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Warbeard commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

@webhead they could make more of those titles. A full 3d Mario game, or something like that. Ds had 2 Zelda games. We also practically know that majora is coming, and STEAM is. I'm hoping for a 2d metroid too. I think the problem is that the people who want the games on 3ds have one already. They need to branch out if they want others on here



Warbeard commented on Site News: Look, We'll Provide File Sizes For ...:

I wish you'd add decimals to your scores - a lot a lot of games get 8, and will even if they perhaps deserve 8.4. This would help distinguish between comparable games, and would contribute to a higher metascore, which might equal higher sales. Does anyone know anything about the site's policy here?



Warbeard commented on Mario Kart 8 Still Competing in Nordic Region ...:

I am from Denmark, and Tomodachi doesn't interest me in the slightest - it just doesn't look like a game to me. I didn't particularly enjoy Animal Crossing either, but maybe I don't understand it - is there something else to do than collect fossils and bugs to get your house bigger and stuff it full of doodads?

back to Tomodachi - it doesn't look like there's anything to do in it, not enough to warrant a purchase at any rate. I guess I'm not really representative of the rest of the Nordic Region though - the only game I have from that list is Mario Kart, but I can say that I am the only one I know of who own a Wii U. Sadly the dudebro-ness the list seems to indicate is quite quite true



Warbeard commented on Video: Lana Brings Some Deadly Magic to Hyrule...:

I would have prefered an actual Zelda-character in the game - why make princess Zelda a warrior, then conjure up a generic-looking anime-chick for spellcasting? There were plenty of warriors in the games! :O
Gotta say, the anime-ness of her design and voice-acting/mannerism is offputting.



Warbeard commented on Japanese Retail Sales Struggle as Just 76 Unit...:

What we need to remember sometimes is the combined numbers of the 3ds XL and the normal 3ds :)
Does anyone know if Japan likes Mariokart? I just remember they are not too keen on Zelda always, so I was interested in which of the big franchises they 'do' like :D



Warbeard commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

The only thing wrong with the GamePad is nintendo's support of it, which I have no words for. After their decision to thoroughly support it and make use of it, they release DKTF - let's face it, they could easily have included some levels a-la the DK levels in NintendoLand, those were awesome - and now MarioKart, which uses it as a horn. I have no words that can adequately express my criticism of Nintendo's failure to utilize their own strongest feature.

The only semi-positive thing to take from this is that it always takes them time to pick up speed - it took a long while before the Wii made good use of its controller, it took a long time for the 3DS to receive proper support, and the Wii U will get the same, in time.



Warbeard commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

I think it's pretty safe to say that they will move past those numbers, Mario Kart should do that alone, and smash and hopefully also Bayonetta coming out.
Which makes me wonder;
Either they are intentionally low-balling on the Wii U, to next year say "See? We exploded past those numbers, the Wii U isn't doomed",
or 2, as Peach64 is saying, they dont have any other releases than those two, and are not counting on them selling - which would suck.

I am hopeful, S.T.E.A.M will hopefully be interesting to many, and Mario Kart should sell a least a couple of million of U's



Warbeard commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

The Wii U is the best console ever created - It has enough power to run great looking games, it has a focus on local multiplayer (by far the best kind imo), but can still run on-line, AND it has a focus on assymmetric gameplay, a true hidden gem in my opinion.
Also, I like the sound the monkey says in their logo.



Warbeard commented on Super Mario Kart Record Holder Sami Cetin Give...:

The worst thing about Mario Kart I find, is that the tracks get old faaairly quickly - I really hope, with their new venture into DLC, that they'll add more tracks later. That would have kept Mario Kart 7 fresh for me a lot longer



Warbeard commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

Let's hope for a surprise, although I'm not expecting it - tried the original a year ago and didnt like it.
Imagine if they one day released a Mario or Yoshi game with an extremely deep complex story, just do a complete 180 on it and surprise everyone? :P



Warbeard commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Poké...:

May 30th (practically June) is a looong way off :( I think Nintendo is handling this the wrong way - so far, they've hoped that the release of a single game will turn things around but it hasn't so far - next time is Mario Kart, released by itself, and I fear this wont help in the big picture. They need to do a one-two release knockout punch - maybe Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros and X in the same month - THAT would get sales started.