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Thu 19th Jan 2012

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Undead_terror commented on Dementium Remastered Launches on the North Ame...:

@MitchVogel I know of that, while it's fine and dandy, it's nothing I would consider a must buy as for the time being, as said might get it down the road, however playing through the same game over so soon would be pretty boring, at least I can look forward to the D2 remake because the original had a survival mode and should be brought back.



Undead_terror commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America:

Got all the badges I wanted unless they make some really neat ones, got all of the Famicom/game boy sets, most of the first Mario bros set and the knight from Zelda along with a few spares here and there, also got the first free exclusive theme, other then that there is nothing I really want.

Wonder when the Wii U will get themes and badges unless that would be saved for the NX.



Undead_terror commented on Video: Take A Look At The New Cat Costumes Now...:

Now we need Tanooki Mario, pink gold peach, metal Dr Mario, Cat Luigi, builder Luigi, Weegee, inferred Mario, GB coloured Mario, Rapper Mario, Super Mario Sunshine Mario, 4th of July Mario, Mario on drunk Friday nights, murderous intent Mario, and lastly baby Mario! Luigi baby Peach BABY ROSALINA BABY METAL MARIO BABY PINK GOLD PEACH PLATINUM ROSALINA BABY PLATINUM ROSALINA ELDERLY METAL MARIO ELDERY PINK GOLD PEACH ELDER.....



Undead_terror commented on Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Originally D...:

That's ok I guess, however lately there is starting to become more online focused games like Splatoon and Mario Maker that has small offline play and big online play, not sure how to feel about that when ya got no online connection, at least this game got offline, however if it was just to be online, they would need to improve it more then it currently is right now I would say.