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Former developer for Sega Saturn, the Original PlayStation, and N64. I may be older than most here but gaming is my passion. It's something I will never let go... ever...

Sat 18th May, 2013

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ungibbed commented on Video: Even the Glitches in Super Mario Galaxy...:

My all time favorite game for the Wii for many reasons. Not only did the controls work well without excessive waggle abuse, but the overall presentation of the game itself not only looked amazing but also sounded amazing. I can't help to wonder if games for the Wii had that level of production value showing many shaders that are just never seen in other games all while holding a solid 60 FPS for such a meager console forgotten behind the mainstream support of the 360 and PS3.

Having a official 1080p remaster of the game with much higher resolution textures and advanced lighting techniques to the level of Super Mario 3D World.

If the existing game as it is now is perfect for 480p. A shift of the game on a large TV at full 1080p/60 would really look out of place no matter the content. Some games age well, some don't and require a bit of polish to look like a worthwhile value.

Seeing this video brings back some great memories and I feel like firing up the old Wii to play SMG and SMG2 just for the great times I had with them.



ungibbed commented on Video: Nintendo Releases Slightly Peculiar "Ne...:

@DarthNocturnal splitting a customer base if it is indeed an absolute fact that Xenoblade Chronicles requires the N3DS hardware. I could see some

Sure many will upgrade but having the launch LoZ: OOT 3DS bundle, I love the about of Fine detail that was put into the original and and I just don't want to part with just yet.



ungibbed commented on Video: Nintendo Releases Slightly Peculiar "Ne...:

I like these adverts! They're catchy while not taking themselves seriously at the same time.

The one thing I wonder is if some future 3DS games will require the N3DS hardware over the original. That would get ugly pretty quick. I can see torches and pitchforks at Nintendo HQ if that ever came to be.



ungibbed commented on Gallery: It's Time For Another Influx of Xenob...:

I hate waiting for this game. When I do get my hands on it though, Other than LoZ, no other games will be spinning in my Wii U.

My Wii U library far exceeds the number of games I have for my PS4 which is odd as most people would see that but the Wii U is rapidly becoming my most favorite game console of all time. Especially with games like this.

Waiting is just the hardest part.



ungibbed commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

I'd still like to have a physical copy mainly due to the fact that digital copies of games are great for the gamers, they have zero resale value should you become bored with the game itself. Due to the nature of digital downloads, that's the hard decision to make if you would ever want to sell a few games for something new.

Only a physical copy has the ability to retain value. A digital copy has zero resale value.

That being said, those wanting the original Metroid Prime Trilogy should buy it now if you want that gap in your collection filled.



ungibbed commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

If I didn't have most of these games already, I'd be wanting them all but I still use my classic Wii system to play these gems. Mainly for the "free" AA filter from using component leads to get the best signal I can out of the tiny system but also for the sake of GameCube compatibility which I don't want to part with.

In all honesty, I had hoped Nintendo would be focusing on the now much harder to find GameCube titles that I'd like to play more of especially with the Smash U GameCube controllers and USB hub for them. I want more Mario Sunshine with the high hopes of seeing a widescreen re-master with sharper textures and other high hopes.



ungibbed commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for January,...:

For the home consoles, I already have all of those games which is disappointing. I'd like to see some N64 games in the mix but my confidence is rather low. I just want Wave Race 64 or any a means to convert my coins to Wii Points so that I might be able to grab a few games for non Nintendo systems. I'd like to get Last Blade 2 for my classic Wii or other options.

Oh well. All I can do is hope for the best.



ungibbed commented on Bayonetta 2 Wins The Ablegamers' Accessible Ma...:

As one with limited hand / finger function myself, this game has been the best time that I could truly enjoy a game without the difficult controls that many games have with button layouts that are often not easily changeable. Games I have loved in the past that were easy or somewhat easy have been on the classic Wii. Super Mario Galaxy (both games) and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I want to love Skyward Sword but it's too much for me. I kept it anyway as I love the soundtrack or watching my nephew play.

