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Former developer for Sega Saturn, the Original PlayStation, and N64. I may be older than most here but gaming is my passion. It's something I will never let go... ever...

Sat 18th May, 2013

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ungibbed commented on Star Parodier Removed From the Wii Virtual Con...:

I hate it when TurboGrafx / PC Engine games get pulled as many of them are great and highly overlooked during the original game releases on the original hardware. In Japan, the system was a amazing success but ignored between the SNES and Genesis when they were on the market.

Still random games disappear from the classic Wii Virtual Console offerings in which many hidden gems exist and has made the system my safe haven for classic gaming glory when hearing yet more negative news.

I hope to get all the SNES games as well as N64 and even more games worthy of keeping. What saddens me is the removal of the DKC series and other quiet removal of other games.

One thing I'd advise, if you don't have Dracula X for the PC Engine, get it now for some Castlevania greatness that costs a fortune for a physical copy let alone the real hardware to play it on.

Sure you could use Magic Engine, but playing a emulator on a PC just doesn't feel the same as having the real deal and Piracy is bad... M'kay...

Another thing that bugs me is many games for various systems that were an amazing level of awesome, never came to be for the old Wii which it would easily handle.

Making a memo to grab the N64 version of Sin & Punishment before it disappears along with other import games on various systems and find the best WiiWare short of titles from Shin'en.

I have the Strong Bad series and a few other WiiWare games. I'd like to grab more before they all go :-(



ungibbed commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

These games would look much better on the Game Pad. If you still have a GameCube with the Game Boy Player, I'm sure it would look pretty awful on a large HD screen.

I still love the GBA as it proved time and time again that 2D isn't dead when home console fans were still fighting over best looking games of that generation and beyond.

I was hoping to see some F-Zero in the GBA mix but it's all good. Some day it will happen.



ungibbed commented on Crytek Confirms a "CRYENGINE as-a-service" Sub...:

It's a huge bonus for those smaller developers that are on a tight budget. With Unity, it makes stage building far easier as well as complex lighting and access to shader effects that would take much longer to perform on their own. If Nintendo floated the bill for the Unreal Engine 3 (and or possibly 4) would also make a huge wave for indies out there.

For those that don't fully understand what Unity is, it is a "middleware" game engine that can be scaled to most any platform that the owners of the Unity Game Engine support. Starting with mobile phones and tablets and such.

If anyone remembers Renderware in the days of the GameCube, Renderware is very much the same type of game engine that allowed code to be easily portable and with decent results back in the day.

With Unity, it is essentially a tool to simplify game source code for multiple platforms.

Now I wonder if Id Tech 5 would easily run on the Wii U? Let alone the RAGE engine that has pushed plenty of hits on the PS3 and Xbox from R*...



ungibbed commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Gets a Little Random Wh...:

Speaking of Yoshi, how many (including myself) had ditched him into the abyss in Super Mario World just to stay alive? Countless times of punching him in the back of the head so his tongue would fly out to eat that spiked shelled Koopa...

Poor little guy after all the trouble he went through listening to Mario wail on Yoshi's Island?

I know were all guilty as charged for Dino abuse! For being green he sure wasn't lucky in Mario's care.




ungibbed commented on Weirdness: The VideoTendo 2000 is a VHS Tape C...:

Somewhere in storage is two relics. A old VHS top loader complete with wired pause switch "remote" and a Sony Betamax machine. I can't even pay anyone to take these beasts away.

A perfect video cassette for modding would be a label intact copy of Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure!!

For some odd reason I still want a NintenToaster as seen in many of the AVGN episodes.



ungibbed commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

Sounds to me that this may be the last Wii U game from Ubisoft. So much has been invested in the existing code, they might as well finish it and publish it in very small numbers.

I'd be surprised if we see much more from them at all the way things seem to be rolling downhill like this. The other thing is, despite owning a PS3, I still want the Wii U version.

Perhaps by that time when enough games interest me on the other next generation consoles, I may pick up a PS4 or a XB1.

Until such time, I will stick it out with my PS3 and Wii/Wii U systems. (I decided against migrating my Virtual Console library and such to my Wii U from my classic Wii.)

