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Mon 16th Feb 2009

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TwilightV commented on Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell Loses Legal B...:

I assume this is why Regular Show's 30 minute special "Exit 9B" hasn't been reaired since it's premiere back in October 2012. GBF was a prominent antogonist in it. Shame, since it's also the episode that introduced Thomas.



TwilightV commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

I still like them more than most other third party companies.

I'd like it if they started releasing older games on Wii U. The 3D games on 3DS prove that they sell. I want to see things from Master System all the way up to Dreamcast, and maybe even some arcade stuff. That would give them enough time to develop something good.



TwilightV commented on Mighty No.9 Looks Rather Neat in This 60fps Tr...:

Meanwhile at Capcom:

"Guys, it's Mega Man's 30th anniversary! What should we do?"
"Oh, I know! We should release 30 Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter games! And we should include overpriced Mega Man costume DLC in each game's disc/card/etc.!"



TwilightV commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April (North America):

For the people that only check these updates: All of next month's VC is Mega Man themed. Mega Man & Bass, the next two (actually 4) Battle Network games and Mega Man Zero 2 are going to be the releases. Chances are this means these will be the only VC releases for the entire month of May.



TwilightV commented on Rumour: Mickey, Minnie Mouse and Olaf Among Ch...:

More and more Disney Infinity feels less like an endless possibilities game and more like a huge commercial for current Disney projects, with just a small handful of characters that are actually unexpected to draw people in.

Anyways, currently hoping for a Gravity Falls figure set, as well as a less likely Wolverine figure.



TwilightV commented on ​Vote Now and Decide Which Classic Mega Man ...:

Mega Man And Bass if I could vote, just so I could finish up the original series (minus 8).

I hope this isn't all they have planned for May. We're already falling pretty far behind everywhere else with VC releases. I'd also like 64, but i'm guessing there's some ridiculous copyright junk that prevents release. At least I have a cartridge. : /