I'm proud to see that accessibility in gaming is something to be noticed and a game of year award to an already deserving game on so many other factors.



ungibbed commented on Video: SEGA's 3D Classics Collection Now Avail...:

@Ristar42 The only problem with the HD release of Out Run is that it was targeted only as a XBLA and PSN game. The reason it was pulled was due to the license agreement with Ferrari to use their car models that of which was an Out Run staple for years. So even the game that was an exclusive to the Microsoft Xbox we here in the USA that went only with PS3, never got a chance unless when it was still available you needed a second account with an address in the UK and a PSN card with enough value in £20 or so. Not sure if Sony used GBP or the Euro for online purchases. The reason for using a PSN voucher was that credit card purchases would fail since Sony had tightened up that loose nut years ago. The game can still be found for the PSP but only on UMD and the PS2 and original Xbox versions are climbing in value. Almost to the price of your average retail game these days.

@andrew20 I've been waiting for Sega to at least remaster Panzer Dragoon: Orta forever now. It, like Shenmue 2, were only on the original Xbox here in the USA. As far as I can remember, we here never had a Game Gear PD game. I might have to check that out. I wasn't too fond of the system due to it's amazing appetite for AA batteries.



ungibbed commented on Video: SEGA's 3D Classics Collection Now Avail...:

@Ristar42 Outrun was pretty much the best game on the cartridge for the old GBA. I also had a blast with the HD remake of Out Run 2006 on the Xbox 360 but it was only on the 360 here in the USA. The PS3 got the game in the UK as to which I'm insanely jealous. After Burner Climax though was a wonderful piece of arcade love for the PS3. With the previous console generation, I had my Wii for it's exclusives and a PS3 for multiplats and the Uncharted series that of which all of those games really were something special and made the PS3 a great system.

Now in this generation, I decided to go with the Wii U and only just a couple weeks ago, bought my PS4. The combo was great for me during the last generation and I'm sure will work out fine this time around. I know I am missing some good Xbox titles both on 360 and XB1, I just can't afford three ecosystems with other bills to pay. I wish I had the means to catch up and play Gears 2 and 3 and several others.

I had really hoped that the Wii U would have gone mainstream and have the presence of the SNES with great third party and Nintendo's exclusive games so long ago. It technically was behind in several ways to the competition and Mode 7 can only do so much. But there was a huge difference back than. Marketing!

I feel that the Wii U would be in much better shape without the Wii brand on it. To the average person the Wii U looks like a design refresh on the outside with only the Game Pad looking like an accessory that could possibly work with the classic Wii hardware.

Nintendo had really dropped the ball and I know that subject has been beaten to a bloody mess. I'm glad that great games are really coming along now and I would love a modern remake of the Metroid Prime series with the full 1080p treatment and updated textures to boot. Since shooters are now gone despite the decent CoD ports to the system, I still would love to see Retro put a new coat of paint on the console along with the hopes of a new Metroid adventure taking full advantage of the graphics that the Wii U can push.

Speaking of wish-lists, I'd love a Neo Geo compilation on retail shelves. This time with the games in true progressive scan. I don't understand why the classic Wii couldn't handle any Neo Geo game without having to drop to 480i. If the system could handle N64 gaming effectively doubling the resolution of all the N64 titles the inability to run any Neo Geo game at 480p is mind boggling.

Back on point, other plausible games for the Wii U that are MIA, aside from Metroid and other first party games but those that still support the console such as Sega. A long overdue game in the Panzer Dragoon universe. No remakes of earlier games, but a fresh new game that really should be considered. Give Sonic a damn break before the franchise is ruined any further.

Another Sega wish is to release Planet Harrier which was a Naomi title that is based on the Dreamcast hardware but the arcade systems had more memory and a cartridge style format using ROM or a hard drive with the games data on the drive.

It was shown in the last print of ODCM but the game would have to be scaled back to run on a standard Dreamcast.

Planet Harrier looked amazing but as far as I've seen, never got out of the arcade and on a home console.



ungibbed commented on Video: SEGA's 3D Classics Collection Now Avail...:

Is the 3DS hardware and games region locked? I want this collection just for Outrun alone. The Best handheld version I have is the Sega Arcade Classics cart for my old GBA SP. I'm also wary of buying a 3DS right now with the "new" 3DS already being flashed around. Also why I'd love a Wii U home port of these games or even on the PS Vita (which I had imported from Japan as it had some amazing potential) but those costly memory cards, they're killing me. I finally caved in and bought a 64GB Vita card and the Vita has no region lockout.

Does the 3DS have a regional lock on the hardware or games?

I'd buy this Sega Classic collection even in Japanese just to play it when a New 3DS XL drops here in the USA.

