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Iv been a Gamer my whole life although I must admit I did not become an Nintendo fan(outside of gameboy) until the Gamecube. I work in the Marketing field and also run my own podcast/website

Tue 18th June, 2013

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Warruz commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I like how full games are included in this, the problem is I have the ones I want already. So I guess I am going to go with Mini's on the move as its the only one I am interested in somewhat and don't have.

I would of much preferred the traditional swag related items.



Warruz commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

@SphericalCrusher Consider what pokemon is, its essentially an RPG for kids. It's still a fun game and adults can enjoy it to (as I do, but I think its mostly nostalgia reasons) but its target has and is always kids. Now kids make up a large portion of the handheld market in the west, just look around and you see kids playing DS's all the time. Amazing Kids game on a platform dominated by kids = success.

Monster Hunter is on the far other end of the spectrum which is why it does so well in japan. Portable Consoles are the "thing" in japan due to the nature of the culture, it doesnt have a large kids market it just has a large market. So if most people are playing on portable consoles it makes sense that a title like monster hunter will take off so well in japan but thats not the case for the west. The (potential) "people" who would play Monster Hunter in the west is Console Gamers