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Thu 31st January, 2008

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Varoennauraa commented on Road Redemption's Latest Footage Looks a Bit M...:

Thanks man!!! How the hell I didn't know about them. I have been pretty careful with my daily Nintendo news routines, and I have been particularly looking for these kinds of games!!! Both look awesome even today, and I need to check them more closely.



Varoennauraa commented on Renegade Kid Releases Early Gameplay Footage O...:

I also think, that it looks like Renegade doesn't have resources to make Cult County a looker either, and I get early XB360 impression from this at best as well. In fact, even half ass Revelations port looks better at this point. It probably gets a bit neater as development goes on, but usually it doesn't change too much.



Varoennauraa commented on Renegade Kid Releases Early Gameplay Footage O...:

I'm am buying this day 0, what ever the price. My Wiimote arm is itching for more things to shoot!

But, even if the resolution is vastly higher, it doesn't give me an impression of much more impressive looking game compared to the 3DS version. Actually 3D would have made it more impressive looking for me.



Varoennauraa commented on New Online Multiplayer Modes Revealed for Supe...:

" but that is only in massive skill disparities"
I don't believe that.

In my experience, somewhat better player wins somewhat worse player with sufficient certainty for tournaments, even with items on and in platforming levels. You need a lot of skill and strategic eye and fast brains to take the most out of the items, and also adapt into random uphill conditions as well as dodge the advantage that the enemy gets. The only problem I see, is having to play, say, two matches on the top of the tournament for making it more certain. At tops. Two absolutely similarly skilled players win each other randomly anyway, items only increase the aspects you have to master.

I don't have problems with having a game mode, that is stripped from random elements. I like that too. I only have problem with not having the glory mode for items and platforming levels as well.



Varoennauraa commented on New Online Multiplayer Modes Revealed for Supe...:

"Why shouldn't smash be allowed to have a competitive scene as well?"

Items and levels that require platforming skills are not in stopping Smash from having a competitive scene. Now it's actually the other way around. Now the people who like the whole game, don't get a competitive scene.

Good player wins even with random accidents.



Varoennauraa commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

The other smashers around here are going to rip their trousers, when they hear, that the 3ds version releases first. Fortunately only I...well, my daughter has a 3ds and I get half a year head start for practising.

But for Christ sake, announce the level editor in next direct tomorrow. I cannot stand the uncertainty.



Varoennauraa commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Discusses Its Cult Cou...:

Ah damn. I'm happy and sad at the same time! I was so much hoping for a dedicated 3DS FPS, but then again, I'm not spitting on Wii U FPS either.(shame about the parity thing though)

I hope there is Wiimote support, as well as gyro support.



Varoennauraa commented on Unepic Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U:

I expected a lot from this game, but I liked it a lot more, than I ever imagined. And now, I love it even more i guess. It's very good game on its own, but it also gives me some relief in my Castlevania longing as well as easing my envy of Maze of Galious in japanese Virtual Console.

For a sequel, next game, or if there's going to be another update, please put the main inventory on the gamepad(now you need to allocate items from the start menu into the secondary gamepad inventory).



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

Sales does not mean quality.

Wii U is phenomenally unpopular device, but it is still fantastic product. It is competitively priced even when it comes with a tablet controller. Nintendo has not made good job making its benefits well known, or demonstrating them in many games(other than Nintendo Land), while its competitors have been hugely successful in their marketing.

But still the Wii U is THE ultimate multiplayer machine, among other things, and even though the 3rd party support is worrying, so far every 3rd party game I have played with Wii U was better with Wii U.



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (Europe):

Pro, if off topic, Tip:
After getting tired of waiting decent snack from eShop, I ordered almost entire Wii U backlog, and it cost me ca. as much as 1 new game.

Now I am swimming in games. Feels good.



Varoennauraa commented on Gargoyle's Quest II and Street Fighter 2010 Co...:

If the explanation for the trickling VC release schedule really is that they are forcing people buy the crappiest NES games(forcing = people drink piss when they are dying for thirst, and even pay for it), then I am very pissed of Nintendo's strategy on this matter. Why not give people choice? I would think people would throw more money into eShop, if there was more games they are looking for.

It could be licencing issue as well, but even then it doesn't sound too difficult.

At least release a couple of games for each system each week. After waiting for a half a year for even one good game, that I don't already have, I have lost all my interest for the whole Virtual Console. And start by adding the whole Wii VC library; I hate to see weeks, when I have the choice of rebuying the Wii VC games, or get nothing.



Varoennauraa commented on Gargoyle's Quest II and Street Fighter 2010 Co...:

The pace is too slow.

Even when they finally release some good games, they almost never interest me, because I have the originals and have played them recently.

Release big chunks and it becomes a big deal. For me it would be almost like a big game release and could almost make up the drought.



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (Europe):

So I found a review. that said that Splinter Cell did have gyro aiming after all, and now I am getting SUPER hyped for Splinter Cell!

Please, make my decision easier;
can some one confirm, that it has a gyro aiming option!?!?



Varoennauraa commented on Remake Request: Virtua Fighter 2:

I would make a request for all kinds of arcade games for VC, and pressure Nintendo to release several big chuncks of VC games along the year, when ever there are dry weeks.



Varoennauraa commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

To me the power is just another gimmick too, and expensive at that too.