@Windy I LOVE Power Drift! The system 16 super scaler tech at it's finest. It's too bad that it really wasn't that popular. I have a copy for the PC Engine and it actually does a great job of representing the arcade game on a two megabit HuCard.

@Andrew20 I'm sorry to bring bad news but Panzer Dragoon Saga won't see any modern port to anything. The original source code was lost many years ago and why the game commands such high prices to this day and will only run on a Saturn console.



ungibbed commented on Video: SEGA's 3D Classics Collection Now Avail...:

@OorWullie I did have a big part in the Sega Saturn port of Virtua Racing which was a first labor of love. Tuning the driving model of all the various cars and also lead tester for the game. I always hated the menu screen as it lacked "energy" like the arcade and Genesis and 32x versions.

Still with a full arcade machine to get the best feeling out of what was a early Saturn game, I wanted the best experience. Good times at Time Warner Interactive which was formerly Tengen / Atari Games.

It wasn't till much more powerful hardware came out that really could match the arcade machine. That was on the Sega Ages volumes for the PS2. I'd love to have a remastered Shenmue for the Wii U which like the Halo MC collection for the Xbox One, the ability to see the original graphics models on the Saturn to Dreamcast on the fly. The character models didn't age too well on the DC. Some scenes with meat mittens for hands.

Still any way I could play more classic Sega arcade and VC releases of older console exclusives. PD Saga though, the only way you can play it is on the Saturn since the original source code was lost.



ungibbed commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.2 Promises Stability, ...:

These "stability" updates would make the average joe think that the Wii U OS is worse than Windows 9x or even worse... I like full disclosure of what's being shoveled into my system other than the generic term "Stability Update".

Aside from homebrew bombs, what else is in that package? It's rather frustrating about how secretive Nintendo is.



ungibbed commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

This may be the last Nintendo home console I buy. It's got some great games for sure but those games only appeal to Nintendo fans or those educated gamers that enjoy the exclusives from Nintendo and those alone. I did my fair share supporting third parties and such but ever since launch, the third party games got worse as the two year mark went by. Now the Wii U has no incentive for the core gamer to really get the best out of the system. What key titles are there left to look forward to? Sonic needs to go away for a long, long time and there's only a couple games really worth waiting for. Once those see release next year, without another system to game on, the dreams of going Wii U only will be a long quiet period without any triple A games to look forward to and very few indies worth a look that truly feel like something more than a game made for Adobe Flash/HTML 5.

It's a tough spot for a Nintendo only gamer as Nintendo may have a few surprises left but at this rate, not enough to save the Wii U. I've tanked a lot of money into this system, and I really am not too confident in it's future.



ungibbed commented on Watch Dogs:

Tomorrow it's on shelves in the USA, mine I have to wait for shipping. I wanted a physical copy as I have a feeling that the physical copies will be rather limited.

Make that today... It just hit midnight on the pacific coast.



ungibbed commented on Watch_Dogs (Wii U) Gameplay Trailer:

I'd really love to see the game with the UI intact so I could tell which version of the game I'm looking at. I have it paid for and hopefully it will come soon to enjoy a bit before Smash U drops the bomb and every Nintendo gamer will be taking over the internet. Still I waited for Watch_Dogs. I just don't want to be disappointed by it. If AC4: Black Flag for the Wii U is any indication, this game might be a sleeper hit. AC4 is a wonderful looking game on the Wii U and I'm hoping WD holds up well considering the major delay for the Wii U now finally out tomorrow.



ungibbed commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

@River3636 I rarely ever hang up game posters as some of the ones I do have are quite hard to come by. I guess it's the old comic collector in me that just refuse to do so even with poster putty. One of mine is a Mirumasa Demon Blade bonus when I was all of two people that reserved the game for the old Wii. I'm glad the game got a second try on the PS Vita but it should have gone to PS3 for a larger audience to enjoy the beauty of 2D graphics.

Okay, the old gamer in me will stop rambling now. ;-)



ungibbed commented on You Can Now Purchase Select Digital Titles on ...:

@Tritonus A official Nintendo app would actually be a great marketing tool while having easy access to purchase games but not limited to only that. A push notification for a new Nintendo Direct or video highlights on games that you have interest in since most recent smartphones lack Flash and most all have HD displays.

That is a nice idea since most everyone has an iPhone or Android phone.

