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Male, 25, United Kingdom

hello i have problems with my spelling as i have Dislexia i triy my best to spell so please dont go on about it. I enjoy games some of my favrot searies are METROID. Monster Hunter. Phantasiy Star Online. and more lol concels i have WiiU, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Vita, PC, Phone,

Wed 16th May 2012

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Volmun commented on Final Fantasy Explorers:

@ShadJV im wondering the same... there is no marriage system in FF EX as far as I know... (although there is in FF14) seams like a Tomidatchi life (eh... struggle with that name) comment to me.

Im really looking forward to this coming soon ^^ iv got the collectors edition coming for my Birthday (27 so il be getting it a little late being in the UK) still a little bothered that you cant play it in 3D though but ohwell.



Volmun commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Voice Actress Is In Fav...:

as iv sed befor for allot of Lins outfits i sortif prefer them... i feal it suld be optinal for other charicters tbh Specialy with some of the Skell Were it just looks allot more practical and neater to me.



Volmun commented on GAME Delays Shovel Knight amiibo Pre-Orders in...:

I basicly dont use GAME atall enimore.. not after what happend with my "New"3DS MH4U eddition... Way to menny things go missing from them and thay wont get up off there backsides to do diddly squwat for about 10+ Days (by that time the dame things sold out completly) there customer manidgment was horrid too... was basicly "Yeah? So what?.. oh its all gone? oh well whatever you want a refund then?" NO I EFFING DO NOT I WANT A FREEKIN REPLACEMENT that YOUR incompatance has made me go to a Scalper... haveing to pay a Extra £100 ontop of the inital price... (Befor eniyone bangs on about my logic here... I have a form of Autism calld Asberdgers it makes things like this Very significant and will wind me up continusly so Yes I DID have no option but to buy from the Scallper as Everywhere elce was sold out Also Dont whine about my spelling im realy Sick of it and will report tou for it... Think befor you reply pleas as im the one who gets Harrasesd and Bullyed for it All the time.. Liveing with Dislexia is Horrible)



Volmun commented on Europeans Will Be Able To Download Xenoblade C...:

Pip Pip old bean Indeed.. lol
Cant wate for this game lol iv wanted it from its very 1st reveal trailer and haveing realy enjoyed the Xenoblade on Wii im realy excited for a even larger world to explore.



Volmun commented on 13AM Games Announces Upcoming Update for Runbow:

cool that there going to fix some thing it did bug me you needed X amount (5 i think) for a Online game to start

Hmm.. Amiibo suport mabe? Unlocking the Amiibos as playable costumes thats something id like lol.



Volmun commented on Video: Get Some Tips on Accessing and Enjoying...:

Hay idk how to report this to some one but think its worth noting
I got the MewTwo Amiibo today and the trick to keep Amiibo in the box wont work now (or atlest on ones past MewTwo?) as there is no sticker insted the amiibo are sat on a small bit of metalic card under there bace. Not a big deal to me as i only keep the box backs (for the "Art") but ik thisl be a big deal to some ppl out there.



Volmun commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

im just hopeing Metroid gets some Acknoledgement for its 30th this time... as when it was the 25th all thay wanted to do was go on about Zeldas 25th.. just sortof annoying

Still I am looking forward to Zelda WiiU.



Volmun commented on The Latest Patch For Splatoon Is Now Available...:

@Jazzer94 lol im a Roller main... i still use the Defalt original one as i like the Sub wepons (and havent unlocked all the others yet)

  • Also dose enione know wether the Octoling Game Data crashing bug has been fixed yet? iv been evoiding playing it as i realy dont want to lose my data.


Volmun commented on Metroid Prime: Hunters Arrives on Wii U Virtua...:

@DarthNocturnal "Might look into it... might've been better to release an HD version with controller and Wiimote support"
Totaly agree with you there... i tryed playing MP Hunters on my New3DS XL and found it realy hard to press the correct buttons.. (When i culd play it easily on the original DS and 3DS) so i dont think this will controll well atall on the gamepad unfortuntly.. also its sortof a shame as this kills the odds of a 3DS re-make.