I also could completely ignore such sad news by playing my old N64 with Conker's Bad Fur Day. That is one if the very few games that aged well on that old beast and the last Nintendo system that was technically superior to the competition of that age.



ungibbed commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I could handle the Game Pad being an optional resource for the system. especially if it's holding back essential third party support that Nintendo is making such developers use the Game Pad even for the most lame use ideas thought possible or have already been done to death.

Lego City Undercover (aside from Nintendo Land obviously) was possibly the best means of true asymmetric play being used as your in-game communication device looking like it's real world counterpart.

In early shipped systems like the launch deluxe kit, the battery life is laughably awful. I love the Pro Controller which makes many in depth games such as Mass Effect 3 possible and is possibly the most comfortable conventional game controller I've used.

No having to worry to get to a safe location before the red charge light of doom shows. Even affecting Netflix as the display never fully powers off.



ungibbed commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:


I still keep my classic Wii hooked up for the same reason. GameCube games and one other. The original Wii and it's huge number of classic games that I've invested so much into. From the NES to the N64 and every other console in between. My old favorites on the TurboGrafx / PC Engine and dozens of other games from the 16 bit era. Combined, I have over a pages full of game "channels" and love them in their pure form.

In addition to all the classic gaming I have on the old well kept system is a lovely treasure trove of Wii exclusive retail games (save for Marumasa which was ported to the PS Vita).

The Wii was my favorite system of the generation due to the new experiences with motion controls and the classic controller for kicking back.

I still have my PS3 as well and thankful for that as missing out on a technical marvel that GTA 5 is would be a crime. So well executed and polished that I have no idea how it was possible on current generation hardware as it looks much more like a true next generation game.

With the development time invested in it I can understand why it's not on the Wii U. On the other hand though, I wish more Wii U games got such a level of polish.

Having been a gamer most of my life and part of my career in the past, it was the perfect dream. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would as I had that much passion for quality games and experiences that remaine entertaining to this day.



ungibbed commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:

If there's one thing I must say to get out of the way it is this, I am a huge fan of the underdog. Nintendo finding themselves in that position once again with the Wii U. The previous generation was smoked by the original Wii which was underpowered, had no HD, and a sea of shovelware. Yet the old Wii prevailed, and sold on the most important virtue that some others would die for.

That being impulse system purchases of the Wii, even if these casual buyers never bought another game, the system remained profitable despite the laughs of "gamers" pointing at someone picking up a game or two for the Wii and just don't have the money to support more than one console ecosystem.

now my thoughts on topic

The Wii U I feel was never intended to be a "next gen' system in the common views of those who only look at the pictures and skip the text of gaming magazines and many websites unless that content is negative and yet more troll ammo.

They then take their one sided thoughts to YouTube, discussion forums, and any other means to feel like a "true hardcore gamer" when there really is no such thing. Does a next generation console require enough computing power to guide and fly a real fighter plane let alone adding more additional "fluff'?

I've always liked Nintendo as they always had the brass to try something different with each new game console even if it left them with a few black eyes and battle scars along the way over the years. Even at time with more powerful hardware than the competition.

In the end as we all know, it isn't only the hardware that sells systems, it's the games that can be played on it. I still love CoD: Black Ops 2 for the added features that no current system can provide and also some of the exclusive titles that will only be found on the Wii U.

Lego City Undercover is one amazing example but admit I do get frustrated by the short life of the battery in Game Pad which in turn affects my progress sadly to say. I do wish Nintendo and the developers give us all control options using the Pro Controller while the Game Pad sits in its recharge cradle still displaying vital information to the player.

As for big name third party releases, Game Pad or not, I would in every way possible, cater to game developers that we do need third party support but always provide a bonus for making use of the GamePad as a primary controller or even as a second screen while the Pro Controller is in use. Zen Pinball did this perfectly with the Game Pad still providing vital information while charging on its cradle (great pinball game on the system which really roped me in)!

We must have mainstream support, even for the underdog, it would be great to have the Wii U as the lead platform for eventual PS3 and 360 releases. Focusing on the strengths of the Wii U but also keeping the current systems busy, this is a real longshot but a hopeful one that we will see in the near future.

