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Vinsanity commented on Interviews: Renegade Kid - Mutant Mudds:

I dig their "12-bit" art:) I was going to say that it seemed to lack ...the detail, I guess of 16-bit greats like Chrono Trigger. The sprites are more simple. But theyr'e definitely more colorful than NES games. I really like the term they coined there:)

I also am totally on board with their decision to make a 2D game now too. Haven't given two sh**s about their games in the past. FPS on the DS is practically broken in my opinion; feigning mouselook controls with the touchscreen is a recipe for awful, hand-cramping controls. So I can't even begin to look at the game design if the controls are full of sh**. Guys like Renegade Kid make me sad because I'm relatively sure they're talented and that I should be supporting them, but just couldn't get behind what they were doing. Whether or not publishers think their 3D games were "sexy". Screw what publishers think; just make a great game. Heck, a classic Doom-style FPS (with a fair degree of autoaim; not having to look up or down, y'know) would probably have worked better on the DS than faking mouselook controls.

Can't wait for this:) The eShop needs some killer games. Just like the 3DS library in general. But I know that, between this and Mighty Switch Force, we'll be getting something before the year is out. Keep up the great work, Renegade Kid! The game looks way more fun in 2D than it did in 3D!



Vinsanity commented on Review: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GameCube):

I definitely think this game is weaker than Other M. But I've played - and beaten - all other Metroid games (even the other OTHER black sheep, Metroid 2 for Game boy). Theoretically, this game should've been right up my alley. But between the unoriginal "Two Worlds" mechanic, and the depressing art design (I will give it credit for being truly alien, but that doesn't change the fact that there's very little color here, or anything interesting visually. And that the actual technical quality has dropped below the first game, somehow.), I just do not dig what was going on here.

Not to mention it was largely the most aimless of the Metroid Prime titles. And it did that half-assed "let's introduce other soldiers" thing (something Metroid Prime 3 did much more effectively).

Everything about Echoes just screams half-baked to me, unfortunately. I'm glad Prime 3 was so much more successful, and also maintained the truly alien aesthetic. But luckily that game also didn't lose sight of technical accomplishment, color usage and everything else it takes to make a great looking title.



Vinsanity commented on Nintendo DS Sales Figures Make Wii's Look Tiny:

The software-to-hardware ratio is pathetic. Nintendo's done a terrible job of pushing the games available for their consoles. They have been ignoring ad campaigns, and haven't shown off games for the console since launch (which is why Red Steel 1 outsold the second one by an incredible margin). Meanwhile, they've been concentrating so hard on getting that disposable "blue ocean" audience that they failed to realize these people don't seem to buy many games. They also moved onto the Kinect and iOS hardware by now.

The 3DS sales are not good either. Again, Nintendo miscalculated and focused on the wrong audience. The "people who are impressed by 3D" demo is dying rapidly. The 3DS could still easily be saved, but it's going to need software. Considering how bad Nintendo's been at identifying killer, exclusive Wii games and hyping them so they sell, I imagine the 3DS is - unfortunately - doomed.



Vinsanity commented on Europe, Your Spirit Will Avenge on 3DS VC Soon:

@Ristar: I'm with you man. I really hoped Nintendo would AT LEAST release a GG Sonic game or two for the Blue Blur's 20th Anniversary (which happened in June). Apparently, they're gonna hold onto their VC games and roll them out slowly. I guess they learned something from the Wii VC. Hopefully this means that, years from now, we'll still be getting one VC game a week instead of going months with nothing.



Vinsanity commented on This is Your Mario Kart 7 Logo and Artwork:

It's interesting that they're backpedaling so much. I mean, putting 3D on the end was the go-to thing here. With the SNES, everything was "Super". With the N64, everything was "64". And with the DS and Wii, everything was "DS" (or had a subtitle with two words; the first starting with 'D' and the second starting with 'S') and "Wii". But for the 3DS, they're backing off. Probably because people hate 3D now (look at how many movies are now dropping the prominent "3D" from their titles; like Final Destination 5 - which WAS going to be called Final Destination 3D - or Conan the Barbarian 3D)

I really thought they were going to change the name before launch. MK7 sounds like they just don't care. Which is probably true - the last great MK was Mario Kart DS - but that doesn't mean they should advertise it. Especially with games like Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing on iOS doing well (Sega All Stars Racing, on any platform, is better than Mario Kart anyway. Thank you balancing) and ModNation Racers Vita out there...