Volmun commented on Production Of Shovel Knight amiibo Is Being Ha...:

I wonder if there will be Steam World Highest Amiibo now? As they seamed interested in the Idea in a Interview
I Defiantly Want one of these Shovel Knight Amiibo though even if i don't have the Game Just yet lol..



Volmun commented on Runbow:

so getting it This weak Been wanting it from the initial announcement



Volmun commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd September (Europe):

Runbow sorta ashame we in the UK didnt get it at the same time as the US as i culd have played it with my brother who was down for the weakend (and is now gone again) ohwell play it next time hes down lol iv wanted Runbow from its first reveal and then got to play that demo.



Volmun commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

@TheRealThanos the setting is there (iv found Browsing on the WiiU) but for some reason its completly invisible so youv got to tap about for it.. pain in the back side lol

WiiU Ver of the game looks far supior in basicly Everyway only point its worse is the Dore.. idk if thats just it not haveing time to load or what but on the PS4 the Tee Shirt on the Zombie is Horid when the WiiU Ver clearly has some wrinkles and texters.



Volmun commented on Final Fantasy Explorers is Journeying To The W...:

huh... 26th of Jan 1 day befor my B day... this may be my 25th bday gift lol thats iff its the UK relece date T_T
i think this game looks quite fun personly... been graving a new Chrystal Chronical like game and am glad this is comeing out of Japan Only thing that really annoyes me is the No 3D...



Volmun commented on Video: Catch Up With Extensive Monster Hunter ...:

@Konda Not that i can remmember... theres been Bat Like monsters mixed in with other animals NargaCuga is a Bit Batlike in Looks but i honstly cant recall if theres ever been one souly baced around a Bat unless its in Frontire or MHOnline.



Volmun commented on Video: Catch Up With Extensive Monster Hunter ...:

@Megumi Totaly agree there I Love that the Hunter is now in the entros (been playing since the 1st Game on PS2 lol) and i defintly Prefer them now ALLOT more sevral have made me laff alot too (Zemetrios? can never remmember the name... Fatty Ice Shark) One thing i sortof miss is the Ecolig/Life vid's (the Full FMV ones not done In game) not a Big loss but itd be nice to see them come back if posible... mabe for only the Flag ship monsters or something.



Volmun commented on Video: Catch Up With Extensive Monster Hunter ...:

@DarthNocturnal Yeah odds are we will get Monster Hunter X Ultimate as we have the Past 2 times I Dowt that Capcom will Not relece it to all of us as the franchise has grown in popularty itd be a misstake and probably harm it quite badly.
So odds are we will here Next Year hnstly i dont mind wating for the extra edition + Probably a smart move out sode of japan as ppl would Whine "Oh but its the same Game only with a bit extra" even thogh its almost always a Whol Games worth of Extra Content...



Volmun commented on Nintendo Wins Patent Case Against Handhelds:

@CaviarMeths Just wate there will be something about Amiibo soon enuff...
"We desighnd a toy baced off things and it dose things on things!!!" Going by how genral half thes stupid clames are thats probably how itd go..
Honstly these ppl realy suld be Sued for 2X what thay demand If thay have Nothing or cant afford it Tuff your going to Jail for Unlawfully claming some one elce broke the law / clamed for there hard erned cash Thes idiots need to lern a hard lesson and if thay see "Oh crap these guys got Sued/sent to prison for there falce clame mabe we suldnt now.." and Hopefully get in that mentaly Killing of this disgusting habbet from greedy little Letches that honstly need a furm boot to crush them.
Harsh i Know but im sick to death of this total BS letalone (unless iv looked at the dates wrong) this went un during Iwatas Death/Fuiniral Also as youd sed the original petants date is way off the relece too..



Volmun commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

@Whopper744 Agreed i understand some of the complaints but most of them are totaly pittyfull
I only have 2 complains 1 is the visuals... witch is rare for me to be negativ over and the 2nd is what was sed in a interviue.. "There is 3 planets with 10 missions eatch" Thats only 30 missions... thats never going to last specialy for a Multyplayer baced game (well even if it was solo but still) Looking at Monster Hunter i think thatd have been a far better way to go.. have X amount of Set Maps then loads of missions with difrnt gols in the maps Im hopeing theray up the mission count Be it DLC or Update.



