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Waxxy commented on Reconfigured Black Wii Heads to North America:

It's ironic that everyone here complaining about the lack of GC functionality most probably already has a Wii with GC functionality. It's not like you have any reason to run out and buy this, guys.

I agree that the price should be cut more but I think the idea is they're making up for the lack of GC features by including a soundtrack CD. It still doesn't really make sense to me and I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo has plans to slash this to $99 just in time for Christmas so that late-comers to the world of Nintendo can get in cheap for the holidays.



Waxxy commented on Feature: Remembering the Super Game Boy:

Nintendo playing dumb about the SGB enhancements for the game boy games on 3DS is practically inexcusable. The "Super GameBoy-Enhanced" logo was on the packaging for every GB game that supported them; it's not like this was some obscure feature that only existed on a bare handful of games in a single region. I fail to see why Nintendo is choosing to give us the B&W boring versions of games when the data to support the special borders, colors and sound effects is included in the ROMs they're letting us download. It just doesn't make any sense and is another example of why Nintendo always seems to be living in the dark ages of gaming. (Speaking of which, let me remap my controls from B/A to the far superior Y/B please!!)



Waxxy commented on Feature: Nintendo 64 Let-Downs, Head Scratcher...:

@pureval: You're definitely not the only one. The only flaw I see in the controller was the inferior construction (by today's standards, remember!) of the analog stick. I've long been wishing that Nintendo would release an N64 classic controller for the Wii that has the same layout with +/-/Home buttons and a more robust analog stick. To me that would make it one of the best controllers ever.

To those people who hate on it, look at the facts. You have a controller with a FULL-size D-pad (The gamecube one is a joke), standard (for the time) L/R buttons, SIX face buttons including 4 that are small enough to act as a second D-pad in a pinch, an analog stick and a trigger button which also doubles as a replacement L-button when using the controller in that mode. While games sadly didn't utilize the controller to its fullest, it was versatile enough to give you three distinct configurations: two directional controls (D-pad + analog) at a time when the Dual Shock was a gleam in Sony's eye; a standard D-pad plus eight buttons well before anyone had added a second set of shoulder buttons; or Analog-plus-eight buttons when controllers had generally only had D-pads up to that point. And let's not forget the revolutionary controller expansion port that paved the way to adding the force feedback feature that is now a standard part of most console controllers.

I personally think the Gamecube controller and the classic controller are both steps down from the design of the N64 controller.



Waxxy commented on Nintendo Silence Talking Link:

For the people complaining that Nintendo should not have taken action: Please read up on copyright law. Nintendo had little choice in the matter, unless they wanted to open the flood gates for anybody out there wanting to make similar (but probably far worse quality) works in the future.

A copyright holder MUST take appropriate action to limit who has the right to use their IP. If they do not, then someone in the future could make a much crappier -- or even offensive -- film using the same IP, and could argue that since Nintendo allowed the older work, theirs should not be stifled. Nintendo is not allowed to "pick and choose" which unofficial versions of their IP they will allow to circulate if they want to keep their rights to the material.

So, there are two questions you should be asking. 1) Why did these fans, knowing quite well I'm sure that they were releasing unofficial and potentially illegal material, not contact Nintendo and get permission before they invested all this work? And 2) Why did Nintendo not shut them down before now?

I think I know the answers to both questions. 1) They didn't ask because they knew they'd be told no; in which case the wasted time and effort is their own fault. 2) Nintendo didn't stop them when they only had trailers and teasers because it generated free publicity without seriously jeopardizing their copyright.



Waxxy commented on Wii Firmware Update Makes Transferring to SD F...:

"Comeon Ninty, just let us play games off the card!"

Patience, young one. I see this update as the first (major) step towards allowing us to play games directly from the card, which would basically eliminate their entire storage problem. It shouldn't be too hard using these improved transfer speeds to just add a channel that lists the games on your SD card, lets you select one, does a temporary transfer, and loads up the game. Then you could just store most/all of your games on the card and launch them directly from there.

