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Warbeard commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

I know people are pissed right now, I'd just throw in my two cents - to me, the Wii U is the best console ever made. I have never experienced such an array of absolutely stellar games, with even more to come. Nintendo dropped the ball by not showing any major new Wii u titles, but I think those of you hoping to bring 3rd party back with the next console are kidding yourself - for some reason its not something third parties are considering, or the rumours of Sony and MS paying third parties to skip it are true



Warbeard commented on Splatoon Producer Interview Sparks E3 Animal C...:

I really hope this isn't the case, I'd much rather they spent their time on other games! I understand there's a large fan-base (even though I don't understand why), but I played New Leaf for a while, and it hardly seemed like a game to me - you get fossils to make your house bigger, and fill it with furniture - anything else to the game?
That does not deserve a prime Wii U spot imnsho.



Warbeard commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

I think telling people they'll be dissapointed if they were hoping for a signle-player experience is pushing it - everyone says the single player is awesome, so why do you expect that? It's a bit short yes, but 'sadly dissapointed' sounds as if it sucks. On other sites I hear it takes about 10 hrs to complete, which is very reasonable to me.



Warbeard commented on Video: Discover What Happens When Yoshis Meet ...:

No, the game releases next week. In a game like Splatoon where knowing the map is critical, I'd say 5 multiplayer maps is enough for release. And for the record, not talking about a "complete" multiplayer, I meant a complete game - you're leaving the singleplayer out.
The way I see it, we get a game, then more free stuff when it's ready, what's wrong with that? Releasing everything at once would just overwhelm players, kinda akin to patches in an MMO

@Peach64 No matchmaking as in no grouping with friends? I see your point.

@Captain_Gonru Fair enough, thanks for the civil tone



Warbeard commented on Nintendo Hoping That Splatoon Will Tempt Lapse...:

Those "fans" are the same that'll wait to purchase anything nintendo-related untill the NX comes about, even though they have no idea what it is.
All the discussion of that console is hurting the Wii U's sales because people think its just about to come out.



Warbeard commented on Nintendo Outlines Splatoon's Free Post-Launch ...:

The game sounds like it will have plenty of content for launch, when did everyone start whining so bad? Picture this : the game launches with 1000 maps - would that make it better? No, it would make it a lot worse. This is an online shooter with enormous focus on knowing the maps and how to get around, including too many maps would just overwhelm people. The content feed sounds phenomenal in my opinion, you're all degenerating into brats.



Warbeard commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

All of these predictions are absolute poison to the Wii U's sales - a lot of people will take in all the negativity and wonder why they should buy a Wii U if it's discontinued soon. I love my Wii U, but for some reason this bad press bas stuck with it since the beginning and the sales have suffered.



Warbeard commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (Wii U ...:

@Ultra-64 I only played the second one to completion, but it just struck me as not very funny - the platforming is pretty tight, but in a world and with characters you don't like? Another issue I remember is the respawn time, which is pretty ludicrous. There's some backtracking, but even that wasn't very funny.
Of course, I havent played the newest one, I just feel I should balance out the hype so people arent dissappointed like I was.



Warbeard commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (Wii U ...:

To those of you unsure of whether to buy it, I bought the first two, and besides some nice pixel-art, expect no story (or a ludicrous one), and horrible characters. I'd say wait till its cheap - I haven't checked the price myself, but it cannot be worth full imo.



Warbeard commented on Nintendo Highlights Great Games in a Rather Pr...:

Bayonetta 1+2 isn't cheating, but X and Y is
And when you think about the fact that the most highly reviewed games from the other systems are remakes of games 1-2 years old, this packs an even greater punch.
I think maybe they should have only gone for the user-score - Lord knows DK nad 101 needs some love!



Warbeard commented on Expect To See More Spin-Off Titles Like Hyrule...:

I wish they would just create new games - not spinoffs - and release them. You never know when something might be a success, and now they are just playing to their A-games popularity so sub-par stuff like Hyrule Warriors can sell. They're playing into all the "Nintendo only has Mario and Zelda"-haters hand