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Wed 11th May 2011

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Wildfire commented on Yamauchi's Heirs Have "Desire To Sell" Shares ...:

A couple years ago I read a book about Nintendo and one thing that is mentioned is the clear distance that Yamauchi's heirs have towards the company. This also explains why Iwata succeded to Hiroshi Yamauchi and not a relative on a traditional family run business for years. So the heirs desire to sell their shares don't surprise me the least!



Wildfire commented on Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3DS):

TMNT long time fan here! This review made me the impression that it can be fun for a fan of the series so I think I'll get it anyway. My only doubt is if I'll buy it for 3DS or Wii. Also reviews bashed Double Dragon Neon and I ended up loving it!



Wildfire commented on Super Castlevania IV Is Coming To The North Am...:

I'm one of those so called series veterans and Super Castlevania IV is definitely my all time favourite castlevania! Ever! So suffice to say that I really don't understand some of the complaints around here but anyway... I hope this comes also to Europe next week so I can make the upgrade!



Wildfire commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

I'm already used to the bad reviews on Sonic games,not saying that this is one of them. For me a 7 is actually a good score. I don't understand why some people gave up on buying this game just because Nintendo Life gave it a good score! My only hope is that Sonic Lost World sells enough or Sega will be another one abandoning Nintendo's ship. As for me I've never had a problem with Colours or Generations so I'll be getting Sonic Lost World today. Can't wait!!



Wildfire commented on Feature: Last Night A Hedgehog Saved My Life:

This is only my opinion, but any from Sonic CD,Sonic 3 and Knuckles are way better than Super Mario World. I love Super Mario but Sonic was superior on the 16-bits. Also great article it made me remember the first time I've seen the blue blur and yeah!It was love at first sight! There I was glued to the shop window, looking at the tv where Sonic was blazing through Green Hill Zone! And that moment was enough to make me want a Mega Drive. Oh man! Those were the days!



Wildfire commented on The Wonderful 101 Misses the Top 20 in UK All-...:

I've been playing it non stop!Having a blast! For me it's the best thing I played in a while and even worth getting my Wii U on the first place. The controls are really intuitive once you learn them and only then will you see past all the chaos, because you'll know what you're doing. Too bad that a couple years ago everyone complained that the games on wii were too simple, wanting more complex inputs and now people have this reaction?! Also the characters are awesome and full of charisma but it all depends on personal tastes I guess. As for the "professional" reviewers that gave an "average" grade to the game, I just say this..If The wonderful 101 was multiplatform it would be riding on all kinds of praise just like Bayonetta. No. I'm not saying that this would change the fate of this game sales wise, since none of the other Platinum games were an abysmal sucess on that category, but the public wouldn't be so on the fences about the brilliance of this gem!
Bottom line here is...the sales chart isn't representative of the quality of The Wonderful 101!



Wildfire commented on Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition Announced,...:

Really hope this is coming to other regions! I'd hate to miss on this, since Sonic and the Lost World is my most anticipated Wii U game!
Also I think that this won't interfere with the story but will only change the theme of the boss stages like one of the deadly six that uses a giant ball. That weapon will be replaced by that big singing lady from Nights.



Wildfire commented on Review: DuckTales: Remastered (Wii U eShop):

I used to watch the cartoon show quite religiously and despite not having played the nes original ( since i didn't had a nes ) I intend to download and enjoy every bit of Duck Tales remastered as soon as it's made available on eshop today! Also Wayforward rules!



Wildfire commented on Hideki Kamiya Still Wants to Work on Star Fox:

It's the 2nd time this man says that he would like to do a Starfox game and mind you, he's one of the great minds behind Platinum games. So my question is:

  • why doesn't Nintendo let him do it?
    Just imagine what Platinum would do with this IP! Yeah! It would be amazing but still, Nintendo seems to not care...
    I'm starting to lose hope on a new Starfox game.


Wildfire commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

I remember playing through Uncharted 2 and at the middle of it I was bored. No, I'm not saying it's a bad game, but man!, that gameplay was so boring! Always with the shooting, hiding and more shooting. The puzzles were anedoctal to say the least. What I'm trying to say here is that despite having (as you say) a "good story" the gameplay was a complete let down, making the game anything but fun. And sorry if I'm offending anyone here but The Last of Us seems(at least to me) to be the same as Uncharted, but now you're killing zombies(or whatever they're called) and humans with the same post apocalyptic world crap as background.
So my answear to this article is Nintendo does the games they feel right to be made. And they'll put gameplay first because first and foremost GAMES are meant to be played. If I want to see a movie I'll go to the theaters, there's lots of films nowadays with the same kind of story as TLOU, anyways.



Wildfire commented on Mega Man FPS "Polarized Opinions" Within Capco...:

I don't know but the fact that CAPCOM is having financial problems must have something to do with this decision or in other words they aren't willing to take financial risks. But I still think Armature could very well do an amazing job with Mega Man.