Hopefully we won't have too much longer to wait, but Nintendo did state that they were shooting for a solution by Spring, so it might be a few more months.



Waxxy commented on USA VC Update: Mega Man 3:

You guys are hilarious. Let me show you why:

Comments because the release is 1 game (Mega Man 3): "Dammit, Nintendo you guys suck!!!! Gimme more games!!! WAHHH!!!"

Comments if the release had been MM3 and two completely crappy games: "Yayyy!!! A 3-game week!!! But the only thing here that really interests me is Mega Man 3. Guess I'll just download that one. But GREAT JOB NINTENDO!!!!"



Waxxy commented on Virtual Console games to be directly downloada...:

Am I missing something? How is joking about Miyamoto's income (who we all know to be filthy rich in reality) "in bad taste"? He's just sarcastically expressing how Nintendo should be able to afford a solution but has, for whatever reason, held off so far. Whether the joke is funny or not is another matter, but nothing about what he said appears to be in bad taste to me.

@Stuff: No offense, but as soon as you said you're a Gamestop employee, I stopped reading. It's just that I've just known too many Gamestop employees......



Waxxy commented on USA VC Releases: Mario Golf and Shining Force II:

"Another thing to note is that the game could originally be linked with the Game Boy Color version to unlock additional characters - This can obviously not be done in the VC version, meaning the extra characters are not available."

Well that's stupid... I know they've had to leave out features that the Wii didn't support before (The "rumble stone" or whatever for TLoz:OOT, and the ghost saving feature from MK64) but this is the first time they've dropped any significant content because of it. Surely they could come up with another way of allowing these characters to be in the game? It seems a total waste to have that data available but not used just because the Wii doesn't support a certain type of hardware connection...



Waxxy commented on Jumpman:

Anyone who thinks this game is a clone of anything has only given the game a cursory glance. Other than the name "Jumpman" (Which is a really generic name, guys... there's a reason Nintendo didn't stick with it), this has absolutely NOTHING in common with Mario or Donkey Kong. The character is far more manueverable for one thing, and there are no enemies you can "kill" in most levels. The main objective is to avoid all the various traps and pitfalls while you collect the bombs scattered throughout the screen. There's no princess to save or giant monkey to defeat, just you, some bombs, and a bunch of enemies bent on your destruction. And where Donkey Kong features a whopping four stages where the goal is the same every time, Jumpman packs 30 levels, many drastically different from the others. There are even a few where Jumpman loses his ability to jump (oh the irony!) and totes a gun or spear to defeat the enemies with. Some stages introduce other traps like vanishing platforms or the world's most insane teleportation puzzle (Ahh Grand Puzzle III, how I love to hate you...)

Seriously, anyone who thinks Randy Glover took anything at all from Nintendo needs to give this game a whirl. You will not be disappointed.



Waxxy commented on Virtual Console games to be directly downloada...:

@Stuffgamer: Maybe I get credit for "your ideas" (I didn't see a patent number...) because your posts just come off as an upset fanboy ranting because he has nothing better to do?

Your previous post (in response to Chocobo) is a complete load. Yes, I'm sure they all gathered around the conference table and decided how best to piss off their customers. Or maybe, just maybe, they wanted to make a console that cost LESS than an XBox 360, and not having a hard drive was one way to do that? Hmm, which of those reasons sounds more plausible to you?

I'm surprised that you're completely changing your tune from "Hey guys they kind of said they're going to let us run off the SD slot" to "NINTENDO SUX I R GONNA BECUM A MS FANBOI ROFLSAUC." Ask yourself if Nintendo is really doing something wrong if you're still buying their hardware and games...

Also, in response to your next post to Indigo... SARCASM. Look it up!

@Marcel Van Duyn or any other VCR staff: You really need to change the wording of your update. There is no conclusive evidence here either way, but your article reads like you know for absolute certain that they're NOT going to let us play off the SD slot. At the very least just admit you don't know and that we'll have to wait until next spring to find out what's really up. This article in its present state is only misleading people.