They couldn't at least make up a new subtitle like Super Circuit or Double Dash? "Mario Kart Triple Dash" would actually work pretty well - Triple (the 3) and Dash (the D)? C'MON! That writes itself Nintendo! Just squeeze a 3 in there somewhere... "Tripl3-Dash" or something?



Vinsanity commented on Nintendo Will Announce Wii U Release Date Next...:

It better not be too late into 2012, because it's already not new technology. Then again, you don't want Nintendo to pull another 3DS and release it so far ahead of actual, quality software to play for it. They're playing a dangerous game here. But either way, it's pretty stupid to release an HD console so late into the HD console cycle.



Vinsanity commented on Rumour: Kirby's Amazing Mirror for 3DS GBA Vir...:

Cool. I certainly hope this is true. Because, personally, I hate seeing Nintendo recycle the same games every time. But this? This is one of the ones that was well-received, but not a ton of people played. Therefore, it's much more exciting than, say, the possibility of playing NES Zelda again:(

Besides, this was the last Kirby to come out before the uber-creative (and the one that kickstarted my interest in Kirby games again) Kirby's Cursed Canvas for DS. I am absolutely interested in playing Capcom's Kirby game (because Flagship did this one, if I'm not mistaken). i would also like Nintendo to release Flagship's Zelda games on the VC (Minish Cap, the Oracle saga).



Vinsanity commented on Here's Nintendo's Most Up to Date Release Sche...:


Nintendo hasn't published an exciting game since....they're all Mario and Zelda now, all the time. They're taking a page from Bobby Kotick's book. Which sucks, because it's not like they're not making new IPs. Reggie just won't let 'em come out here (Xenoblade, Last Story, etc.). I'm getting super bored with Nintendo. They better do something exciting soon, or the 3DS is screwed. The DS and GBA weren't made successes by console ports and Mario games. Nintendo doesn't even have the proper, portable-friendly games on their radar at all, like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. Two series that drove early DS and GBA sales. And games like Kirby Mass Attack - which is going to rule, and is a great fit for handhelds - are still destined for DS instead of 3DS. What does that say?



Vinsanity commented on Kid Icarus Definitely Slips to 2012 in Europe:

Who cares? This'll probably suck anyway. Japanese developers - especially Nintendo aligned ones - aren't the based at making third person, arena-based shooters. Especially with sh*tty touch screen controls.

You guys also got Xenoblade. You win:) At the end of the day, Kid Icarus will mostly likely end as a disappointment. But Xenoblade is pretty acclaimed already, and will only be well-received once it hits Europe. You guys are golden.



Vinsanity commented on Renegade Kid Shopping ATV Wild Ride 3D to Publ...:

That's kinda neat. Cannot imagine the appeal of an ATV game though. Not really what I would like to play on my 3DS. That being said, once the tech is done, it would be really cool to see them incorporate it into their next game. Like a shooter with a vehicle component?

I want these guys to make a new Turok. There's some ex-Iguana guys at Renegade Kid, right?



Vinsanity commented on Talking Point: The GBA Games You Want on 3DS V...:

I definitely wanna see the hits, but more importantly than that, I wanna see the obscure games. As well as third party stuff. Stuff like

-Sigma Star Saga
-Screw Breaker (Drill Dozer)
-Scourge: Hive
-Rebelstar Tactical Command (mix X-com with Fire Emblem and you basically get this, super underrated, title)

Nintendo did an absolutely wretched job securing third party titles for the Virtual Console on the Wii. Sh*t. There are NO third party games for the N64 at all! (Cruise'N USA was a weird exception. It was co-produced by Midway and Nintendo. Midway got the rights to publish it in the Arcade, Nintendo got it at home. So, technically, it's still a Nintendo game). If they don't change that, it'll suck .



Vinsanity commented on Mario and Sonic 2012 Gets Release Dates, Yello...:

These games get better with every iteration. It's just a shame that they're releasing a major Wii game when no one is playing the system anymore.

Still though, I know everyone would like to see another Mario/Sonic combo game. The most obvious would probably be a mash-up of Mario Kart and the much better (thank you, game balance) Sonic Sega All Stars Racing.



Vinsanity commented on EA Sports Working Closely with Nintendo on Wii...:

EA made some excellent online modes in their Wii games, so I'm hoping this turns out to be good. However, my gut instinct is just telling me, "Hey Nintendo;look at our Origin store. Now, let us do that on the Wii U".

I'm worried, but this could do either way to be honest. It wouldn't take a lot to improve the Wii's online..



