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Czech Republic

Mon 8th Apr 2013

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twilight_link commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

He is certainly more intelligent and knowledgeable than most of us but he is clown with agenda
1.who are his clients?, what they expect are they serious investor or only short therm speculators interested only in quick cash
2.he is not gamer he is not interested in good games but he is interested in sales, market flushed with bi monthly releases of military shooters are exactly what he and his clients expects
The interview in itself is a mess
Nintendo alienated 3rd parties long ago in fact the 3rd party publishers and developers never find much success on Nintendo platforms with the exception of Square, Enix and Capcom, and occasional movie tie-ins, they never found much success on Nintendo platforms and yet Nintendo flourished without them so there is no correlation between their support and Nintendo success.

They can succeeded without them as they always did, his concern is not Nintendo wellbeing but profit of his clients

The smartphones and tablets are far more dangerous for Playstation Vita than for Nintendo 3DS simply because Playstation fans are driven not by quality but by cool factor this is exactly why mediocre games such as CoD Declassified sells better than most Sony 1st party games, in fact most Sony 1st party games are of no interest for most Playstation owners just look at their offering every single game released on Playstation 3 last year bombed on market. No one expect 3DS to perform on the same retail level as DS, in fact DS was exception as Wii was. The success is not determined by comparing to PS2 or DS sales they are only exceptions.