Waxxy commented on Virtual Console games to be directly downloada...:


Look, HERE is what the article, straight from Nintendo, states:

"We will also make it so that you will need to go through just one process in order to transfer Virtual Console or WiiWare software stored on an SD card to the Wii console and then be able to play it." "[We want] to make it so that software stored on the SD memory card can be played on the Wii console by going through much simpler proceedures."

Why is everyone taking this one source as the word of God when they admit they posted it wrong in the first place?! Nintendo clearly states that, in addition to making it possible to download directly to the card, they want to add a more stream-lined method for people to play their games stored on their SD cards. What exactly does that say to you guys? Because to me, it means they're looking at ways of letting you do exactly what this article originally stated; allow you to play from the card. Whether this means a new channel that reads the game directly off the card (what everyone assumed at first), or the ability to view the games on the card and then copy-and-play in one step, the end result is the same -- you find the game on your card, you press a button, and it gets played. THIS is what Nintendo said right in their article that they are TRYING to do.

In either case, this is merely a statement of intent, with no specific plans either way, and everyone is taking it as an absolute "no we still won't let you do that." Why don't you guys chill out and wait until next year when they can give us better facts?!

To recap: The only thing they stated is that they are "looking for ways" to allow people to play games off the SD card. Their goal is to have it done by next year. They will let us know when it gets closer to actually becoming a reality. Stay tuned. And for chrissake, stop listening to the doomsday prophesier who are taking this as proof that Nintendo will never allow us to play games off the SD card.



Waxxy commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

None of this matters to me, as I have an XBox. In fact, I'd rather have these games on XBox than VC. With the VC, I'd get the original game with the same graphics, but with no controller vibration and have a choice between two controllers that don't match the original's layout.

With the 360 version, the least I can expect is acheivements and updated graphics (HD at least), a new controller configuration made to work with the 360 controller, and vibration support.

So why would I care that I can't get this on the VC?

Life becomes a lot simpler when you have two consoles.



Waxxy commented on EU VC Releases: Master System Sonic & Two C64 ...:

"I put it all down to it receiving more popularity in Europe during its run (lasting until 1994 out here, four years after America stopped taking interest)."

Well, maybe the rest of America did, but I finally got rid of my Commodore 64 only at my wife's insitence (since I never used it ) about 4 years ago...



Waxxy commented on Nyko Set To Release Wireless Classic Controller:

Why would I want a wireless controller that plugs into the Wiimote and works from only 10 feet away? So, now instead of draining one set of batteries while I play, I'm draining two, and it can't even play GC games. There are better solutions out there for wireless GC controllers that work with the Wii, including GC games and all VC titles currently released. And they work from a lot further away than 10 feet!



Waxxy commented on EU VC Releases: Master System Sonic & Two C64 ...:

ARGH! Where the bleep are the C64 games for us US customers?? These represent two of the greatest games ever to be released on the system, and taken along with Paradroid and Uridium, I'm now strongly considering getting myself a European Wii just so I can play them. Come on, Nintendo, it's ridiculous to think all the C64 fans are on only one side of the ocean...



Waxxy commented on OFLC Update: Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curs...:


Not to be nitpicky, but the word "prequel" is technically defined as "a work that portrays events and/or aspects of a previously completed narrative, but is set prior to the existing narrative." (Wikipedia) So in this case, the word "predecessor" would be more appropriate to describe Castlevania III, since it came before the other mentioned game. Just sayin'... =P



Waxxy commented on RPG Action Comes to the US Next Month in Ys Bo...:

"Even the name says, that Jumpman was inspired by Donkey Kong. Mario was originally named Jumpman!"

So what? He may have played Donkey Kong and got some inspiration, but that hardly makes it a "rip-off"! There are girders and ladders in Jumpman, and girders and ladders in Donkey Kong. Aside from that, the two games have NOTHING in common. In Donkey Kong, you're trying to save your girlfriend from the clutches of a giant gorilla. In Jumpman, you're running around a moon base trying to disarm bombs while avoiding various traps and obstacles. Donkey Kong has 4 stages where the goal is usually to reach the top without getting hit. Jumpman has 30 stages divided over 3 difficulties, and most of them are vastly different from each other. The physics of the games are also entirely different.