Finally as a bit off topic focus on next generation systems. Current consoles as they are (especially the PS3 and Heavy Rain) shows the potential of current systems and newer games as well like CoD: Ghosts and AC4: Black Flag (two potential purchases I wish to make for the Wii U instead of my PS3.

When it comes to the PS4 and XB1, how real is too real for a video game? I'm duly impressed with some of the visual enhancements, but current systems have already been shown that there is plenty of potential in them. Especially now that many developers are coding in assembly on the 360 and PS3 for the best possible performance in game. The ports of these games show just how much untapped power the Wii U really has when you consider that many of these multi-platform games show. I am well aware of a frame loss or two on the Wii U and willing to accept it as "growing pains" as more developers get familiar with the system.

Early on thanks to EA/Criterion, that extra difference was shown in what remains to be one of the best looking games on the Wii U. NFS: MW U was a major showpiece as were a few other launch window titles that really have the ability to show the true power of the system. This returns me back to my original question, how much more visual detail do we want in games to the point where Super Mario 3D World are shunned thanks to the latest on next generation consoles?



ungibbed commented on Sega Genesis Owners Very Nearly Missed Out On ...:

@retro_player_22 it was only printed on the first generation Street Fighter II dedicated cabinets (the entire machine purchased as a whole) and some CE cabinets if they were upgraded but never had the monitor bezel changed.

I used to repair arcade games many years ago when that game was the rage. Twice a year I had to change out the joysticks and buttons from people being so hard on them and the occasional spilled drink making the buttons stick.

I miss it really as consoles really have killed the coin op business.



ungibbed commented on Nintendo Updates Available Club Nintendo Rewar...:

I already have most of the games Nintendo has put up in the games section for rewards. I do wish Sin & Punishment (N64) would make it into the mix. My last grab was the original Super Smash Bros.

After being spoiled with Brawl on the Wii, the original didn't age too well visually, but still remains fun after all these years and the only version to retain a intro via the game engine instead of a CGI video.



ungibbed commented on If Nintendo Did Make A Smartphone, We'd Want I...:

I like the looks. I remember how cool I was when my old BlackBerry 8310 had a SMB 3 system theme complete with sounds.

I'm sure there's plenty of Android themes but I'm too used to my iPhone to switch and don't care much for phone wars.

Still, if something like these ever saw the light along with a N64 themed model, I'd throw my money at them for sure!!!



ungibbed commented on This Zelda Super NES Design is Rather Pretty:

Compared to the Japanese and PAL systems, I have no idea why the NA Super NES looked so awful. It looked like it was made by Sara Lee but the games were still amazingly awesome but nowhere at sleek as the consoles from Sega.

I still have my SNES which has turned half yellow over the years despite putting it away in the original box when I moved on the Sega Saturn and (dare I say it) rather ugly looking original Playstation...

Back on topic, I still have no idea why Nintendo hit the US model with an ugly stick while the successor to it (N64) had the same design worldwide and I love the looks of the N64 as it's design was rather bold when you consider the rest of the system Nintendo released here in the USA.

The only other bold (and questionable) move was releasing the GameCube in purple (call it Indigo all anyone wishes) but the default color choice I feel really hurt the systems market appeal looking more like a toy than a modern game system.

The Wii really looked great and still love it along with my Wii U.

I'd love a Metroid theme system without the tacky aftermarket stickers. Both on the outside but also a themed UI.



ungibbed commented on Sega Genesis Owners Very Nearly Missed Out On ...:

I used to work with Mac Senour back in the days of Atari Games/Tengen/Time Warner Interactive. He is truly a class act even before Gunstar Heroes was in the works. One of the greatest producers I've met over the years and truly love Gunstar Heroes as one of the most technically impressive Genesis games.

Also proud to have it in my classic Wii virtual console library.



ungibbed commented on Neo Geo X Handheld Shut Down By SNK:

@unrandomsam The companies that produce these games do care about these markets for gamers, collectors and such if they didn't care we wouldn't have copy protection measures etc.

Just like limited runs of the Wii games Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles, many original Neo Geo games see the same problem being limited in numbers and a high cost to boot depending on the rarity and condition of the game.