Volmun commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

@locky-mavo Im also excited for it and plan on Pre Ordering it when its up for Pre Order.... personly im hopeibg for Amiibo suport.. mabe custom skins and theamd wepons for your mech would be nice... also i wouldnt mind a Amiibo Eddition Similar to what ChibiRobo is getting so we can get a Galactic Fediration Truper.. mech.. Amiibo lol



Volmun commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

Im asumeing theres going to be a Home Hub (mabe GFS Vhalhala or something) where you get to run about as your Bobbleheaded Fediration trooper id asume samus to be standing about there or as thay hinted at theres a mission with metroids.. so samus may come in and save you witch will be odd... as she will probably need a mech too otherwise she will be allot smaller.
Oh... i just thaght what if its a Escort mission... i hate thows so mutch...



Volmun commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes on More Screens for M...:

saw a cupple of vids of the guy going over the jpn mags trancelating them a while ago but still seeing these Screenshots is nice
Its intresting theres 4 Flagship Monsters this time... im asumeing its 1 per town as in the trailer it shows Old Hunting grunds that are linked into sed old towns whitch is intresting.

To me it looked like the "Dragon Fly" is to do with the Original Monster Hunters town and its in the Forest and Hills.

the Mastadone thing (woullymammoth) looks like itl be in the town from Monster Hunter Freedom 2 in its veriant of Forest and hills witch had a Mountin in it with the snow.

The Blade tail looked a bit like the Primal Jungle? (cant recall the name) from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Unless this one is actualy in a new Map location for this game witch makes sence As.

The Bubble Dragon is in the Misty Mountin (i think thats the right name) whitch is a Map from Monster Hunter Portible 3rd latter comeing out side Jpn in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate so thatl be the one for the Town from Portable 3rd.
Its a very intresting idea and take on how the progresion works for a MH game.

(Just watched his new vid and it basicly confermes what i thaght lol)



Volmun commented on ​Miiverse is Getting a Massive Redesign this...:

some intresting idea changes but i still wish thayd make miiverce work the way Id like it too on your profile as to have all your coments/Posts in the aproprit game comuntys strate on your profile so you can scan thrgh all your posts for that 1 sed game comunty insted of them all being in one big long list.. its not so bad when you only have 100 odd but iv been posting ferily regurly from the relece day of the WiiU and have about 670? ish Posts so scanning thrgh them to find a particular post is a Pain.



Volmun commented on Veterans Of 3DS Title Xeodrifter Will Get The ...:

@Einherjar Nop it was just porly mentiond.. I only know thanks to N Lifes listing... there was abslutly no mention Of its relece I alredy made this point and been completly blanked - The US got a far better Hype for this game but come about a Year later the hype is dead most ppl have forgotn the game exsists or have seen it all played on YouTube = In them not needing/wanting the game letalone as iv sed and you have there was no mention of the games EU/UK Lornch... so ofc thegame will sell bad.. thats what happens when the gap betwen EU/UK and US lorches are so huge.. unles its a Big 1st party game (that often stay in the spotlight) even then thay often work to have the gap only be a handfull of months.



Volmun commented on Veterans Of 3DS Title Xeodrifter Will Get The ...:

@Jayvir actualy it was well spoken about for the inital US relece but after that Nothing for basicly a Year and sudnly out of nowhere with no real annoncement it is on the EU / UK EShops and no Price was not a problem but thats not what Kami sed it is that the game was out so long Ppl grew impationt and just watched it being played on YouTube or something resulting in the game then being somewhat reduntent as youv seen it all allredy (unless you want it to actualy play)
Also to add to it having it out in the US so mutch longer ment allot of Hype and Intrest diyed for the game as is the case for sevral games
(sorry for bad spelling iv got Dislexia also my Phone Keybord go's a bit mad at times tiping what it wants not what i tell it to)