On topic, I like the new feature for sure as some games bought digitally also take very long to download and install (annoyingly slow despite having a 100 Mbps internet connection at home). I just hope Nintendo can beef up their servers so it's possible to download a large game such as Lego City Undercover. The first blind purchase I made on the Wii U eShop not knowing it's over 20 gigabytes of data. That was a few months after the initial launch when I bought my deluxe bundle. It was a sour note that when buying that game that download sizes were not shown and I couldn't play the game till the following day.

My only concern is also the very same with purchased games over your browser. Unless Nintendo has worked some magical voodoo, how can you tell if you have the storage space to download and install newer (and sometimes larger) games to your console.

It's one reason I prefer physical copies so I don't have that potential issue of having to delete and shuffle various data.



ungibbed commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

@gatorboi352 Funny you mention that the Wii U isn't the place for third party titles when only three games out of my library for the system are Nintendo published titles / games. I guess I'm the 1% that actually enjoyed what AC games we did get for the Wii U. Especially Black Flag.

I know Ubisoft is giving up on mature titles for the Wii U as the owners of the system had spoken with their wallets and bought other games. The Wii U will still see more Ray Man games but anything else is now a wash.



ungibbed commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (Wii U):


I wonder where all the physical copies went really. Especially now that they are grossly inflated on Amazon to the humble price range around $700 or more. Yet I never seen it show up on any shelf at any store near me.

The 32GB of memory is already full from eShop purchases and I really don't want a external HDD limited by the speed of USB 2.0 on the Wii U.

I do hope that in the future that Nintendo does allow the Wii U to run games from a SDXC card for the sake of saving clutter and more wiring.

The original Wii at launch didn't allow VC games and Wii Ware run from the SD slot but in time that was changed. I hope the same for the Wii U will happen when Nintendo will allow Wii U games to be run from SDHC or SDXC cards allowing for faster load speeds and the internal storage either doubled or tripled in newer hardware versions of the Wii U.



ungibbed commented on Nintendo of America Unleashes Wii U Game Sizzl...:

I hope this is just a starter to get more attention to the Wii U here in the USA. It's a hard spot to be in especially with what little third party support which very little is really shown at all. People here are selling and trading their Wii U consoles for last generation systems mainly for the software support that's really a major issue with the Wii U. Especially third party releases and major multiplatform games that the Wii U is notibly absent from

Watch Dogs is one such example that was supposed to be a huge western release that showed up on everything but the Wii U "due to the consumers lack of interest in more mature titles such as the Assassins Creed series" which I had read somewhere but it was the stance and reason that Watch Dogs when and if it ever gets released may be the last M rated title for the Wii U.

As far as the Assassins Creed series goes I'm going to give a big "Well Duh!" to Ubisoft for stretching out a series far too much...
(to the point of handheld and multiple mobile phone games). We did get a Splinter Cell game which wasn't too bad but not too great either.

The effort put into the two Assassins Creed games that the Wii U had gotten. I personally think both looked great considering that AC 3 is technically a launch title for the system. Black Flag really did look great and held up rather well showing better than previous gen consoles but far behind the higher poly counts and improved textures of the PS4 and XB1. Even as a blind test to some friends. I took pictures with my iPhone and asked them "what system?" They couldn't believe it was the Wii U in all the photos with that much detail. I still have held out for Watch Dogs but it's now yesterday's news. That's a sad thing.

The sizzle reel itself shows just enough of which games that already are predicted to be big sellers but showing too little for other games but in order to make nice with the networks for the USA, it's the only hand Nintendo has to play and hopefully gain interest in hardware sales but also improve the already great software attachment rate for the Wii U already.

I'd really love to see some third parties return and produce new Wii U titles alongside the PS4 and XB1.

I'm sure some developers are curious of what can be done with amibo and the benefits of selling "limited edition" versions of games with Amibo figures inside but held back by the publishers that own them.(looking at you EA...)



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:



You have not a clue but keep trying to sound like you got everything figured out. Please by all means, keep us entertained being the amazing fanboy you are that doesn't understand. After all, the internet is serious business...

You are boring me now with such a closed mind that you lack the ability to understand what you're even talking about that it truly boggles the mind.

Thanks for the laughs! ROFL

P.S. If you win or lose a argument with a complete stranger, what have you gained or learned?



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

"The funny thing here is that you still don't realise we're not even arguing about the same thing and yet you also assume you're somehow winning with the points you are making."

