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Re: All Fire Emblem Awakening Characters Look The Same.


TheConsonant wrote:

There are over 100 dlc/spotpass characters, the best they could do without spending too much money or wasting time is to design them based on the MU options. Plus this game was their last ditch effort for FE so you can understand why they didn't want to put too much money and time into it; and why it was only a gigabyte.

Only 1GB? Well that a pretty large game to fit in only 1GB of space!


Re: 3DS Friend Codes


My friend code is 1547-5194-2925, and my display name is Schroedus.
Games I own: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Mario Kart 7, and Kid Icarus: Uprising.


Re: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge


Nintex wrote:

Speaking of 8bit and impossible Ninja Gaidens, The 3DS VC is getting the good old NES Ninja Gaiden in December!!! Ninja action on the go baby!

WHOA WHAT? Is this true?


Re: EA is the Ultimate troll


HarmoKnight wrote:

Gamesake wrote:

There are more Nintendo gamers unfamiliar with Mass Effect than anywhere else, and considering that the Wii U version is coming after the series ended earlier this year, it makes the most sense to put the trilogy on Wii U. EA knew the trilogy was coming. They should have opted to skip ME3 in favor of bringing the trilogy on Wii U. Maybe they wouldn't have hit the launch window but with ME3 selling beside the trilogy, I don't see ME3 selling much now anyway. EA really dropped the ball there. Now early Wii U owners will be buying other games instead.

Yeah and EA will blame Nintendo for their poor sales, when it's EAs fault... Just like that WiiWare shooter MDK2 or something

And this is why I don't buy games developed/published by EA. Have you seen what they (want to) do to Valve?

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Re: What do you want as a part of a new stsyem update?


PokeTune wrote:

  • Instant messaging from either the Friends List or Notifications
  • A little bar that says who came online like PSN or XBL when the orange light flashes
  • Game invites

Pretty simple, eh Nintendo?

The last two things are pretty plausible. They could happen. As for instant messaging...I don't think so, unless they use the same or a similar system as the Wii U.


Re: Now With Patches and DLC Available, Let's Enchance These Games


Shotgunryugan wrote:

Super Street Fighter IV:
Add everything new from Arcade Edition,fix the stages(seriously the 2D people look so out of place they might as well not be there).

Sonic Generations:
New stages and the ability to play the songs you've unlocked on any stage.

More costumes.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles:
Just give me more money so that i don't have to grind to upgrade weapons

The problem with this is that two or three of the games you mentioned don't support add-on content. :/


Re: Kid Icarus: Uprising


You all are lucky. I don't even have Kid Icarus: Uprising yet. I'm look forward to the challenge and possible weapon fusions, configurations, and implementations.


Re: Swapnote thoughts


Adam wrote:

In the video from Reggie, he lists it alongside other apps. Forget if he specifically said it was, but seems like it is. If it is, that sucks because it means you won't be able to check messages while in a game since you can only ever have one application loaded at a time. If it were through your friends tab, you can view that at any time.

Stylus-only doesn't bother me because the only message I'll be sending anyone for a long time will likely just be "MK7?"

Checking messages while in a game is something I expected, but I guess we're not getting it unless we're told otherwise. If Nintendo ever gives us a built-in messaging system, then that would be awesome.



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