Vinsanity commented on Just Why Is La-Mulana Taking So Long?:

That's stupid. I mean, it's noble to shoot for an international release, but not AT THE EXPENSE AT GETTING THE GAME TO PEOPLE!!! No one's even playing Wii anymore. They shouldn't have held this thing up past January or February. I'm not going to dust off my Wii - literally, it's in the den right now, unplugged - and jump through Nintendo's stupid Wii Points system and "put in your address every time" nonsense. You're dead to me La Mulana. Congratulations.

The moment they gave up on their international release idea was when they dropped it in Japan. They should abandon this idea officially and get it out everywhere else now. Screw Germany (sorry guys). But c'mon. You're not gonna sell very well anyway. But you better do something soon.



Vinsanity commented on Combat Wings Readying a Wii Air Raid in September:

Its sad that you consider those sh*tty Wiiware Pearl Harbor games to be the pinnacle of Wii dogfighting, Nintnedolife. MySims Sky Heroes, Heatseekers and OF COURSE Sky Crawlers (play it with the classic controller) are much better games.

Heck, Kid Adventures Sky Captain looks better than those Pearl Harbor games were like.



Vinsanity commented on Review: Captain America: Super Soldier (Wii):

C'mon Nintendolife. You know and we know that all the Batman Arkham Asylum comparisons are leveled at Next Level's PS3/360 SKU of this game. Not High Voltage's wii game. I mean, the way the game is structured on those consoles, the way the combat works, etc. It's all "very inspired" by Rocksteady's Batman title. But High Voltage's? Just a brawler.



Vinsanity commented on Collect These Sonic Generations Screenshots fo...:

Hope those special stages control better in Generations than they did in Heroes. I've no doubt, actually - the game engine for Heroes was sh**. Just like all the Sonic Adventure-thru-Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 game engines they used, they were glitchy and barely functional with loads of collision issues. But the engine they used for Sonic Colors and Sonic Unleashed is rock-solid, and they've refined the gameplay to boot. Colors was awesome. So I'm looking forward to Generations very much.

Although I really find it weird there's a 3DS version, but no Wii or Wii U one coming. I'll probably get it on PS3 anyway.



Vinsanity commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

This is stupid. Of course Nintendo's going to do it. Are any of you seriously surprised they're entertaining the thought of - gasp! - a remake? Sh**; that's such a bold idea, so fresh — you just maybe onto something here, Nintendo! And ooh; what a coincidence! Having just finished up Ocarina of Time 3D, you already have tons of the assets done for such a project! Why, I bet a Majora's 3D wouldn't cost you very much at all to do...


If they wanna listen to fans speaking up, how about you hear everyone over at Operation Rainfall, Mr.Aonuma? Go over to America and bust up Reggie's face until he actually starts acting like a proper Nintendo president. Putting gamers first, and getting games on your console? I believe that's more pressing than just re-hashing a 10-year old game. As much as I love Majora's Mask, Ocarina 3D has shown me that 3DS ports are stupid.

A barely-Dreamcast-quality coat of paint does little to make up for the fact that these games have been played to death and that new content is what the 3DS needs to survive. Not ports. So get cracking on original 3DS games, dudes. And make sure what original games you do pump out actually comes to North America!



Vinsanity commented on Fishing Resort Tugging on a North American Line:

I honestly don't know why XSeed would release a Wii game so late into 2011. It does look beautiful, but this is suicide. And that's coming from someone who picked up both Fragile Dreams AND Sakura Wars on the Wii (and Ys: Oath in Felghana for the also-dead PSP).

That being said, I'll probably try and buy it:) It's really beautiful for one; I LOVE the "stylized realism", combining those cute, endearing characters (makes those insipid Miis look like the lazy dogsh*t they are) with realistic, gorgeous settings and wildlife. I don't give two sh**s about fishing games though. However, the RPG/Adventure component and general Aqua or Endless Ocean-esque atmosphere make me hopeful that there's more to this than literally any other stupid fishing game ever made. I also miss the days when all games seemed to take place in or around islands. Like all the platformers from the N64 and PSX days. Blue skies, clear water, fun music...those were better days.

As always though, I wish XSeed nothing but success:)

But here's hoping they keep their positive relationship with Prope going. Because I want XSeed to localize Rodea the Sky Soldier once they finish that up. Jesus christ does that game look great. Easily, the game Kid Icarus Uprising SHOULD BE.