If you really think you're arguing and somehow "winning", you only make yourself look like a complete fool. You are NOT making any point at all even with such childish remarks. That said, the more you argue, the more foolish you look just by doing so.

I predict you spouting off more nonsense in yet another attempt at winning absolutely nothing. So raise your glass in the spirit of false hopes



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:


If you have to resort to such means, you don't have a true counterpoint to my own.
Stating that I lack reading skills when you refuse (or fail) to understand English is laughable. Everyone else can understand me just fine.

The real problem seems that you have issues making your point objectively. Instead you remain subjective and continue to argue with others since you fail to see such a situation without being able to take a unbiased stance.

If these words are too big for you, it's time you may consider completing grade school English.



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:


"I know what you write and that's not how it came across. I thought you were simply saying [both] the Dual Shock's digital controls [and the analog controls] were superior in design. That's how it read.
If you meant it was easier to reach back and forth between the digital and analog controls on the Dual Shock then you probably should have said that.
The rest of the stuff I said about the various digital controls on each pad was in response to my initial interpretation of your comment."

Anyone with even the slightest logical thought would know that as fact the moment they played the same exact game that involved use of both controllers.

To simplify the issue with the N64 controller design...

Take a game example involving inventory management and you can have four of your most common used items placed as a shortcut to make use of;

The Dual Shock:
Using the D Pad to select some item in a game only requires a slight movement in the radius movement of your thumb. Quick and painless and if you're in a tough situation where you need to use any item assigned to the D Pad is easy to work with.

N64 standard controller in the same rush situation requires you to remove your left hand to make use of said item, while you constantly have to move your hand back and fourth between input with that same situation. Chances are that your toon is going to die.

So that's why the C directional buttons exist to begin with. Developers use them while the directional pad is "dead" on the N64 pad and effectively has fewer button options and mechanics since the directional pad and L button are rarely used due to bad ergonomics. I've seen many third party controllers sell just to get away from the outer handles that really put a big message out... Never style over substance. That is one mistake Nintendo made.

There's many games that simply don't work well as a port and why Street Fighter' II and other genres were not well received on the N64 due to the limits of control options as Nintendo wanted to push the use of the analog stick upon former developers.

Thankfully the Z button was there for some shooters but some were so difficult to remember the play mechanics due to button combos required for advanced movement within many different games.

This is the last I'm going to speak on this subject as nostalgia often blinds plain common sense.



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:


You know well that I was referring to the use from digital to analog on the Dual Shock controller. You never had to remove your left hand to use the directional pad as needed with the N64 controller. No need to twist words for the sake of argument.

Where did I compare face buttons? The N64 Never got a version of Street Fighter' II so your point is moot and downright useless. The C buttons were never designed to be used that way. End of story.

Finally, If the N64 controller was sooooo great, why did Nintendo not make a newer design resembling it on the GameCube? Even R&D inside Nintendo were unsure about the design of the N64 controller and the easily worn out control sticks which were a poor design overall and replaced in the far more accurate analog stick on the GameCube controller (which had four face buttons...) :-o



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:


"The Saturn 3D controller was developed by Sega in direct response to seeing the N64 controller for the first time at Nintendo's N64 E3 reveal, or whenever it was first revealed if not E3, so it definitely wasn't secretly in development alongside the N64 controller and just happened to release at roughly the same time or whatever. It was created as a direct response to the N64 controller but obviously went through a much quicker development cycle that just ended up with it being released at pretty much the same time. Same thing applies to the first PS1 dual analog controller too."

Clearing things up...

The Saturn 3D pad was in no way "rushed" as it also would work in a few racing titles that were released before the controller it was though seen as a failure since the Saturn was not getting the support like the PlayStation was.

The launch of the original Dual Shock controller was grand marketing. The controllers were made available just as the original Gran Turismo was released. Having analog steering as well as throttle and braking using both sticks was a major boost of having the right game at the right time to sell the newer Dual Shock controllers and retiring the original digital controllers (which were also much smaller).

Nintendo did bring analog control to the game consoles, Sony had perfected it with a very sturdy design that didn't require you to move your hand from one position to another such as the left hand on the N64. With the Dual Shock, both digital controls and analog controls were far more ergonomic in design.