Anybody who seriously thinks that Jumpman is anything like Donkey Kong hasn't played the game.



Waxxy commented on Top 10 Racing Games We Want To Come To The Vir...:

Why the Genesis version of Road Rash? IMO, Road Rash 64 was the pinnacle of the series. 4-player action, multiple game modes and some outrageous hidden features; not to mention some truly huge courses taking advantage of the ability to drive anywhere in the game world from any starting point. With the memory expansion, this even supported high(er) resolution wide-screen! Perfect for a Wii VC release.



Waxxy commented on The Wii Hard Drive Is Here And Hilariously Fake:

"He didn't really apologize either, he just kinda said that he respected geeks and otakus. If you look in his "apology" he never says "sorry" or "I apologize" or anything to that effect. So yeah this fire's gonna burn baby burn."

That's incorrect. He didn't apologize because he had nothing to apologize for. If you read his comments, he said the words that came out of his mouth were misconstrued by the press. How many times have you said something you didn't really believe was true in a joking manner? Now what if somebody took that innocent comment and splattered it all over the net? I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty pissed...



Waxxy commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - July 2008:

Ask anybody who's written an N64 emulator to tell you how hard it is to emulate that system... Most people are content to play N64 ROMs on their PCs with some glitches, but Nintendo would never release them that way, so it's likely they have to tweak each ROM before it can go out, something they don't typically have to do with the other machines. That'd be my guess why N64 releases are much rarer than the other systems.



Waxxy commented on N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console:

This is all well and good, but good luck finding an N64 controller that's still in good condition these days...

What Nintendo NEEDS to do is release their own version and make it plug into the Wiimote just like the classic controller. That way the control stick could be brought up to date (no more loosening/breaking after a few month's use) and the appropriate buttons could be added (Namely Home, +, and -) If they were to release such a thing for $20-30, I would gladly buy a few. Playing N64 games with the classic controller just doesn't feel right to me.



Waxxy commented on Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe:

"Oh crap, my router isn't supported or found by my DS, making the demo downloads useless. Oh well."

What does your router have to do with anything?!

The Wii transfers the demos to your DS in the exact same way that another DS would transfer a single-cartridge game -- over a local-area network using their own protocol. Your router should not be involved, except to get the demo from the Internet to your Wii. (Which, if you could even download the Nintendo channel, obviously is working for you)



Waxxy commented on Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe:

The information gathering is, first off, optional, and secondly, is there to ensure that you're allowed to rate the games (you must have played the game for at least an hour first), and to suggest titles that match your preferences.

If you're really paranoid that they're using it for more "sinister" means, there's a nice fat OFF switch that you can hit, and all your problems are solved.



Waxxy commented on Review: LostWinds:

For the two-player mode, think Super Mario Galaxy. Essentially, a second player can hop in or out at any time by picking up a second Wii remote and turning it on. That player can do everything with wind that the first player can do, using the same controls. So theoretically you could have a friend help you out by distracting or attacking enemies while you focus on thrusting your character up to that next platform... in theory, anyway.

In reality, there's not a heck of a lot of use to have a second player there, as the game is designed for one player acting as wind and controlling Toku. The puzzles certainly never require two players acting in tandem, and the enemies are usually not enough of an annoyance to worry overmuch about them interfering. Also, every time you use a wind action (either player) the game speed slows to allow you more time to "draw" the wind path or execute the action. Unfortunately, this means that if a second player is just trying to attack enemies, your character is slowed every time they perform a wind action, throwing off your own attempts to move through the area. And of course a second individual more intent on disrupting the gameplay could do so easily by holding a button down on their wiimote so the game is slowed indefinitely, or simply by throwing a large heavy object at Toku, for that matter...

I consider the 2-player mode not much more than a novelty, and a poorly implemented one at that. There are much better multiplayer games available on the service.