Vinsanity commented on Solatorobo Dev Would Like to Work on Mega Man ...:

i would personally LOVE for CyberConnect 2 to champion the Mega Man series at this point. Those guys are one of the best developers in Japan right now. Their Naruto Ultimate games, visually, are world class - I have literally seen no cel shader (in games OR tv and movies) look as good as the one they use in those HD games. Also the action is intuitive, easy to pick up and insanely epic. Also, Asura's Wrath.

They are masters of current tech; from the DS to PS3. And their RPGs - both the Tail Concerto/Solatorobo series (which is, tonally, similar to Mega Man Legends), and the creative .hack// series - are pretty great.

So they have a great grasp of tech. They have experience making gorgeous, insane action games. And also charming, endearing RPGs. And, their CEO at least, is passionate about Mega Man? Oh yeah, I support this - I support the SH*T out of this! XD

Capcom, let CyberConnect 2 have their shot at a Mega Man game. Clearly, you guys don't know WHAT TO DO with him...



Vinsanity commented on Preview: Kid Icarus: Uprising:

The on-ground controls sound awful. Just like I thought they would. In case no developer has noticed, SHOOTERS DON'T WORK ON HANDHELDS. Especially not with sh*tty, abstract, cramp-inducing controls. The only kinds of controls japanese developers ever seem to devise for handheld shooters (see also: 3rd Birthday on PSP).

I really don't know why Sakurai didn't just make a platformer the focus of the on-ground part. Shooting and combat was never that much of a component of the - admittedly small - Kid Icarus series. It's a platformer. Like Metroid, or Zelda II - the focus was on exploration. It was just vertically oriented. It should be a platformer now, with gliding (like the old Spyro games, perhaps). And then the on-rails shooter levels interjected throughout.

This is going to be a mess and a disappointment. Blind Nintendo fanboys will convince themselves it's awesome, but it won't be. It looks great though, so it'll hurt all the more when you realize, "I really waited years for THIS?". sigh

This game makes me sad.



Vinsanity commented on Nintendo UK's Metroid Hub is Open to Visitors:

I completely forgot about Metroid's anniversary. I mean, it's a bad time for it. Other M came out last year, so it's an "off year" for the franchise.

I wonder what's next? Team Ninja's game was really cool, but clearly not what people (brought up exclusively on the first person Prime games, no doubt) wanted from a new Metroid game. I wonder what's coming next? Another third person one hopefully. I don't wanna see another First Person one just yet. Unless it's going to be a Wii U title, and Retro has a kick-ass "at least as good as Unreal 3" engine powering it.



Vinsanity commented on You'll Get Your First 3DSWare Game Next Week:

Out of all the "mockbuster" games Gameloft does, Let's Golf is easily the best of the bunch. Hero of Sparta is insulting. NOVA is boring. A lot of them are failures. But Let's Golf is actually competent. Heck, it's actually very well done - there. I said it.

I might actually pick this up:) Even though I got the DSiware version for my mum (she has a DSi XL), and liked it so much I bought the PS Mini version to play on my PS3



Vinsanity commented on Capcom Apologises for Poorly Worded Tweet:

Twitter makes everything worse. That's why, when Inafune-san felt compelled to apologize for the fans and the MML3 team, he did it in a real communication method; a well written paragraph.

I just want Capcom to support Mega Man. He's far more important to them than Lost Planet, Dead Rising, all seventeen tweaks and re-releases of Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and Dragon's Dogma put together. I mean, sh**. He's 30 years old and look at the passion he brings out in gamers! We haven't had a major Mega Man release in over a decade at this point. Mega Man Legends 3 was going to be that game.

I really hope they see that they made a mistake, and they actually throw it at CyberConnect 2 and sees what comes of it.

I also hope they learn from the mistakes of the Dev Room. It was an awesome idea, but obnoxiously executed. I mean, there's nothing there that they couldn't have done via Facebook. I personally am getting sick and tired of every company asking us to sign up for their own, specific website or service. Like our personal info isn't already floating around a dozen sites or more already! Would you please just think of the consumers, for once, and come to us instead of forcing us to jump through these hoops for you? This is the same reason I loathe EA's Origin platform - Steam is the standard, and there's Direct2Drive, Gamersgate, Impulse, etc. We don't need ANOTHER service to sign up for, especially one JUST FOR ONE COMPANY.

I'd love to be involved in a Mega Man game's production. Heck, I sent in robot master designs for that Nintendo Power contest back in the day! But the Dev Room just was a clunkily-executed thing. And it's unfortunate if it led to the demise of MML3.



