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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Vriess commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

Taking a bit of Sony's marker share...with the already 27.5 million PS4's sold world wide and the momentum that it has? I don't think so. Microsoft's market share maybe, but I doubt it too because Xbox gamers are fiercely loyal. For them it's Xbox or bust.



Vriess commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

Linkle is going for a tinkel...
Seriously! Who comes up with these names!? And can't we please stop with the political correctness in gaming? For me, it's really killing the fun.
If there is really a need for a female Hylian protagonist, than create a new one and don't chop off Link's dingly-dangly-diddly-ding-dong!



Vriess commented on The Game Awards Will Take Place on 3rd December:

Last year's show was alright. Still a few awkward moments, but a whooooole lot better then the 2013 show and ones before.... :S

I expecting Mario Maker to be this year's the best Wii U game. Best 3DS game for me was Majora's Mask 3D. I'm saving myself a lot of disappointment by NOT expecting any Zelda U related news or announcements.

Either The Witcher III or Fallout 4 is going to be GOTY. A lot of people will say that it's too soon to say for FO4 but expected glitches and console version difficulties aside, that game is going to be awesome.

Best developer/publisher should definately be Projekt Red. They were the super productive in terms of patches and expansions for The Witcher III and their customer friendliness was absolutely fantastic.



Vriess commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:

I was furiously hoping for a new Wave Race on the Wii and again for the Wii U. Man....I loved the N64 version to death! The GC version was nice too. But I glad that a version with motion controls was never made!



Vriess commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

Don't get your hopes up. Depending on NX's final specs, we'll probably only see cheap ports of games already released for the other consoles and PC a couple of years ago.

Apart from the Mass Effect series, there are very little EA games that I like anyway. I wouldn't cry over the absence of EA NX games.



Vriess commented on The NES is Now 30 Years Old:

Congrats Nintendo I got my NES in 1987 and it changed my life forever!

Let's not forget that although 30 years seems very very long, and it is, but Nintendo exists since 1889. That's 126 years...crazy huh!



Vriess commented on Lottie amiibo Will Be Exclusive to Best Buy in...:

Money of course.
I don't even think that retailers that get to sell the exclusive items turn a real profit on them. It's like Amazon selling products at cost price or below cost price even. They think in bulk and long term. They think; "A costumer that buys here because of our low prices is likely to buy more items at a time and will return more often". From a business perspective it's very smart but the consumer hardly really profits in terms of savings. The psychological effect on the consumer is worse however. Mean even. Most of us know the nagging feeling that we're missing out on stuff because multiple retailers have exclusive items and we feel that we want them all to get the "complete experience". Yes, it's compulsory and not healthy, but retailers know this and they exploit it.



Vriess commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

I've started putting aside €30 per month since last July. If it comes out in November next year, I'll have enough dough for the console and a couple of games.

But Nintendo had better learned form their Wii and Wii U mistakes !! I want 3rd party exclusives too this time.



Vriess commented on New Euro Wii U Premium Bundle Contains Mario K...:

Great value! But the price is still to high for the average consumer. This bundle at £179 would make an absolute killing! Ok it would cut deep in Nintendo's pockets but it would definitely push the sales sky high.



Vriess commented on Nintendo Download: 20th August (Europe):

  • Hardly any big titles because, No!, I don't like every 1st party Wii U title!!!
  • GBA/DS games that have NO place on my 55" HD tv.
  • No more VC love.
  • Rehashes of games that are on Steam since 3 years and cost 2 Euros for which I'm not gonna pay 10-15 Euros now.

Almost time to box up my Wii U...