Waxxy commented on Review: LostWinds:

Regarding the argument about game length, I'm afraid I have to side with Demon here, at least in part. I had heard that the game was short, but I figured for $10 that wouldn't be a big deal. Even so, I was surprised when the game ended after a bare handful of puzzles and a single boss fight. It's not really evident until the game is done and you realize there's no enjoyment left to be gleaned from it just how short an experience this is.

Don't get me wrong, I loved this game while it lasted. The graphics were great and the attention to detail - how every object in the world responds realistically to the wind - was refreshing. I also thought the story was endearing and the overall art style added to that. However, regardless of how enjoyable a game is, finishing it in just 2 1/2 hours makes you feel a little bit jipped. When you compare this experience to the endless replay value of games like Defend Your Castle ($5) and Pop ($7), or even My Life as a King ($15), the value-for-money equation gets turned on its head.

So where does that leave someone looking to potentially purchase the game? I'm not sure. I'm still glad I went ahead and got it, because as I said I really enjoyed the experience while it lasted, but at the same time I can no longer honestly say that $10 was the right price for this game. If each installment of the game is going to be as short, it seems like it'd be better priced in $5 "episodic" increments. Here's hoping that the sequel is either longer, or cheaper.



Waxxy commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

@Kawaiipikachu: "While a harddrive is i bit farfecth idea as ... over time data goes all over the place slowing reading speed down ... Which is why windows comes with the defrag program & Nintendo realise most people don,t want to wait around forever for that"

How the data is stored is up to the operating system, not the drive, and modern operating systems are able to deal with fragmentation on the fly so the impact is negligible. If nothing else the Wii could automatically defragment once a month at 2 AM (similar to what Windows XP does by default) and the user would be none the wiser.

I should also point out that fragmentation is much less of a concern if the drive is only going to be used to store fixed-size data like downloaded games and fixed save files. Most defragmentation occurs because operating systems make use of variable-size caches and data files constantly change size.



Waxxy commented on LostWinds:

I put some time in playing this last night. I think it's well worth 1000 points, even if it may be a bit short. I've paid $10 for much shorter experiences...



Waxxy commented on GameLoft Brings More to WiiWare:

Doesn't sound like anything worth getting, especially coming from ports of cellphone games, of all things. Who knows, maybe they'll surprise us.



Waxxy commented on Top 20 'popular titles' on the Virtual Console...:

It makes perfect sense that Nintendo systems would be dominating in the top 20 list, seeing as how the vast majority of people using the VC have been long-time Nintendo fans. That's not to say there aren't people out there trying games from other systems, it's just that they don't show up in the top 20 as they get edged out by the "core games" that people are more used to.

I do hope that Nintendo doesn't look at this list as an indicator that nobody wants games from those other systems, but instead looks at the raw sales figures. I actually wonder how beneficial such a list really is; I don't think it's really an accurate representation of gamers' interests, and simply by having the list you're artificially pumping more interest in the games on it...



Waxxy commented on Wii SNES Controller Hits Japan:

This really doesn't interest me that much. The classic controller is nearly identical, except the addition of analog sticks and Z buttons. What I'd REALLY be jealous over (and would likely import any way I could) would be an N64 controller. There is simply no controller on the Wii right now that 100% faithfully reproduces the feel of it for those N64 VC titles.



Waxxy commented on Top 10 C64 games wanted on the Virtual Console:

I feel I must nominate Jumpman (and it's younger brother, Jumpman Jr.) to be added to the list of awesome games for the C64. I see this one overlooked a lot, and I can't understand why given that it was a great platformer for its time and featured levels that were unique and varied and made sure the experience never became stale.

If Nintendo could somehow bundle those two titles into one download, giving us 42 levels of Jumpman goodness, I would drop 500 points on it in a heartbeat.



Waxxy commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

@morphballer: "I wonder how hard (or easy) it would be to clean up the grainy FMV on some of these games..."