Vinsanity commented on La-Mulana DLC Announced:

I don't even care anymore. Nintendo has abandoned the Wii; so have i. Last Holiday season was killer though - the one, two, three (or four) punch of Sonic Colors, Epic Mickey and Kirby's Epic Yarn were amazing. And if you dig DKC Returns, props to you (I can only handle so many blind, cheap deaths before I realize I'm not having fun, myself).

But the Wii is dead now. I packed it up and moved it into the den. I'm not turning it back on to download a game like this. This should've come out before. There's no reason this thing should've taken so long. 3 versions of Cave Story will have come out by the time this comes out ONCE. Feh. Screw it.



Vinsanity commented on Solatorobo Dev Would Like to Work on Mega Man ...:

I definitely would support a CyberConnect 2 developed Mega Man HD console game. They are a great developer. Passionate, talented, with a grasp of all current hardware from the DS to the PS3. And you look at their portfolio - Asura's Wrath, Naruto Ultimate Ninja, .Hack, Tail Concerto - and they definitely have the chops to make a killer, proper, big budget, well produced Mega Man title. One that would have a great RPG base and intuitive action that looked insane. And still somehow be stylized and charming.

I am definitely all for this idea. Capcom clearly doesn't want to work on a Mega Man title in-house. Let CC2 give it a shot!



Vinsanity commented on Crush 3D "Delayed Due to Success of 3DS":


Nintendo really needs to get their sh** together. Launching a console so far ahead of any worthwhile games is obnoxious. I am not exaggerating when I say I hate my 3DS and consider it a waste of money at the moment. And am just playing EXCELLENT DS games like Radiant Historia on it, and watching Netflix. NOT. WORTH. IT.

And yes, I have Ocarina 3D. It's not worth it either. A 13 year old game with a Dreamcast coat of paint doesn't mean it's suddenly a handheld killer app. Especially since I've played it before. It really hasn't aged as well as Majora's Mask or Wind Waker. Even Spirit Tracks - underrated as it is - is a much better portable game.

Right now, the 3DS is Nintendo's Sega Saturn. Remember when Sega premiered it at e3? Then shocked everyone by announcing it's release date was...that day!?! And you could go out and buy one right away? They forgot to tell publishers though, so the Saturn came out MONTHS ahead of third party software:) Stupid.

So it's glad to know that Nintendo learns from history XD



Vinsanity commented on It's OK Mega Man Fans, Dr Wily's Revenge is Im...:

This just makes me bitter too! Because it reminds me that Capcom killed the GBA Mega Man Anniversary Collection, which - unlike the console games - would've colorized and collected all 5 Game Boy Mega Man games into one collection. Which sounded amazing and would've been a great value.

So my stance stands; f*** you, Capcom.



Vinsanity commented on Pachter Thinks Nintendo has Superior First-Par...:

Also, Microsoft has failed to successfully launch any franchises besides their big 4. Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Fable.

Versus that, they have well over two dozen franchises they didn't support, and didn't light up retail charts. They've let down Kameo, Banjo, Perfect Dark, Alan Wake, Shadowrun, Crackdown, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Blinx the Time Sweeper, Project Gotham Racing, Rallisport Challenge, Crimson Skies, MechAssault, Sudeki, Tao Feng, Kakuto Chojin, Halo Wars, Voodoo Vince, Nightcaster, Azurik, New Legends, Bruce Lee, Age of Empires, Mech Warrior, Conker, Brute Force, Malice, Jade Empire, Kung Fu Chaos, Whacked, Mad Dash Racing, True Fantasy Live Online, Marvel Universe Online, Halo Online, Orchid, Amped, NBA Inside Drive, NFL Fever, etc. etc. etc. But at least back in the Xbox 1 days they were hungry and ambitious enough to throw some money around and MAKE these games and try to establish some world class, dependable franchises and stuff. With the 360, they literally just say, "Let the third parties define our console", which is lazy and despicable. They really don't deserve any success; especially since the 360 hardware was failure-prone sh*t.

Really, they're an awful first party in the exact opposite way Nintendo is.



Vinsanity commented on Pachter Thinks Nintendo has Superior First-Par...:

After years and years, I have to say; Nintendo's in second place here. After Sony went on a studio-partnering spree in the PS2 days, they have the best first party games now.

I mean, you want the marketable games for the shooter-fiends out there? Hard to find more solid games than Resistance or Killzone. Third person? SOCOM is solid. But Uncharted blows Gears of War out of the water.

