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Sun 14th July, 2013

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tzahn commented on Nintendo Bringing Pokémon to the Midwest Gami...:

@noctowl Hey now, don't be hating on Wisconsin! We all know there will be an announcement of a game starring Miltank since Ninty is taking the time to visit the Dairy State. Maybe this will be a Harvest Moon/Pokemon crossover. Raise your own Miltank, Flaafy, etc. in a Harvest Moon 64-style remake...ahhh, a guy can dream right?



tzahn commented on Harvest Moon: Connect To A New World Shows Us ...:

I thought ANB was a good step in the right direction. I've loved the series for as long as I can remember and buy just about every game. Things have gotten overly complicated in the recent games, but I can always go back and play the older ones to relive the glory days (HM64 is my favorite in the series and one of my favorite games ever...spelling and grammatical errors included!)



tzahn commented on Review: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Wii ...:

@Spuratis I've only played a bit of this, but both Mega Man X and SC4 are fantastic. SC4 is basically a souped up remake of the original, so if you've played the original I'd say go with MMX. Honestly one of the best soundtracks in gaming history. Storm Eagle's stage gets me every time! Really can't go wrong with the choices though...