What really killed SNK was the insane piracy after decent emulators for the console surfaced. So everyone who didn't care about supporting a company just stole the software (games) and moved on. I've personally found it more entertaining to play such classics on the original hardware.

I don't have many games but thanks to the Wii, I also had access to many games that would have cost me far more than the purchase of the game image via Wii Points.

For games that may never see the light of day without resorting to piracy, they are not only a gem to have but also often never emulated correctly. One common example is Bad Fur Day on the N64.

One of my personal favorites that I have complete with its original box and manual. Playing it on the N64 hardware made the experience more rewarding to me in ways not easily explained.

I'd really love to see a redux of a modern Neo Geo console that supports both the collectors of AES carts but also mass market less expensive images of the games so that more people could enjoy the system on the TV with some great speakers hooked up. Just listening to the music in Magician Lord is worth it alone.

For those with the original AES carts, having a built-in memory card would be a huge bonus and if SNK added some reward (soundtrack playback or other info on rarity, "owners club" etc.) for owning the original AES games would be a killer incentive without killing the value of the collectible price of the original hardware or the games.

It would be a boon to both who loved the system in the arcade or had the AES console. A system using the real hardware which also supports indie developers that still make games for the system or people interested in great games they really missed out on growing up with a far newer generation console.

I keep forgetting that there are much younger people here that would dismiss these games due to the age of the hardware which debuted while the NES was still raking in cash with SMB3.



ungibbed commented on Neo Geo X Handheld Shut Down By SNK:

I was really going to throw my money at one if these until I seen one in action. The games are poorly emulated and the LCD is not the best quality (making the front lit GBA SP look awesome) and the sound... My ears bleed

On the other hand, the Neo Geo games run wonderful on the original Wii with perfect sound. I wish SNK would re-release a AES system for the masses. Not something that would diminish the value of the original system and carts, but a new system that's a bit more with the times with either component or HDMI and with a select collection of games that run like they should with the Neo Geo CD controllers. Online multiplayer would be awesome if WiFi was included on some new hardware.

Essentially a system for the gamers that love the games without upsetting the market for the collectors of the original system. I have a AES console with a couple games but finding more requires risking a lot of money on a bootleg cartridge or a long trip to inspect the games I have been looking for.



ungibbed commented on Nintendo of America Selling Wii Remote Rapid C...:

I picked up the Apple battery charger which is compact and per each charge, offers plenty of time for LoZ dungeon crawling etc.

For an Apple product, it's a steal with the charger and six 'AA' rechargeable batteries for only $29.99 retail. The deal was so good, I bought another for all my other goodies that use 'AA' batteries.

I only wish finding a solution for 'AAA' batteries which my TV remote and a few other remotes use.



ungibbed commented on Video: Watch Two People Unbox The Zelda: Wind ...:


You must live a pretty sheltered life. Speeders (sometimes) and shoplifters typically end up in the back of my patrol car. It's called a Job, can you guess what that might be?

Getting bad mouthed and sometimes shot at makes work a bit "interesting" but I'm glad your powers of deduction are as sharp as a plastic butter knife.



ungibbed commented on Video: Watch Two People Unbox The Zelda: Wind ...:


True, in my area, it's hard to unload a Wii U since most people looking for one would rather trade stuff for it than give me cash. A majority being in their early teens which if they don't get what they want, they pretend they're "coming for me to kick my (you know what)".

Had one spam text a bunch of things that are not forum friendly since I refused to sell him my N64 copy of Bad Fur Day for a whole $20! I decided I was done with Craigslist after dealing with these over privileged brats.

The area I live in is a very well to do town in California. The most things the police do is hand out speeding tickets and haul away shoplifters. So video games are big here in my area even without a GameStop located here. Most of the action is buyIng/selling (or trading) tons of Call Of Duty games and clones of every kind. The other big market here is retro gaming (both systems and games)

I wish Nintendo had a bundle with just the Gamepad, soundtrack CD, and the game that I could just grab directly online from them along with a re-release of Metroid Prime Trilogy and other limited print games. I was lucky to have scored Xenoblade Chronicles but missed the window of opportunity on MPT.

