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Thu 23rd Apr 2009

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victorinox commented on WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control:

since theres so many comments but i did read most of them i thought i would toss in my 2 cents...

the way Wiiware is set up, is simply to fail... the Demographic of the wii is the CASUAL GAMER you have to remember most wii owners arnt hard core at all now there is little to no information on what exactly the shop channel does on the wii itself and the casual gamer will just overlook it like the weather channel now even at this point its a lot of work just setting it up for the target market, and nintendo has done almost nothing to promote it in a general way... you can get the nintendo channel as mentioned above, but how many people are seriously gonna download a channel, let them get info from your wii, just to watch videos of games you can buy in their shop it REALLY sounds pointless...

now lets look at the actual games, most are much like the VC... remakes of games with minor add ons bubble bobble which requires DLC just to get new, outside of the ugly new look misleading titles pachinko planet, i thought was a actual pachinko game so i was happy with it since i love but it was quite the opposite and finally huge name games that are kinda pointless to see like FF crystal defenders the ones that are actually done by the little people look boring, and unfun and most of them i haven't played crap like strong bad

with all of this, nintendo put no effort into making the wii more accessible for these games wiiware came out about a year+ ago, and 4.0 which fixed this problem maybe a month ago, which was a on going issue from basically the start of the store since you have to actually remove them from your system, put them on a card, and swap them out... with that poor write speed, made it a LOT less desirable to own a lot... and with all of those great VC titles Zelda/mario/sonic which obviously will be on quite a few wiis prior to Wiiware you have a ton of HUGE games like the FF Crystal defender games which combined are about 500 blocks, and space invaders was around 300 for that alone without DLC =, its not hard to fill it up... so between nintendos half *** effort on this, and the real lack of marketing i have never seen ANYTHING outside of online really talking about the wiiware service or shop its gonna obviously fail in a large part... the final reason it was born to fail is simply if nintendo adds something, it usually is a joke... look at Wiispeak, it came out about 5+ months ago, and only 1 game uses it... making the total use of this product animal crossing or the channel, how useful .;; same with the online play, the few games that have it really shouldnt or are complete trash to play brawl is overly laggy, MK has too many cheaters and lag, CoD 5 has a poor match system, lack of stages, and lag/constant DC's, bleach/hitman/castlevania reborn why does this even have online... the only really redeeming game is Monster Hunter G which is a pay to play service =. so when people constantly see nintendo putting out the minimal effort, and making sure to make your wii experience an annoying one just kill the damn friend code system its annoying! its not hard to see why, this policy is stupid