Wii U's graphics are not half bad, and the Nintendo's "gimmicks" are at least meant to improve interactivity(vs increasing amount of automation in games), which is the meaning of games after all. Graphics wasn't the most popular gimmick last gen. They are now, but despite it's popularity issues, Wii U is not a bad product either. It certainly lacks instantly understandable marketing catch phrase(unless you consider the countless negative ones coming from its competitors), but it still has good graphics, lots of good games, its affordable and it has tons of interesting control methods and rather unique game play possibilities. PS4 is more expensive, and has nothing but its graphics and current popularity...which is not necessarily an eternal feature. PS4 has many, many good looking games coming, that I would have rather played with Wii U. I have became bored of PS4 games years ago.



Varoennauraa commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

I am very excited about this!!!! I missed many DS I always wanted to play. I loved Phantom Hourglass, and I cannot wait to play the Spirit Tracks on bigger screen(s)!! And speaking about biggers screens, the Meteos might benefit from larger touch screen even more...and become life threateningly addictive, will power eating black hole of happiness.

And oh boy, The Castlevania and Advance Wars.

I am also in need for Brain Training and Tetris. And a bunch of RPG's. Perhaps ZooKeeper. Definitively Wario Ware!! Well, doggeyoopsiepoopiepoodle; its Cornucopia of games. I'm going to lose a lot of money on these.

Profanity is not necessary here -Lz



Varoennauraa commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

Ok, after particularly sweaty Wii Fit U exercise, I checked the sources, and Wii Fit is not mentioned there.

What Is Going On, gaming "media"? Who put the Wii Fit in the headline? Can't let Wii U have anything positive attached into it? Who pays your salary?



Varoennauraa commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

This is so silly, that I cannot think any other reason for it, than propaganda/fud. It is really simple; if it makes you sweat, it makes you fit.

And WiiFit does make you sweat by making you do quite real push ups, abs, aerobic exercises and etc. With the Wii Fit Meter it also encourages you to jog to work/shop and later convert the exercise from those trips into graphs, that help you follow your progress and also cheer you to push your limits. It even compares your burned calories with food. I was going to treat my self with a chocolate bar, but unfortunately my exercise today leaves me peanuts and fruits for evening snack. Tomorrow I must really work for that chocolate!!! :(

I didn't read the sources, but the researchers probably didn't play WiiFit, and it was probably the media(and gaming industry) who put the WiiFit into headlines, probably to make absolutely sure, that this worrying, sweat inducing, WiiFit phenomenon does not catch fire again; it might make people buy Wii U.

Wii Fit U = real exercise. Your fitness will improve and your muscles will grow. And it is fun too.



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo Download: 9th January (Europe):

The Korg synthesizer is an emulation of a classic synthesizer, but the new sequencer in it is very modern way of making music. Although I'd like them to make another, more sophisticated synth(what comes to sound generator), but what comes to writing music, M01 has one of my favorite sequencers. Speed composing.

Detune, Please, make something to Wii U. Even thinking about writing music with the stylus and with dat sequencer, but in even bigger screen, makes be happy.



Varoennauraa commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:


I mean awesome surprise, and very promising game, especially if Wiimote is supported, but damn, take that electric guitar away from Hyrule immediately!!! It makes the fantasy world feel cheap and mundane!!! Take it away even from the trailer!!!



Varoennauraa commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

Controllers are hardware, and they became a bottle neck in gameplay a generation ago. In my view, if you don't take popularity into account (because of the difficulty of the marketing of new controllers vs the ease of the marketing of the GPU, especially when the Wii U already softened the blow of the smallest generational leap ever and also got eternally sticking stigma for it), its the others, who are becoming increasingly irrelevant in the gameplay arena, that stems from their limited standard controllers.

I think that Wii U is superior FPS and strategy console...or just superior console in what ever genre, because of its versatile input hardware selection; a tablet controller and a Wiimote. Among a bunch of things, the tablet controller finally makes RTS games possible, like never before in consoles.

Good graphics require good amount of money, great graphics requires great amounts of money, or a shorter game. In my view, if you are aiming to make the best possible game today, the Wii U would be the best possible platform for it.

Its good graphics AND superior gameplay vs just great graphics, but last gen gameplay. I have already gotten bored of PS4 games.



Varoennauraa commented on Interview: KORG M01D Creator Nobuyoshi Sano Ta...:

This is Megawesome!!! Thank so much for the interview!!! I have been thinking about Detune a lot lately and hearing, that they are making another music tool for 3DS is the best news of the month!!!

I absolutely cannot wait to see what it is, let alone hear it.

I hope its something, that looks like 3DS-20... or Korg Tri-Ninty ;)


I love the sequencer so much, that I cannot stop dreaming about getting a synth for Wii U too! With even bigger screen, writing music would be even more fantastic. And with that processing power you could make a monster synth!

A joint venture with Detune, Korg and Nintendo for making a software family and a Korg branded Wii U keyboard controller, that takes the tablet controller as its screen.

Wii U Music, that would have a Korg synthesizer as DLC. Family friendly on the top level, with piano lessons and all, but also with a sequencer for writing own music and sharing it with friends. And although synthesizers are not the most interesting applications for Tom, Dick or Harry, I am sure my kids are not the only kids in the world who love to make their own samples and edit them! Also an analog modelling synth with lots of knobs seems to endlessly intrigue at least my kids and their friends.



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3...:

So Finland is not in Europe!?!?!? Where is it then damnit!?!?!!?

I get less games, because nobody brings games here, and still pay higher prices because of taxes(and then some!), but get nothing even in our regional(and very rare too) special offers.