But what if you're a nintendo fan and crave more endearing, charming, unique fare? Sony supports games like that too! ModNation Racers, Littlebigplanet, and the 1-2-3 punch of Jak, Ratchet and Sly is a brutal one to overcome. Fan of Zelda? Team Ico has been making better games for awhile now, and titles like Shadow of the Colossus and Last Guardian are easily going to bring more inventive, unique experiences to the table than Link's latest (non-handheld) adventures. You can't discount action-adventures like God of War either.

They have world class racing games, sports titles, motion controlled stuff, party games, both western and eastern RPGs — literally every genre is supported, and supported WELL. Games like Littlebigplanet get the same advertising push and prominence on store shelves as Uncharted.

Which is totally NOT how Microsoft handles games like Banjo or Kameo, or even Alan Wake or Crackdown - and action games are supposed to "their thing". And Nintendo both hates advertising games AND making games "outside their comfort zone", thus leading to a huge lack of quality software in key genres on Nintendo's console.

And let's not forget all the unique, wonderful indie games on the PSN. Sony's the company that backs titles like Pixeljunk Shooter, Flower, Journey, Papo Y Yo.

Sony destroys. Nintendo may have been on top of the world in the '90's, but they've really slipped since. AND Sony's been getting better and better.



Vinsanity commented on In Case You Missed It, We Have the Shinobi 3DS...:

I find the visual style distracting. Like they couldn't decide on a bland/flat graphic novel-inspired style, or just trying to make GOOD looking assets. And settled for some nebulous in-between. Looks bad:( Like alright assets against terrible diorama backgrounds. I wish more third parties would try to make a game like Kid Icarus or something. But only Japanese studios seem to invest heavily in the handhelds. Titles like Final Fantasy Type O and Black Rock Shooter on PSP would be huge, tentpole releases on the PS2. They're GORGEOUS. The 3DS gets this. sigh

But the game looks fine. I'll probably get it. Helps that the 3DS library sucks.

I'd honestly would've wanted to see Sega let someone make a new 3D Shinobi though. The PS2 game had so much potential, and the stupid Kunoichi follow up wasn't really a step forward at all. They just kinda put some band-aids on the problem spots and said, "It's better!" and it wasn't. But man, Hotsuma's game was awesome. If it weren't for terrible level design, it easily would've outdone the Xbox Ninja Gaiden reboot. I wish Overworks were still around....or Sega could just find a new developer to do that. After WET — and many, man portable games — I bet Behaviour studios could've done a good job making a new 3D one.



Vinsanity commented on Review: Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS):

Another great DS exclusive:) Soooo unbelievably glad XSeed picked this up. Have it on gift list at Amazon; as soon as we get closer to release here in the 'states, I'll pre-order it.



Vinsanity commented on Ocarina of Time 3D was Second Best-Selling Gam...:

I'm glad other people have pointed this out. Zelda came in 5th. And it didn't move sh**, relatively speaking. OoT 3D has to be one of the worst performing "mothership" titles in Nintendo history. Most people who bought it were Nintendo fanboys who felt obligated to play it again...perhaps the 4th or 5th time. And the only "new" thing waiting for them? A Dreamcast-quality coat of paint. Oooooh.....

But glad to see Duke be the ACTUAL Second Best Selling Game of June! That game is actually really fun. Janky as sh**, but totally undeserving of all the hate. Glad to see people ignored most reviews and checked it out and made up their minds on their own time. It's really fun:)



Vinsanity commented on Uncharted Studio: "Wii U is Full of Holes, Not...:

Well they're right. IGN pointed this out before.

Y'know Sony doesn't get enough credit. They're the PERFECT first party. Innovative, yet grounded in solid, "future proof" (for at least 6 years) tech (unlike nintendo). And in terms of supporting games, they have more accomplished first and second party studios than anyone. And can gladly produce charming, instantly fun games like Littlebigplanet and ModNation Racers alongside derivative, mainstream friendly stuff like Killzone and Gran Tourismo. Not to mention, they bring us unique, memorable games like Journey. And they support them all with good hype, PR and ad campaigns.

Meanwhile, Nintendo hates games. Especially ones that aren't Mario or Zelda, Wii Fit, Wii Play or Nintendogs. No commercials for anybody; game awareness isn't a priority for them. And they also refuse to court games that - while they do kinda suck, and are really mainstream and derivative of dozens of other games - gamers want. They think they're soooo innovative, but every innovation they bring to the table, they don't think it out or support it very well (lack of that Heart Sensor thing, few Wii Balance Board games, Wii games using NES-style controls, etc.).

