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Thu 5th July, 2012

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warvad commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

The amount of people here who actually think Brawl is a good game makes me sick.

Project M has tons of support and is actually already in tournament settings; at Apex 2014 there were more Project M entrants than Brawl entrants.



warvad commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Region locking will never be an issue because the systems (eventually) can be hacked to play any region's games.

Nintendo is giving people an incentive to pirate, and then whining about the repercussions.



warvad commented on Talking Point: This Fan's Tragic Tale Highligh...:

I thought Nintendo makes it VERY clear you need to contact them to fix any problems on a device that has digital purchases on it. Jon made a mistake, it just happened to be a huge, tragic mistake. This doesn't change that Nintendo's whole handling of digital releases in general is so ass-backwards. The system comes with a year warranty for a reason.



warvad commented on Renegade Kid Worried About 3DS Piracy:

Are they kidding? Poor sales are never due to piracy. Poor sales are due to having a horrible product. Piracy is free advertising.

Want to know who would be against free advertising? People who are trying to sell you junk.



warvad commented on Hardware Review: Wii U:

No. Laggy, smudge-n-pray capacitive screens are terrible for gaming. Go back to your mobile games.



warvad commented on Latest Iwata Asks Episode Reveals Why Paper Ma...:

Dropped the bomb on Sticker Star. A completely dumbed down experience because they were in a forced-handheld mindset.

Luckily guys, the first two Paper Marios do still exist, so I encourage you to go play those again. Add in some self-restrictions to mix things up.



warvad commented on Wii U Basic Can Only Store 3GB Of Downloaded S...:

I feel so bad for anyone who shelled out more for deluxe. You're going to need a massive external hard drive no matter which model you get. You're just wasting your money buying partitioned "Nintendo" hard drives.

Why bother.



warvad commented on Talking Point: The Challenges When Writing Abo...:

People who review games are horrible, and giving a creative medium like games arbitrary numerical scores is utterly ridiculous. There is no reason I should put their opinion higher than anyone else's.

No offense to anyone who writes for NL. I love this place.



warvad commented on Behold The Ungodly Union Of The Wii U Pro Cont...:

>SNES portion of the pad looks awfully cramped, and we'd be shocked if it wasn't uncomfortable to use

It's the exact same layout and spacing as the official Wii U controller, which looks uncomfortable as well.

It's a shame.



warvad commented on File Sizes Revealed For 3DS eShop Retail Downl...:


You could not be more wrong. Animal Crossing games have always been incredibly tiny. Animal Crossing for the GameCube only fills up about 1% of the GameCube DVD (16 MB out of 1.4 GB). Wild world was 32 MB, and City Folk about 300 MB (on a 4.7 GB Wii disc).

I am super excited to see that Animal Crossing is 1GB. The amount of content must be insane.



warvad commented on 3DS System Update Locks Out a Lot of Flashcard...:

Maybe they should offer their entire DS catalog (ALL regions) on the eShop, with support for cheats and multiple saves per game.

Oh wait, they won't, and never will. Even when money is completely out of the equation, piracy still offers a far superior experience. It doesn't make any sense why Nintendo can't take extra steps so people don't have a reason to pirate.



warvad commented on Men Like Metroid, Women Prefer Animal Crossing...:

Enjoying Sex and the City or NASCAR has less to do with gender and more to do with intelligence.

Or should I say, lack of intelligence.

I don't know why these strange anecdotes need to be a part of our Nintendo-themed news.



warvad commented on The Wii U Is Region Locked, Of Course:

>Region locks prevent players from purchasing software from other territories and using it on their consoles.

Doesn't say anything about downloading software from other territories!

Nintendo, I am disappointed.