dodo. Right after the new Zelda and Xenoblade come out :)



Windy commented on Review: Zombie Incident (3DS eShop):

So in other words this game is really a 3d Classic :) I will buy that! Wait I already bought it and told a buddy it had a 3d classic feel to it. Good game



Windy commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a Nintendo Direct...:

@Quorthon nah. There are a lot of people who don't follow games much. These directs should be coming out once a month. Most people don't actually know all about what's coming out or when. I think information overload is better than not enough. Even if they repeat themselves they could have different hosts and such to get a different take on each story. People like us (game finatics) already have this have this info most of the time. But personally for me I like the directs. I used to like the show they had on Wii. I wish they would bring something like that back and show what's coming out each month



Windy commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a Nintendo Direct...:

There is so much they could do, fix, announce and show. I would like to see a better effort in regards to 3D Classics. If Nintendo doesn't plan on doing it, hire Sega to keep that ball rolling. Im sure Sega would be capable of doing 3D classics for Nintendo as wellsas doing their own. In regards to Wii-U just try a little harder to bring out more software. The Wii-U shop is a little weak right now, not only with Wii-Uware but the Indie games are even pretty weak. It seems we are once again getting a pile of shovelware in the shop. I like the idea of putting up Wii games for download in the shop. But how long will Nintendo stick to that? I hope they plan on loading it up instead of just giving us a little taste then dropping it like they did with 3D Classics. Lastly

Lastly isn't it time to fix this situation with the VC once and for all? Again I don't know who is in charge of VC games but seriously its time to hire someone who wants to get it going. The VC section should be loaded for people to browse through. There is no excuse at this point. Make an announcement about it. Say your sorry, something. Let people know what's going on instead of keeping them in the dark. If you don't plan to support it much let us know. Its obvious people would love to see more done with the VC. Every week you see the disappointment on these and other message boards across the internet.