And Microsoft? They hate their own games, it seems. For every Halo, there are about 6 Azuriks. While they only have 4 franchises — Fable, Forza, Gears and Halo — they've failed to support well over two dozen others. Project Gotham, Kameo, Banjo, Crackdown, Alan wake, Crimson Skies, Blinx, Tao Feng, Kakuto Chojin, Sudeki, Jade Empire, Perfect Dark, Mechassault, Shadowrun, Rallisport Challenge, Mechwarrior, Voodoo Vince... the list literally (sadly) goes on and on and on. They're a horrible first party in pretty much the exact opposite way nintendo is.

Nintendo thinks they can do everything. MS wants everyone else to do the hard work. Sony does both, and they do it well, which is much harder. They lead with their games and tech, but support third party games when they're worthy of receiving attention.

I like Sony. I like 'em a heckuva lot more after two generations of Nintendo f*ck-ups. Over f*ck-ups. The kind that are made clearly at gamers like us, because Reggie and co. would rather focus on the dimwits who fill their wallets with money every time a new dancing- or puppy raising- or minigame compilation game comes along. "Operation Rainfall" has made it abundantly clear that they're huge d-bags. And the entire Wii generation has shown that Nintendo does nothing but blow potential.



Vinsanity commented on Review: Fortified Zone (3DS Virtual Console / ...:

@stalfosavocado: Y'know, if Nintendo's really trying to learn from past mistakes, perhaps they're saving Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for when Kid Icarus: Uprising is coming out. And use both titles to hype each other? Y'know, like how they DIDN'T do that for the myriad Metroid, Zelda or Mario games on the Wii Virtual Console?



Vinsanity commented on Review: Fortified Zone (3DS Virtual Console / ...:

This reminds me of that weird, obscure James Bond 007 GB game that came out from Nintendo in the wake of GoldenEye (Nintendo didn't really do a lot with the 007 license). It was another one of those Zelda-influenced top down games like this one. Apparently, the original Game Boy has a few gems in the genre. I hope that Mystical Ninja GB game comes out on the eShop Virtual Console someday. There's been a distinct lack of Mystical Ninja games on the Virtual Consoles...I don't like it.



Vinsanity commented on Retro Roads Never Looked Better Than 3D Pixel ...:

@siavm: Yeah, listen to Scribbler. Bad games are the result of a lot of outside factors. Bad management, lack of experience, no passion towards a contract job (say, a publisher is looking for a 'gun for hire' studio to work on a minigame compilation), short timeframe, small budget, etc. A "bad studio" can easily put out a great game if these factors turn around. Give 'em a chance.



Vinsanity commented on Retro Roads Never Looked Better Than 3D Pixel ...:

That does look neat....too bad my Wii is currently sitting unplugged in our den. While my PS3 reigns supreme in my bedroom. Which is crazy, as I easily spent more time playing Wii in 2010 than the PS3, thanks to Kirby's Epic Yarn, Sonic Colors, No More Heroes 2, Epic Mickey and loads more games. I cannot believe Nintendo of America has done such a thorough job of killing their console in such short time. Really sucks to be releasing Wiiware games right about now.

I'd imagine more publishers would make like Aksys, gather up some promising Wiiware games, bundle them together on a disc, and release some budget-priced retail games right now. Like how Aksys is treating the Bit.Trip series. This software drought is ridiculous.



Vinsanity commented on Review: ANIMA: Ark of Sinners (WiiWare):

This should be converted to an eShop game and release on the 3DS. Who honestly still has their Wii plugged in? I know I don't; and it was, easily, the system that got most of my playtime last year. 2010's Holiday Season was amazing for Wii. In retrospect, Nintendo probably should've held onto games like Epic Mickey, Sonic Colors, DKC Returns or Kirby's Epic Yarn so that we'd have had something to play THIS year.



Vinsanity commented on Review: DualPenSports (3DS):

It's really dumb of Nintendo really, to not have a multi-touch screen in the 3DS. I mean, c'mon. Every smartphone on the market has 'em by now.

