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Virus commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

Please forgive me for not reading all of the comments. If I have echoed anyone's thoughts already, I did not mean to. It was just getting a little tiresome to read through everything.

Anyway, I also take issue with this device. As expressed in Damien's argument, I have heard from many people, both online and in-person, that these types of devices are good because they allow people to access content that they would pay for if they could (whether it's due to lack of localization, stock issues, or other reasons). This "rationalization" is pure and all, but not everyone will use these devices for the same "pure" reasons. Some are out there simply to pirate, which I believe is fundamentally wrong.

In essence, I dislike Amiiqo because it will be abused. Yeah, some could argue, "Why should we be banned from using Amiiqo because others use it inappropriately?" The same argument is used for more extreme issues like gun, drugs, and prostitution. For rather anemic issues like Amiiqo, I feel that we should just kind of buck up and move on. I hope I do not offend anyone with this last comment.



Virus commented on Review: Tiny Galaxy (Wii U eShop):

I was worried that nausea would an issue with this game, given that the trailer is difficult to watch. Bummer, but thanks for braving the sickness for us, Evan.



Virus commented on Video: Here's Our Nindies@Home Showcase:

It was interesting testing them all out. There seemed to be some bugs in most of the games, but I guess that's what "this game is not representative of the final copy" is for.

-Typoman, by far, was my favorite. I loved the atmosphere and quirky (almost Sesame Street-like) gameplay.
-Runbow was okay, if not a bit disappointing. The stages that they showcased seemed pretty mediocre while the color-changing mechanic didn't really catch my interest as much as I thought it would.
-Mutant Mudds was Mutant Mudds.
-Freedom Planet was a throwback to Sonic and pretty enjoyable for the most part. I'm not a huge Sonic fan, however, so others might enjoy it more.
-Lovely Planet was stupidly awesome. I can see how the gameplay can get mundane, but I look forward to play through the game in a not-so-sober state.
-Forma.8 had a really cool atmosphere, but it was so slow to me that I was bored quickly. The puzzles didn't seem all that intuitive to me either, which was a disappointment, especially when I was searching for a more creative solution to them.
-Rive was a pretty awesome one as well. I didn't like the commentary from the pilot, but everything else was great.
-Soul Axiom seems interesting, and the mechanics were enough to keep me engaged. The cutscene at the end, however, was laughably horrible.
-Extreme Exorcism was fun for about ten rounds. However, the gameplay quickly became repetitive after that. Love the concept, but I hope it has a few extra mechanics in the final build to keep the gameplay fresh.



Virus commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

Many of my opinions have been voiced by others already, including my disliking of how developers use Metacritic. That said, I do appreciate numeric scores. Like others, I often flip to the bottom to read the score first. If I am interested in getting the game, an 8 or higher from this site is all I need to confirm that I'll get the game. If the score is 5 or less, I don't feel compelled to read the review either. However, when the review receives a 6 or 7, then I'll probably read the review and see if the game is a fit for me.

Likewise, Metacritic has helped me by highlighting games that reach over 80. It has also kept me away from certain games that Nintendolife has recommended (and I am not often regretful of my decisions). Do I care if one game got an 87 compared to a 84? No, but those are the scores we get with the averages Metacritic produces.

Finally, I feel there is no problem with skipping a written review just to look at a score. It probably sucks, as a reviewer, to have your review ignored over a number when you put work into writing a review. In the end, however, a review is meant to help us decide whether we want the game or not. Sometimes a number is all is takes, and the written part is superfluous. For me to read each review, they would need to reach Ebert-like quality, which is not the case right now (nor does it need to be).



Virus commented on Review: Strider (Wii Virtual Console / Mega Dr...:

Hmm...I personally feel a severe contempt toward this game. I bought it in response to all the good reviews it received, but I was horrifically disappointed. I'm certain I'm an outlier and that most people will enjoy this game, but I thought the controls were absolutely terrible. With fixed jumps, slow movement, and restricted attack ability, I couldn't bring myself to enjoy the game, no matter how varied the environments were. I can't understand how the reviewer liked the controls, but again, from the sounds of it, my mentality may be a little skewed. Regardless, I will add my negative opinion to the sea of praise.



Virus commented on Review: Fluidity (WiiWare):

I just downloaded this game through Club Nintendo. I'm absolutely ashamed I did not buy this game earlier. Its gameplay is amazing; its graphics are appropriate and whimsical; and the water controls surprisingly well. I held back because I thought it was just mere puzzle game. More appropriately, this game is a puzzle platformer with Metroid elements to it. Absolutely fantastic.



Virus commented on First Impressions: Gnomz (WiiWare):

Looks fun, but this game reeks a little too much of Eduardo the Samurai Toaster. I was stupid to buy that game on concept alone; I'll be damned if I fall for the same thing again. Call me cautious, but I'll need a lot of convincing before putting my bucks down for this one.



Virus commented on Site News: A Better Nintendo Life:

Congrats, guys. This has been my main site for info for the last three years, and I plan on keeping it that way. Thanks and keep up the good work.