Anyway, back on topic, I may order one of these online and then repackage it with my original Wii U deluxe box and go the eBay route. Sold as "played once, didn't like it" or something like that for a reason I'm selling it.

It would be a true keeper had the console itself have the design on it like the Gamepad, but my other option is possibly finding someone who got the WW bundle and wants to trade or sell their Gamepad for a solid black one. Stranger things have happened. :-)



ungibbed commented on Video: Watch Two People Unbox The Zelda: Wind ...:


The only problem is having to buy another Wii U for the Game Pad. That would make for one expensive Game Pad. I will survive and get the physical copy of the game. I purchased Lego City Undercover and that pretty much ate most the storage I have. 18GB of it.



ungibbed commented on Video: Watch Two People Unbox The Zelda: Wind ...:

Is there any other way to get the book that you can read on the Game Pad? I couldn't justify buying a second Wii U console especially when I have so much download content tied to my existing system.

The limited edition Game Pad is neat but seems a bit not-so-limited when the console itself is a plain 32GB black unit. Would have been nice to have the theme continue gold details on the system itself.

The extra mile on limited editions was my limited edition Legend Of Zelda 3DS which carried the black & gold details all around the handheld down to the metal piece surrounding the card slot and even the details underneath the system. Coming with a physical copy of LoZ: OOT 3D was a great bonus as well.

I'd love a Metroid themed Wii U with 64GB of storage down the road. Do you hear me Nintendo? I'd love to see a understated creative look to it like the LoZ Wii U, just not overboard as many of the game themed Xbox 360 units. Looking for that "Metroid" look and feel to it all without going overboard.



ungibbed commented on Miyamoto: Retro Studios is High on The List of...:

A return to Metroid would be awesome on the Wii U hardware and curious how the Game Pad would be used. Or for the action, how it would hold up with just the Pro Controller.

I say this as the Pro Controller is one of the most comfortable controllers I've used in ages compared with the PS3 and 360. Or the ability to use the Wii Motion Plus Wiimote and Nunchuck. Just the thought of play options and the graphic abilities of the Wii U have me excited.




ungibbed commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

While I already bought the digital release on the PS3, I would still buy a version for my Wii U. I'm curious what the extra power of the system and the abilities of the Game Pad could add to the game. Even for the existing console generation, GTA V really set a new mark in quality third party games that it amazes me every time I load it up thinking that this couldn't be a PS3. It truly makes GTA IV look like amateur night despite the games high rankings and amazing vision for its time and extended by to DLC packs that didn't disappoint.

GTA V is in a whole new league with enough content to require a dual layer BD or plenty of HDD space for a digital copy like I pre-ordered.

That being said, with such a long development cycle, porting to the Wii U may look a bit sloppy despite the power of the Wii U to run the game.



ungibbed commented on Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Myst...:

Can this game be played with the pro controller alone? If the GP shows little gain other than simply mirroring on-screen play, the battery makes for a short session where the pro controller is a perfect option. I'd love that option in more than a few games where the Gamepad is needlessly required making minimal use of the touch screen. The patch for NSMB:U making use of the pro controller really made a huge difference for me.

I'd love the option for choice of single player or multi player gaming if I pick this game up.



ungibbed commented on Here's How Much Space Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

@Rand the one PS3 game that I've yet to see any digital release is MGS 4 which is a dual layer BD and Gran Turismo 5. The one oddity is the nice warning that is place on the PSN Store if you want a digital copy of 'The Last of Us' which upon purchase, downloads a installer and then nearly 23GB (IIRC).

Being a game from Naughty Dog though. A large amount of that data is all textures, sounds, and one of the best PS3 games of all time. Of what I'm rather surprised though. Why is there no digital release for many other PS3 games since the HDD on the PS3 is so easily upgraded. 750GB in mine and not a dent in it after so many PSN games purchased and Vita backups.

Back to looking at the Wii U, I really do hope if/when the system does pick up momentum, a redesign of the system to accommodate a 2.5" HDD would eliminate any woes or second thoughts of digital downloads.

