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Iv been a Gamer my whole life although I must admit I did not become an Nintendo fan(outside of gameboy) until the Gamecube. I work in the Marketing field and also run my own podcast/website

Tue 18th June, 2013

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Warruz commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:


But you also need to understand that they are using this GBA and soon DS on the Wii U to just add another reason to purchase it. Right now lots of people have a 3DS and the Wii U needs help. So you entice people to get a Wii U and then down the road introduce them as on the 3DS. Also those emulations on the 3DS are very simple ones, you loose all 3DS overlay as it just takes over.

Now if you want online to actually work on these GBA games you have to not only build the infrastructure but you have to rework the game to accept it . What you guys are expected is more then just emulations, you want remakes.



Warruz commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

@Marshi Your missing the point, we have SNES VC already. So why is it when we get GBA VC we are getting one that could of been out already. One would think we would get Topsy Turvy instead thats exclusive to GBA.

I hope minish cap is around the corner, its on that list of Zelda's I have missed.



Warruz commented on Weirdness: Don't Be Afraid Of This Big, Bad Ja...:

Well this is just absurd......

On a semi related note,I am almost finished putting a weapon change compilation for MH4 just need two moves I cant seem to find on youtube.

#1- Switch Axe Cleave(see below)
#2 - Gunlance Jump Slam Shotgun
When you jump off a ledge you do a slam attack which you can shotgun when it hits.

If you know any videos containing these send them my way so I can finish this video up.



Warruz commented on Kickstarter Research Highlights Low Delivery R...:

This is the problem with Kickstarter slowly coming to light and actually if you ask me makes room for a new service. The way Kickstarter should function is that you are an "advanced customer" , your project is already on the tracks and you need money to polish it up or what have you or maybe just the mulah for the actual creation of the product.

What we need is a "Investarter" for projects early on. This is a bit more of a complicated idea then kickstarter and involves more to it but its something that should be explored. Rather then being an advanced customer with no rights you would rather be an investor and be have certain rights that you dont have with kickstarter.

Basically my suggestion would be break Kickstarter down into 3 parts based off of the ideas development life cycle or what you are truely searching for.



Warruz commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (Europe):

@readyletsgo Its a great game, but if you cant get past the learning curve you will hate it hence the mixed reviews.

If your new to the series I always suggest play with a buddy who knows the game or if you dont have such a friend go check out a few guides. Wii U is the way to go with the inclusion of online that the 3DS is lacking(thankfully MH4 fixes that).

I also suggest doing the digital version as loading screens between zones are slightly speed up and that can give a nice little advantage.



Warruz commented on Monster Hunter 4 G Due In Autumn / Fall This Year:

@Ichiban This Monster Hunter frequency is not new as other people have stated, Japan eats this stuff up so they make a version with more stuff every year until a new generation comes out.

It's only new to us Westerners because they dont do that with us figuring we are not so in to the series to do that.

Ironically Capcoms issue that they try to change franchises, some times a lot ,and every time it bites them back hard: Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Operation Racoon City, Mega Man X7 & X8, DMC, and Lost Planet 3 are all prime examples of this.

Whats working for them now? Games that havnt changed much likes the ones you just listed.



Warruz commented on Kickstarter Campaign Launches For ReVeN:

@WaveBoy RPG elements are right there in the video, You dont get prescribed power ups you just get cores and choose their use and there is a need to collect resources.

Also there is a mission creator, co-op, and online. Just because on the surface it doesnt look aw inspired doesn't mean it doesnt bring some new stuff to the genera of which has been quite dead lately.

I wonder if they would add a 3DS version because thats where I would want to play this.



Warruz commented on Shovel Knight Targeting 31st March For Launch:

3DS or Wii U , the choices. Im leaning on 3DS because the graphics style is not exactly "top of the line" so having the ability to play on the go with this game is great. There is also a certain nostalgia with playing a Mega Man esc game on handhels as I played all the Mega Man's on my gameboy.........



Warruz commented on Netflix Wii U App Update Goes Live:

Was hoping for profiles

Now if Hulu could get an update to stop crashing on commercials and Amazon Prime could get an update to not be so slow we could be getting somewhere!



Warruz commented on Ace Attorney Collection Coming To Japanese 3DS...:

Was really hoping they would bring all the older games to DD graphics. Also where is the android release of the collection? Its on Ios in JP and English and on android only in JP , whats the deal with that?



Warruz commented on Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter Destroys Boss,...:

@Unca_Lz Yes, but my guess is it's not that this small company had the funds to just purchase this license for Mega Man and even from the kickstarter page the wording implies this is some sort of partnership to make this thus Capcom has their hands in it (much like how Gameworkshop is involved in all WH products).



Warruz commented on Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter Destroys Boss,...:

@unrandomsam It's not even what kind of project it is, its when kickstarter is being used. For a new company or person working on a new product, by all means create a kickstarter, I even plan to do something similar in the future.

But for an existing company its just an abuse of the system to advert risk on projects that normally would be funded by investors who have rights while "advanced customers" dont have the same rights.



Warruz commented on Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter Destroys Boss,...:

It bothers me this is becoming a thing now, why couldn't capcom actually use money to make this board game a possibility by working with the company. I feel this new use of kickstarter to offset the risk involved in making a product not only flys in the face of point of kickstarter but is a dangerous trend as kickstarter doesnt give any protection that investors would because you are essentially an "advanced customer".



Warruz commented on Feature: Monster Hunting With Kerry: Taking Ba...:

@ted-k No, I wish I was or understood Japanese (its on my to do list so i can stop having to read anime :P ). This is just what I have discerned from videos and information on Monster Hunter Wiki:

  • Actual some sort of story
  • The single player moves towns
  • No water fights but we get bugs
  • Fights now have a focus on "Height", each weapon has a jump attack and you can ride a Monster which is required for certain breaks
  • Most Weapons have a new move set(I think just hammers are the same, but hammers are considered quite balanced. Anyone know the new Gunlance move?)
  • No Charm Tables(Not positive but I hope its true)
  • Bug Staff upgrades independently (Bug and Staff are their own thing)
  • Siege mode is back for Gunners
  • Online mode for 3DS

Im sure there is a few more minor things I may have forgotten but this is what I know so far.



Warruz commented on Feature: Monster Hunting With Kerry: Taking Ba...:

@ted-k yeah, they are the most unenjoyable of the fights MH3 had not to mention thats where the real need for the circle pad pro crops up so it makes sense for them to remove them. Now we get fights that are more focused on different heights within the environment and Bug Monsters to replace Water ones.