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Fri 12th Jul 2013

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waterlubber commented on Flipnote Studio 3D to Hit North America Early ...:

99 cents is cheap, no doubt about it compared to 30 bucks a MONTH for XBL. It's not **how much** it costs, its more of a whether or not you have to pay thing. A parent will easily give there kid, say, 10 bucks. But they won't give them their credit card, or take a trip to the store to buy cards. Unless your 18, have a job, or have rich parents, you'll be on your own. Let's say you did buy it for 99c. If they raised it a penny, or even a buck, you would still continue. I can see it as a spam filter, that was smart. All a subscription really does is buy you coins. What I want is just them to change the hours to the morning a little (I'm more of an early bird). Don't like it? Go play minecraft. No monthly subscription for that!