Back to the Saturn 3D controller, it was a very odd design that "worked" but perfected with the Dreamcast later on. The best controller Sega had made in ages was the six button Genesis Arcade Pad. The perfect layout for Street Fighter' II. Sega had always made sturdy controllers for all their consoles and along with simple Gamepad style controllers of the time, Sega also had made great joystick controllers (as well as NEC). The only joystick Nintendo had made was the NES Advantage and a personal favorite of mine was the long forgotten NES Max which was perfect for Blades Of Steel and a few SHMUPS.

Neither controller nor the NES specialty "hands free" controller were ever improvised upon for any future system. That all being said a new personal favorite is the Wii U Pro Controller. Great battery life and strong rumble but one failure (along with the Wii U Game Pad) was the lack of analog triggers (any combo of L & R buttons at all) is a huge failure despite how sturdy the build of the Wii U controllers are at all.



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:


Haha, the powder issue was one of the bad choices Nintendo had made with all parts of the controller rubbing together with the analog gimbal. The only fix was to replace the controller entirely. Bad design on something that was supposed to be a primary input method.

The same issue still happens with modern PS3 controllers but the actual gimbal is not affected like that of the N64. The same design element also goes back to PS2 and the original Dual Shock controllers for the main competitor, the original PlayStation.

All of the Dual Shock series of controllers would wear down at the base of the thumb stick just before the cover that covered the internal rockers.



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

@FubumblR indeed wires did cross as I never mentioned any manner that I have used my N64 controllers (or Wii at that)

That's something for you and Kirk to figure out.

I disliked the N64 controllers due to an issue not with the ergonomics but the plastic gimbals that would wear down over time resulting in erratic character movement by simply shaking the controller. I used a more traditional looking controller that was the only third party product I used with my game systems in years. The control stick had a longer stem which results in greater accuracy and the innards were metal and plastic. It was called the SuperPad 64 and I am referring to the left side oriented analog control stick model which all only came in black. It was a decent controller as long as you didn't rage quit with it.

The best analog stick Nintendo has made over the years was on the GameCube. Highly accurate and a overall great controller like the Pro Controller is now.



ungibbed commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:


I think you got your wires crossed dude. I was speaking about how collectable the N64 is already but only to a certain extent.

Also earlier about how the Dreamcast controller came to be.

So I ask you one question. What are you talking about and replying to me in such manner?



ungibbed commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

@SageWaterDragon a delay on Steam OS doesn't really surprise me as it's very much in the same boat as the Wii U, the average consumer has no idea what to look for on a store shelf let alone requiring a broadband connection.

The only place I've heard of a "Steambox" or or otherwise has been IGN and rumors.

The Wii U has picked up momentum thanks to MK 8 and other actual amazing games coming up in the future months and 2015. But even then with all the games shown at E3, nothing on a realistic racing game has been nothing but hopes and dreams.

Most people with a Steam account already will most likely have a well built gaming PC ready to handle most any game thrown at it.

What would really surprise me is that there's a better chance seeing it on Stream for Mac OS X ahead of the Wii U release mainly for the x86 muscle inside of them but there's already much better racing simulations on the Mac.

There is no quality racing games outside of MK 8 and NFS: MW U which was a launch title from a developer (Criterion / EA) that jumped ship on the system.

If EA did come back or Project Cars looking looking anywhere near the posted screenshots, I would gladly have my serving of humble pie.



ungibbed commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

If this game ever reaches the Wii U, I would love to see current screenshots from the Wii U version. Even if the game is still in early alpha stage on a developer kit, I'd just like to see actual Wii U screens as I really doubt that these images with full 1080p resolution that one, the console will melt from using every bit of power. Or two, perhaps they deliver the same screens but the game being so late to the system to the point where nobody cares. I'm sure Sony won't give up on a new Gran Turismo or the Xbox One's Forza franchise to be outdone.

Project Cars should be a Wii U exclusive and potential franchise. The console needs more realistic driving games and the PC screens look great, my PC sucks for gaming. I only wish a developer outside of Nintendo, had the balls to try it.

A half-assed game will only see half assed sales and even less interest.



ungibbed commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

As a former code monkey back from the best days of Sega hardware. Sega always provided feedback on a game submission before production and also reviewed internally giving the developer suggestions and feedback on how to improve their product. Everything from the overall look and feel of any game that came across but also quality control to make sure that such games (even poorly reviewed ones) were able to be completed.