Oh, and also, I've given friends the nunchuk and enjoyed that janky, ghetto makeshift "co-op" mode in the pass;) It was especially useful when my buddies and I rented Sega's (awful) Alien Syndrome game. We wanted to play co-op, but only had two Wii remotes. Also, the camera control sucks complete a** (it's on nunchuk tilt and is extremely unresponsive). So handing the nunchuk to players 1 and 3 was actually pretty effective XD



Vinsanity commented on The Thought of a Shooter-Only Future Makes Iwa...:

Military shooters blow. I've been sick of 'em for years, and it disgusts me that there's such a large population of gamers out there who are dedicated solely to playing the COD's and Battlefields of the world, and consistently ignore great, memorable, touching, colorful, fun games on all platforms. The kinda idiots who cause games like Enslaved or Mirror's Edge or Beyond Good & Evil or Fragile Dreams to underperform at retail, just so they can throw more money at Activision and EA for godd*mn map packs for their sh*tty FPS'.

I'm with Iwata 100% on this one. There's zero creativity in that space; they're just chasing Call of Duty, and - really - their demographic of idiots. Who will toss their parent's disposable income at whatever's "hot" at the moment. For awhile, it was Halo. Currently it's COD. And soon they'll move onto something else. Those gamers are morons, and it's pretty disgusting that there are whole publishers trying to cater exclusively to them.

Although unlike Iwata, I'd love to see this specific sector of the genre disappear forever. If there more devs trying to make FPS' like Bioshock Infinite or Portal 2-- not copying them, but trying new gameplay mechanics, emotional interactive stories, and jaw-dropping unforgettable worlds --, the industry would be a much better one. And there's be less dumba** gamers out there putting too much of an emphasis on competitive online multiplayer that's too derivative of the competitive online multiplayer they can get from literally dozens of other games.



Vinsanity commented on Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming Early, UK & Europe:

Could NOE president, Satoru Shibata, maybe please save the day here? And release a non-region locked disc so us NA gamers can import?

Man....frickin' Reggie. The only non-Japanese president in Nintendo history. Because the old NOA presidents were Japanese too. He clearly doesn't think the way Nintendo guys should. Ken Lobb and Howard Lincoln could've been NOA president. Fu** this Fils-Aime guy.



Vinsanity commented on XSEED: Localising Solatorobo Did Not Open Chan...:

Listen XSeed; don't feel like you need to save the day, step in and pick up Xenoblade for us. Would it be awesome? Hell yes:) But you're a small company, you release uber-niche titles, and you've done enough. You gave us Fragile Dreams — one of my favorite games from last year. And you're given us Tail Concerto 2 here; which I'm sure will be one of my favorite games of 2011. That's enough; you guys are already my heroes.

I also picked up Ys 7 from Amazon since all your FALCOM PSP games were a Lightning Deal one day two weeks ago. And I blew off my PSP months ago.

I love XSeed. But don't kill yourselves chasing big-budget games that won't make you money back. We don't want you to kill yourselves. You're an awesome RPG publisher; like Atlus, you're carrying the torch for Working Designs. You gotta keep making moves like this. But moves like swooping in to fix NOA's folly; you don't need, and you don't need to tell us that.



Vinsanity commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

Stopgap. It's a stopgap. It's a competitor to the 360 and PS3 5+ years after they came out. It's Nintendo's Dreamcast. And the 3DS has proven that they won't have good games at launch of for months afterwards. And Operation Rainfall has proven that they'll screw things up with gamers again somehow. A ton.

I bought a 3DS because my DS Lite busted and I LOVED my DS, so I kinda need hardware to play DQIX and Okamiden and Monster Tale and whatnot. But if I didn't have to, if my DS Lite still worked, the 3DS would be dead to me. The Wii U is dead to me, because I have a PS3. And my Wii? Literally collecting dust. And I was a HUGE Nitnendo supporter last year. I have Epic Mickey, Sonic Colors, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Sakura Wars So Long My Love, No More Heroes 2, Fragile Dreams....I'm not one of those d-bags that have been saying this the whole time; i love my Wii. Which is why I want something to play for it. But the Wii U? Go to hell Nintendo



Vinsanity commented on Nintendo Download: 7th July (North America):

Roller Angels looks neat. I can swear I've seen those character designs before. Nano-onsha? Nah.... They kinda look like Animal Crossing people...mixed with Super Milk Chan. Either way, it's charming. I hope the game's good.

Glad to see Nintendo keeping GB games to 1 or 2 a week though. Hopefully this way they'll still have to stuff to release 4 years from now on a weekly basis. But they really should've begun dropping OTHER systems by now. They totally missed Sonic's birthday; I can't think of a better day to start releasing Game Gear (or Neo Geo Pocket Color*) titles than on Sonic's 20th Anniversary.

    • Seriously. The Game Gear Sonics kinda blow. Camera's too close, frame rate's too sh**. Sonic's Pocket Adventure for the NGPC is pretty sweet though.