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Wed 29th Feb 2012

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vertex67 commented on Mutant Mudds:

A visually beautiful game with great music. It's a little shorter than I would have liked for almost $10, but I have to admit the gameplay feels perfectly refined.



vertex67 commented on Review: Pullblox (3DSWare):

The tutorials seriously tested my patience. Why are a lot of modern games making tutorial sections? It's a bad design choice, especially for mechanics as elegant as they are in Pushmo.

After playing about 70-ish levels Im still sort of enjoying this. The concept is certainly unique but I'm not having as much fun as the hype would suggest. Certainly was the best downloadable when it was released, but have actually enjoyed mutant mudds, and even zen pinball more than this.



vertex67 commented on Review: F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Game Boy Adva...:

This is by far my favorite non-3d f-zero. GP Legend's AI and difficulty were a total joke compared to MV. The learning curve here is much higher, but in a similar spirit to GX this game rewards you well for your hard work with 6 of the 10 vehicles locked at the start. Each vehicle feels genuinely unique, and there often is a strategic element to the races that you dont find in other f-zeros, especially when using some of the slower vehicles.