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Sun 17th Oct 2010

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Ultranintendofanboy commented on Analyst Believes Nintendo Shouldn't Compete Wi...:

and by the way Core and Casual market are a ... concept in console marketing I play in consoles to enjoy every moment I have with it and have fun, gamiks only get in the way no one needs web browser or achivements or a web client on a console if the consumer can afford one console he also can afford a compute for those things... New graffics are also becoming less and less interesting. And what is the point in investing in a wiiU if you are going to spend like 60€ for every game you buy for it?
I kinda think that core gaming is an insult like it means that you are a nerd that plays in a console like there is no tommorow.
Casual market is just ... I mean just the way it sounds is horrible I dont even remember to listen in 2002 that gconcept until 2007 and I must say that it is totally pointless.

sorry about my english it is my non native language



Ultranintendofanboy commented on Wii Owners: Microsoft Wants You To Buy The Xbo...:

my personal opinion is.... that nintend wii u will suck very hard;
xbox 360 wont last even 2 years once you buy it;
ps3 is mehish and has pretty much the same problems as xbox 360;
I rather stick with my ps2 for many reasons: cheap games, massive library of epic games, it is still suported by sonny and it was made to last I had the first model since 2002 and it lasted about 11 years for me when it broke I have bought a ps2 slim new for 75 €.
so yeah the microsoft guy has a great and important point in saying that, all of you guys that deny him are (well there are exceptions) fanboys and people that can't acept personall opinions and critics.



Ultranintendofanboy commented on Nintendo Download Sales Increase With 3DS:

eshop games are becoming very good but Retail games in eshop suck they are friggin expencive, they should be cheaper! for example no cartridge needed wich makes things way more cheaper, no pacage=cheaper,no manual=cheaper....
I dont get what is the problem in selling at least 20€ cheaper there is no production cost it is retarded to sell something online for the same retail price, I mean look at steam they are the perfect example of that



Ultranintendofanboy commented on New 3DS Sizzle Reels Show Their Wares:

Its neat but the games will be expensive like no tomorrow and why the heck doesnt nintendo acept nintendo club points in exchange for money in eshop like in wii or dsi? now thats retarded!

by the way the music sucks XD



Ultranintendofanboy commented on Talking Point: Affordable Consoles Come at a Cost:

Yes I actually hate all of most of the maistream Console producers like Microsoft in the case of the xbox 360 I really hate tha em, I hate Sony cause of the PS3 i really love the ps2 though so yeah I hate em all they are all faggots that dont care about the devolopers LIKE NINTENDO it is the the wors in that case and I mean do u really think that guys wearing a black suit care a about gamers and devolopers? no they dont here is my evidence bobs game is a game made by Robert Pellonyhe worked alone in the game during 8 years only to have nintendo saying that it couldnt be published cause he didnt have a publisher so he got and actually he got lots of publishers only for nintendo to say what is in the video this is serious Im not an hater Nintendo neither had respect with pelony and neither bothered to play the friggin game He did everything he could to get it published in his favourite Company that hen always loved since when he was litle yet even going viral didnt work thats one of the many reasons I hate nintendo and the other major companies the games are expansive like there is no tomorrow and the consoles are pretty epancive now and Nintendo in this case in the 3DS launch it costed 250€ to for me to get one later to walk at a game store and see that it costed about180 and some gameboy and nes games aint going to ever satisfy me for that and now Nintendo even did the friggin 3DS XL in wich made me feel totally bad as a costumer they are a joke I Have more respect to sony or microsoft than nintendo above anything else!

So yeah this is some of my reasons to hate it all...
and by the way children working at a producing company aint that bad too if it is by their choice but I doubt that they are slves after all they have a reason to ahve worked at it all this time isnt it true?




Ultranintendofanboy commented on Nintendo Faces More Calls to Embrace Mobile:

I love the awesome Iphone and nintendo would sure get an wider audiense in teh Iphone. doud busines is busines even if u like or not nintendo games would sell like water on Iphone. Haters gonna Hate. This is a fact Things would sell on teh Iphone it is such a beutifull piece of hardware so... DEAL WITH IT DOOOOUUUUD!!! NINTENDO GAMES WOULD SELL SO FIGGIN WELL on the Iphone AND I DUN CARE ABAOUT what anyone says I WOULD BUY MARIO OR ZELDA FOR TEH IPHONES man.
Oh by the way if dat happens I would react like this:



Ultranintendofanboy commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

There's more than 15 3DSWare titles in Japan and some of them are actualy pretty interesting for example Picross E and many other titles that deserve more atencion in other countries but will never come. It's a shame cause we only Have one 3DSWare Title an average one: Let's Golf 2