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Fri 3rd Jan 2014

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vaino commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

I bought saturn a while ago, and it turned out a great system. Controller is probably the best non-3d controller ever made. But those early PAL-cd cases are awful, so I put my discs into sturdy cd-case.
If I had discovered Satun back in the old days instead those bad PS1 games my friends had, I would be intrested in video games earlier. Panzer Dragoons, NiGHTS into Dreams, and Virtua Cop attracted me first. There's great fps-games on Saturn too, like Exhumed(Powerslave), and good ports of Duke 3D and Quake. Many Sega games had their distinctive arcade-feel, like Virtua Cop with the blue Virtua Gun.



vaino commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

Not perfect at all, mut still a good game. As many others have said, the atmosphere of Castlevania felt just right plus the ambient soundtrack. Controls work well with some training. A shame that Konami abandond Tomb Raider'ish approach for the series. It's noticable in some levels that CV64 was rushed to the markets.
I didn't own N64 at the time, but couple years ago I played this to the final boss, and liked it a lot.
The Legacy of Darkness was better with new characters and polished levels, also camera can be adjust with the D-pad freely.