Downright impossible. Cleaning up grainy images doesn't work like they show in Star Trek, y'know. The only way to get crisper images would be to completely rebuild/reshoot the footage they originally took, whether that's live action or 3D rendered scenery. Also, keep in mind the VC works via emulation, unlike XBL where the games are often recoded for the 360 with graphics and sounds updated in the process. If the original video had to be compressed to work with the Sega CD, then the emulated version of the console would fare no better.



Waxxy commented on EU VC Release - March 20th - Sega Week - Mega ...:

"SSBB or updating my Wii killing my freeloader to get Mega Turrican..."

Um, that's not much of a choice, given that SSBB is going to force you to update as well. Guess you shouldn't have gone messing with your hardware, hm?



Waxxy commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

I just want to say that the picture of the crying baby in the first panel made me laugh. That's exactly what I see every single time the games are announced for the week and all the whiners start posting about how terrible the games are and how game X will never come out and how Nintendo has let them down personally. Waaaaaaah!



Waxxy commented on More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Load...:

@Boredom: The C64 was marketed primarly as a home computer, but it was also packed with advanced (for the time) features that were aimed at making it easier to program games for, which is in large part responsible for its success. It features a full keyboard of course, but also has two joystick ports (which were also eventually used for mice), a cartridge port which was mainly used for smaller games, and could support 2 floppy disk drives simultaneously, in addition to a cassette deck (ahh, hour-long loading times), printer, and modem. Hardware-wise it had a fairly robust video chip and a sound chip that blew the competition of the time away and is still beloved today for its unique sound.

I suspect that 90% of the games people will want to play on VC were controlled with the joysticks. Occassionally, the single-button stick was too limited, so they'd use one or two easy-to-reach keys on the keyboard. There's no reason these keyboard keys couldn't be mapped to the Wiimote, though. I can think only of a few games that would absolutely require keyboard support, and most of those are text adventures.

As for my most anticipated game, I would love to see M.U.L.E. made available in all it's 4-player glory...



Waxxy commented on US VC Releases - 25th February - Kirby 64:

@Storyteller: "This is the first time I've ever seen Nintendo release a game for the virtual console that wasn't on this site's "coming soon" list. I almost took it for granted that if a game wasn't on the list it wouldn't be coming out yet. It makes me wonder if Nintendo will fall into a trend of giving no advance warning for major titles and try to play off the shock value a little bit."

Actually, Nintendo usually doesn't let us know more than a few days in advance what is going to be on the VC, ever. There are several reasons a game might show up on the "Coming Soon" list here, and by far the most common one is that it's been rated by the ESRB or another rating system, which usually means its copyright-holder is getting ready to re-release it somewhere. Unlike the earlier systems on the VC, the N64 came out after the ESRB was established, and all of its games were rated previously, so there's no need to rate them again. This is the likely reason that it didn't show up in the list.



Waxxy commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console?:

This is great news to hear. There were plenty of good games on the C64 that are comparable or better than the average NES game. My only concern is that it may not come to the states. That would be a great shame as I'm sure there are many gamers over here (myself included) that would love to relive some of these classic moments. Hopefully Nintendo/Commodore won't overlook a huge part of their potential market...



Waxxy commented on Virtual Console Passes 10m Downloads Milestone:

@gottheanswer: That's not a solution, in my opinion. If I want to kick back and play some Mario Bros just for kicks, I don't want to have to wait for it to download again before doing so. It'd be much nicer if I could just turn on my Wii and be playing it within a few seconds. I've gone ahead and bought a 2GB SD card so at least I don't have to download, but the transfer speed to and from it isn't much better. It's frankly ridiculous that I can't play my downloaded games directly off it. Hopefully Nintendo will do something about it sooner rather than later.



Waxxy commented on Eternity’s Child Confirmed as WiiWare:

I love how ironic it is that the Wii is seen as the chosen alternative to the XBox 360 because, of all things, a size limitation. Laughable. I've got my fingers crossed hoping that Nintendo will allow some type of expanded storage, whether that's allowing games to be loaded off the SD card slot or (more preferably) the ability to use an external hard drive with the USB ports. (Please, Nintendo?)