Virus commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

Well, bugger, I'm going to side with the unhappy people. While I enjoy my Gamecube games on the Wii and using GCN controllers for VC games, my biggest complaint goes along with Joejoe_'s comment (number 36). I have quite a few Nintendo Channel games which support 5 or more players, Bomberman Blast perhaps the best example. With the "new" Wii, these multiplayer options are unavailable, which ultimately hurt the games. Now, I realize this isn't a problem for me because I own a Wii, but it screws a few future Wii owners and doesn't exactly support several companies' games on the Nintendo Channel.

Oh well, it bothers me, but it won't exactly hurt me. My fanboyism will cry a little later, that's all.



Virus commented on Review: Zoo Disc Golf (WiiWare):

Hmm, it seems NL can be a bit harsh on their reviews at times, but after considering it for a moment, I probably wouldn't get this game if it had received a 1 or a 5. Congrats on confirming my assumptions about the game.



Virus commented on Review: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (WiiWare):

Playing through Worlds 1 and 2, I could definitely see why many were giving this game a 10. Unfortunately, World 3 then hit me and has since drained me somewhat. Some of the levels are absolutely brilliant, and like the rest of the game, the world features some of the best music in the entire series, but there are just some levels that are so devilishly difficult that it becomes frustrating and not enjoyable. I know there are those that would argue that this is true difficulty, but after dying countless times on 3-11, I can't agree with it. Some jumps sometimes boil down to if you were lucky enough to press the button at the right time. It appears this way to me at least.

Still, I enjoyed the game. The music was my favorite in the series. The first two worlds were perfect. The presentation is incredible. Basically, I agree with everything in the review but his stance on the difficulty.

Beat > Runner > Core > Void



Virus commented on Review: Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! (WiiWare):

The music and graphics were great, but comparably, the gameplay and controls sucked. I know it's only 80 coins, but I guess I expected a little more than a minigame. I agree with the review's score.



Virus commented on My Dolphin:

I'm thoroughly enjoying the American trailer and its horribly translated English; it helps make a crappy game at least look hilarious.



Virus commented on Flowerworks Blasts Onto US WiiWare Monday:

Looks a tad iffy to me. 15-25 hours of gameplay alone sounds far-fetched. If they somehow managed to do it, congrats to them, but right now something doesn't seem right to me.



Virus commented on Review: Bit.Trip Void (WiiWare):

I guess I stand amongst the very, very few on this one in the respect that I think this game is the weakest entry in the BIT.TRIP series yet. It's still a good game, like the other two, but there were a few blaring annoyances for me. Like Reed, I disliked my inability to discern when I would move up or down a region, and I too also felt like my shifts between the regions were rather haphazard.

My own biggest complaint was the bits are sometimes too hard to see. Beat had a minor problem with this, Core made it a bit worse, and Void currently has made it even worse. Perhaps I haven't gotten used to it, but even after subsequent play-throughs of the game, I still can't get past this annoyance despite my memorization of the levels. The control also doesn't feel as tight to me as it was in other games.

Again, I still like the game. The music is solid in the levels, the menu, and the credits (the best so far, methinks). I also like the game's concept, and I didn't mind the checkpoints either (even if I never really utilized them, instead opting to restart the level). Maybe I need to let the game sit a bit longer. Still, for me, Beat reigns supreme.



Virus commented on Interviews: Rage of the Gladiator - Ghostfire ...:

Great interview. Although I'll probably wait for the reviews, each new article increases my interest; I'm still reeling from how much content they put into 40MB.

I do have one question, though, and perhaps this has been discussed before, but I was wondering, if given five or ten more megabytes to work with (in other words, the file size limit would be 45 or 50MB), how much more could you guys do with the game? I'm not implying you guys need more content--which you certainly don't--I'm simply interested in what can be accomplished with different limitations.

Please ignore me if I'm being ignorant.



Virus commented on Review: NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (WiiWare):

This is certainly one of the best games on WiiWare. Its initial quest is a bit short (I've clocked about three hours), but unlike LostWinds, I didn't feel shortchanged by the length. In fact, NyxQuest may share elements with LostWinds, but it is vastly better. Smarter level design, varied gameplay, great music, and a nice challenge puts this game among the few current, enjoyable platformers. A must-buy.



Virus commented on Brand New Liight Gameplay Trailers Released:

God, I don't know. It seems the developers put some time into this, but I still can't see myself getting another puzzle game for WiiWare. Its replay value, however large, never appeals to me. Besides...even the first trailer kind of turned me away.



Virus commented on What Nintendo games do you want to see on the ...:

Well, here goes...

Mario Picross
Super Mario Kart
Star Fox
Yoshi's Island
Donkey Kong 64
Mario Party 3
Custom Robo
Custom Robo V2
Mario Tennis

There are so many other games I would enjoy. I just want Nintendo to release third-party N64 games...

...and I really just want Space Station Silicon Valley. I know Nintendo didn't make it, but c'mon, what else can we do? Have a Take-Two Interactive comment page?