I went nuts with the classic Wii after SD support. Over $600 invested in virtual console games alone as a am a huge fan of the 8 and 16 bit era and the multiple systems emulated perfectly on a console so tiny. I loved having so much gaming options in such a small package and the reason I never migrated to my new Wii U is that my old Wii still has GameCube compatibility and F-Zero GX alone is one reason for keeping it around.



ungibbed commented on Here's How Much Space Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

@mch I will eventually get a external HDD for my Wii U but wish Nintendo would have gone the extra mile for USB 3.0 for much faster data transfer speeds. What would be ideal is a external shell that fits the profile of the Wii U that stacks upon it possibly adding additional cooling underneath the system if sitting horizontally. Something that matches the look of the system and not out of place.

For now, I have a temporary solution with a 4GB MicroDrive that is in a Compact Flash format (same cards my DSLR uses) and it gets the job done for now with a USB adapter. The drives are durable enough and easy to find much larger ones as they are the same used in the iPod classic.

Still, I feel like getting a physical copy of the LoZ: WW HD and eventually a physical copy of Lego City Undercover if I can get it at a reasonable price. This is the first time I've ever stuffed a console to near limits aside from the original Wii which I had to juggle Virtual Console games until Nintendo allowed play from SDHC memory cards. Now with my virtual console library and photos that I show often, I've barely made a dent in the 32GB SD card for my classic Wii which I refuse to part with. Mainly since I have one of the black consoles that still has GameCube backward compatibility. So I have three Nintendo systems hooked up at the moment along with my PS3

Wii classic (all black Wiimotes and accessories) plus my black GameCube controllers and memory cards.

Wii U Deluxe (nuff said)

N64 (my personal favorite "retro" game system). All of which games I have that are not available on the Virtual Console service and likely never will be. Bad Fur Day being one such title that's not only brilliant, but highly sought after for collectors and gamers alike since emulators can't reproduce some of the effects Rare managed to get out of the 64 bit beast.

I love my games and systems. Always proud to have them just a click away from some great fun!



ungibbed commented on Here's How Much Space Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

I have a giant gorilla on my back called Lego City Undercover. With a whopping 18GB that stuffed my Wii U. I do hope in the future that Nintendo eventually puts the amount of space needed for download and install. After buying the game on a impulse decision, I didn't expect the punishment of the wait that I had to endure for the game to download and install on my system, being a early adopter, the servers that Nintendo have for the eShop were ill prepared for downloads that large.

Having a 50Mb Internet connection, Nintendo's servers took nearly an entire day to download the game data and about an hour to install. LCU does load at a quick pace but at the price of a major hit to the internal memory of my console. I still love the game mind you, but had I known the size, I would have bought retail.



ungibbed commented on Weirdness: Hackers Use NES Pad To Drive Car:

The hacked Prius even working at all with the NES pad is amazing in itself. All thanks to electric power steering. Now think if a GameCube controller worked and would provide rumble when the wheels hit lock to lock (full left to right)

Analog triggers for the throttle and the other face buttons for control features. Turn signals, headlamps, gear selection from park, reverse, drive.

Imagine the possibilities for disabled individuals such as myself being able to drive again with a modified controller proven safe to use by the government.. That's serious $$$$ right there at its first step getting a Prius to work at all. Since the entire car is "drive by wire" (no actual mechanical link to the power train or transaxle), I could see this being quite feasible and far less expensive than existing systems retrofitted to current full size vans or modified minivans...

Most of these custom additions add over thirty grand or more on top of the existing price of a new vehicle which is required for such alteration. So think of your average Dodge Caravan with a final sticker of over $80 thousand depending on your needs.

Not sure if the same rules apply to the UK.



ungibbed commented on Review: Ristar (Virtual Console / Sega Mega Dr...:

This was originally going to be the intended "killer app" for the Genesis/Mega Drive as opposed to Sonic. While both games are great, I'm pleased that Sega didn't scrap this project.

I feel this game is the best of what the Genesis had to offer but there were much better technical examples of the systems abilities. As a game alone on its merits, Ristar is still amazingly fun to play even to this day.



ungibbed commented on Activision Committed To Doing 'Everything It C...:

@jorgem696 just how bad was your online experience? I have 50Mb downstream and 20Mb upstream all over WiFi. I tried the USB dongle for a wired connection to my router and performance suffered greatly than simply using the built in WiFi on the Wii U.