Now with the Wii U on shaky ground, the system really needs some top quality games from the best indie developers but for first and second projects of questionable quality and such. It's a hard pill to swallow.

The Wii U NEEDS games that appeal to everyone but I also do support Nintendo for making it far easier to put together a game and make it visible to all. The hardest part of a small developer is getting their product noticed if it's great or if it's awful. The whole part of learning to improve your craft and ideas and getting a fair share of getting noticed on the eShop.

My position on all of this is for those new indies out there, think objectively. When you pick up a controller, ask yourself the simple question. "Is this a game that I would play more than once? Is this game headed in the right direction of what envisioned?"

The best feedback is from friends who have little exposure for feedback or the best option is a demo of your game. If players like the demo, they may be more inclined to buy your product without the fear of making a "blind purchase" which is a very hard sell to anyone. Especially if your game has no reviews or any momentum via social media or even here.

Thinking and working on your project objectively is very difficult as you want to see it finished and hopefully have a sleeper hit that starts to sell well.

If you can learn to look at your game from a different perspective, you may find ways to improve upon it in ways never thought before.



ungibbed commented on Ultra Rare Ocarina of Time Prototype Reportedl...:

@Starwolf_UK the majority of my experience with the N64 software process was during the actual production of one game that was ultimately canned indifinetly (40 Winks).

The Mask Rom cart is real but for regression testing of this pitclular release for the GameCube (the Wii Virtual console uses original N64 versions of LoZ with the water temple modified and MM)

The file written to the cartridge of a N64 cart can't be patched with small file updates as the cart is written with a .nus file, nothing else can unless it is erased and the original code patched to show the buttons of the GCN controller and so forth.

The memory challenged GameCube had to stuff all this data into memory and with the changes made to the source and regression and accuracy timing is critical and having the original hardware to test against is great. The two systems render 3D objects differently as well as handle textures. The hardware advancement for MM on the original N64 vs the emulator code on the GameCube had its obvious issues with having to work with both the larger texture cache (handled easily by the original N64) but a bit too much for the old 'cube I loved.

Curiously, there was a workaround on the VC emulator but shown every single time going back to the game from the home menu. It had to refil the frame buffer which this hack would also have some undesired results. It still looked much better in 480p regardless.



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@mikeyman64 I imagine due to the 2003 GCN update which ran in 480p. Testing the updated code for higher resolution on the original hardware makes sense as it's less expensive to rewrite a Mask ROM cart than waste optical media for testing of the N64 emulation on the GameCube that would have to include the emulator which is less accurate in debugging than actual hardware.

I imagine most N64 games went through this process before Wii Virtual Console release with resolution updates or texture changes such as the Kawasaki badging on the Wii release.

This rather ordinary Rewritable Mask ROM cart does have some value alone for N64 collectors but if the same guy has the hardware to produce or copy the .NUS or .N64 rom image is anyone's guess.

I used to work with these carts daily along with the hardware to erase and write the cartridges which required an old SCSI II board in the host PC and the command prompt driven software to address the cartridge writer. This was all done in during my time on a 200 Pentium host PC with Windows 95 but the N64 hardware only worked after rebooting to real MS DOS. Command prompt windows normally resulted in failed results.

This is a legit prototype cart, and most likely requiring the N64 hardware to have the expansion Pak to support hi resolution or 480i/p on the GameCube hardware and N64 emulation software to run the game properly.

When it comes to Majora's Mask though that required the expansion Pak there was some funky voodoo to make it work in higher resolution while keeping the larger amount of textures. The classic Wii has to refill the emulators frame buffer each time when coming back from the home menu or upon initial start with a crude spinning N64 logo but then the game starts just fine. The odd part is that on the GameCube LoZ collectors disc, I've never seen it do that.



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one thing I'd like to see the reason of 4K support was the very reason I still have had my classic Wii hooked up until my new TV had a USB and SD cart slot was that I used the Wii Photo Channel quite a lot to share my photos with visiting family and such. I had hoped the Wii U would have had an updated version that would be able to show at full HD at minimum and even with your average still photo at native resolution is much higher than HD but where using the option of 4K support would be amazing and also a very inexpensive option to implement as demand for higher VRAM increases almost daily.
My TV shows my current photos at its full 1080p but still hardly does justice to the actual resolution of the captured image.
Support for MP4 captured video would be nice from great camera phones such as the Galaxy S4 or newer if your TV lacks the option.