Virus commented on Interviews: ColorZ - Exkee:

After this game (which actually looks very interesting), I swear I'm not buying a single game from a company that uses "LOL" in an interview. That's worse than any "puppyboobs" in my book.



Virus commented on Bit.Trip Core:


It is much easier to predict the bits' paths in Beat than it is in Core. While some parts are trial-in-error, most of the bits in Beat move in a noticeable pattern so it is easy to pick up when you'll need to hit them. In Core, however, since bits can spiral around the core several times, it is difficult to determine when they stop. So definitely, don't be afraid to pick up Beat; it's just Core that you should worry about.



Virus commented on Review: Bit.Trip Core (WiiWare):

I agree with Corbie on this one. In addition to my complaints on the game page, my only other complaint about Core is there is no online leaderboard. Since this game allows for higher ridiculous scores than Beat, it is a wonder why they didn't include such a feature.



Virus commented on Bit.Trip Core:

It all comes down to the control scheme in my opinion. Would you rather have a more traditionally-controlled game like in Core, or would you like to rotate the Wiimote instead like in Beat?



Virus commented on Bit.Trip Core:

Well, I'm glad you find the game easier than Beat. Different minds approach games differently.

And I apologize for mistaking you, but my complaint was not about Core's rhythm but the notes each "beat" makes. Each beat makes a random note (whether it be high or low) every time you play the game (as you know already). So technically, you can get a whole series of beats that produce all low notes. The notes are all on-beat if you play the game correctly, but the music they produce is disappointing when the randomized notes do not mash well.

When you say "save bug," are you talking about that problem in which the game only saves if you get a high score? If you are, well, the answer is "somewhat." The high scores have been lowered so drastically that it is almost impossible to pass a level without getting a high score. So technically, the game should save everytime.



Virus commented on Bit.Trip Core:

I agree with all those that say the game is difficult. Although I'm tempted to agree with TRON, the first level of Core seems to be in between the difficulty of the second and third stage of Beat.

While I would also recommend this game so far, there are faults in the game that make it unfairly difficult. For one, there is no warning sound when you miss a beat. The warning sound was quiet in Beat, but at least it reminded you that you screwed up. With Core, since there is so much happening, you could easily lose without even knowing you screwed up. Controls aren't as intuitive as last time either considering you could get the same enjoyable experience by tapping on the control pad instead of needlessly tapping on the 2 button and the control pad.

Lastly (concerning the difficulty), unlike in Beat when you always knew when a beat would be lost (by going off the left of the screen), you never know when a beat will be gone forever in Core. Some spiral around the core for a few seconds, but seemingly identical beats stop after passing one axis. When assailed with multiple beats that spiral or stop, your stuck in a cluster*#$% in which you will essentially screw up every time until you memorize the beats. Unless you have ridiculously quick hands, failure is around the corner every time.

My last complaint is that the beats still have random notes. Since the beats are actually part of the song this time, it's a huge letdown that they do not make a concrete melody. As it is now, the game has nice background music, but the beats are grating when they don't sound right.



Virus commented on Official Bit Boy!! Game Play Trailer:

Hmmm, the game actually looks worse now that I've seen the trailer. Although I haven't obviously seen much of it, the gameplay looks drastically less appealing than what I was hoping for. Mainly, I was hoping for something a little more free, and mazes, well, they're kind of the opposite of free. The graphics aren't that impressive either, and I mean that for each platform. The idea is interesting, and I'm still intrigued, but right now, I'm not getting my hopes up.



Virus commented on Eduardo the Samurai Toaster Coming to WiiWare ...:

This better as heck be coming next Monday and better as heck be good. This game has excited me more than practically any other WiiWare game, and if it bombs, well gee, that'll suck. I can't put it any other way. Here's to hoping and anticipating.



Virus commented on Steel Penny Games Update:

Hmm, this doesn't sound all too professional. I understand he is disappointed with his game's sales, but geez, perhaps he should review the quality of his game again before he makes blatant assertions such as the ones in his post. Oh well, his post, his rules.

I was going to let this one go, but now it's bugging me too much. "It's flame-on if there's even a whiff of 3D going on?" Really? I don't know if he's been on WiiWare recently, but I've seen the opposite many times.



Virus commented on Official Furry Legends Gameplay Trailer:

You have surprised me, Gamelion. Despite some stages still looking a bit like LostWinds, so much of the rest of the game looks unique and enjoyable that I don't care. Heck, even the LostWinds parts look still enjoyable. Now, as for the lion at the end of the movie, we'll work on that one later.



Virus commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2009:

Hmm, Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game by far, but I'm still hesitant to buy it. I, unlike many of you, didn't really experience the problems on the Gamecube emulation. Still, it might be kind of cool to test the game out with the classic controller.



Virus commented on SD Card Game Launching + Arcade Games Availabl...:

This was certainly great news today. I've always wanted to see all my games laid out before me and now I can finally do it. Now, will I play them all soon? Probably not, but I still love it.

The new Virtual Console Arcade is also a delightful surprise. I can't wait to see what else we get.