This is one example where I wish there was a Cat 5 jack in the back of the system and just a single USB port. Still, one major helper was putting my Wii U in DMZ status on my router. Great speeds (not as fast as my hard wired PS3), but still have issues with the awful Netflix App. When I do get lucky enough for it to not crash on the black screen of doom, it stays in low/SD quality.

I expected much better than this kind of issue at launch.

As for other games with online, I've had little issues if at all. The slight hiccup or two even happens on XBL and PSN.



ungibbed commented on Video: Let's Play Fast & Furious: Showdown:

@smashbrolink I have Mass Effect 3, it's far better than I expected despite the EA hate. The shovelware I refer to is about 80 percent of the entire original Wii game library.

It's a real shame as. Even side by side few games that I do have for both my PS3 and Wii U look far better on the ailing Nintendo system. Trine 2 as an example is amazing showing so much more detail on par with the PC/Mac version. Many little details such as shader effects right away from the title screen and further on.

I just hope that games like F&F and other games that were just awful really don't deserve the "Official Nintendo Seal" which the words "of quality" stopped being printed in the GameCube days.

I had high hopes of quality titles and other greats being part of the Wii U which would no longer be a dumping ground for low budget games that not only were truly awful, games as such really killed the system where great games get lost in a maze full of trash.



ungibbed commented on Video: This Mario & Luigi Trailer is the Stuff...:

If only this level of publicity and creativity were the same for the Wii U, Nintendo could get more systems sold. The 3DS has been a profitable monster for Nintendo and that's a great thing. Games like this keep that momentum where it makes me wonder where Nintendo will push when the 3DS is out of steam. The Vita has completely stalled and sad. I finally sold it and used that money towards my future PS4 investment.



ungibbed commented on Indie Developer Explains How Nintendo Made Him...:

@Burning_Spear Very well said, but for any of the masses that have picked up the system, any good news is a morale booster.

I agree that many people don't understand the system until they actually get their hands on it. Much like the original Wii which looked completely silly as a game console, it has provided me with some of the most original games of the generation and again with Wii Motion Plus and experiencing 1:1 real world motion of your character. This made Skyward Sword truly great but the original kicker for the Wii of old was it's pack in. Wii Sports.

It now has roles in the rehab field in physical therapy that made exercise far mor entertaining and bowling for the system has been a hit five years going.

Back to the Wii U. What seems to be assumed is that the same couldn't be done with the Game Pad. Nintendo Land should be a solid pack-in for all Wii U SKU's to show its ability. I never would have believed that the GP had such accuracy until playing the Ninja game throwing stars just by swiping on the screen. No sensor bar required (Unless you use wiimotes with it).

Just even a single screen shot of MFS MW U paused just sharing a simple pic of my console gaming rig really surprised some who were still expecting classic Wii level graphics. My phone captured the extra detail and it blew him away. Yet when I told him I could watch a ball game and run the same game all on the GP, I think I drummed up another sale.

In the end it's always good to see some positive news on the Wii U than the rehash of the doom and gloom news that always makes me question myself if I was nuts buying this system now.

Granted I still have a PS3, I already have more games on the Wii U than I do for the PS3. When it comes to the amount of games though, my classic Wii library dwarves both still. With both retail and over $800 spent on virtual console classics alone.



ungibbed commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

The largest problem with the Wii U and it's poor sales is the lack of games. With a lack of games how is the Wii U going to succeed?

It seems EA has already locked the door even if the Wii U becomes a sudden wild success will they pretend this statement never happened?

Talk about burning bridges. I think NFS will be my last game I buy from them. COD BLOPs 2 was also great fun and hope more can come from Activision but once the mighty dictator of games turns it back on Nintendo, I feel that the Wii U will be short lived with only Ubisoft having faith with the system and I will support them.

On the other hand though, Nintendo and what few other companies support the Wii U. Gamers on the Wii U only will be starved of many great games. Once again the Nintendo hardware will become a "companion console" to one of the others.

Sad as it seems, it's quickly becoming a reality.