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Thu 26th December, 2013

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twadezelda3dsxl commented on Weirdness: These Push Guards for the New Ninte...:

I have never had a game accidentally come out of my New 3DS. I thought it would have been a problem I would have to deal with, but so far it's been ok. I also thought that due to the placement of the slot, it would be annoying as I have large hands, but that's not an issue either.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

I just got Pandora's Tower for Christmas, and now they are making a digital version. I suppose I will get it so that I can save money on batteries for my wiimote because I already use my Classic Controller Pro to play it.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

@EsperStarr I was sort of being sarcastic, as I mentioned though, I do really love my Vita and there are a good few games I want to get for it but I can't afford at the moment. I recently got Freedom Wars on it and it's great. Also, my NNID and psn name are both the same thing twadepsvita. If that isn't a sign that I have a Vita, then I don't know what is.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

I have a Vita and I love it, but how can the President of Sony in America say that the Vita is the best handheld gaming experience when there are less games for the Vita than the Wii U. I'm also a Wii U owner and it's currently my favourite home console, only being beaten by my 3 3DS consoles.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Video: The Wiivengers is the Latest Marvellous...:

I have liked the past videos by this person but I have a few things I don't like so much about this one.
1. Why make Pit be Hawkeye? Pit is my third favourite Smash character (behind Shulk and Dark Pit), but Hawkeye was horrible in the film.
2. Why not make Luigi be Bruce Banner and Donkey Kong be the Hulk?
3. Was Black Widow meant to be Peach or Daisy, I couldn't tell?
4. The beginning was quite slow compared to the rest of it. They could have included so much more in this if it was all one speed.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Sparks Huge Nu...:

I preordered my copy with the scarf and it is a good scarf but I wouldn't say that it's worth as much as people are paying for it on eBay. Although it could be terrible for all I know as I only got to have it for 5 minutes before it had to go away for Christmas.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack Now Available ...:

I just found my code for Xenoblade Chronicles and I got out my codes for Hyrule Warriors and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call and there are loads of survey for download games that I haven't completed. No that I have enough I need to decide if I want this enough to get it.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Video: This New Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo...:

I thought that after Pokemon X and Y we would be getting worldwide releases of the big 3DS games (i.e. Smash Bros, Pokemon, Mario), but it sems to have been a one time thing as we have a 2 week wait for Smash Bros and a 1 week wait for Pokemon ASOR. Thanks Nintendo for ruining my hopes but also thanks for announcing the New 3DS as it looks amazing and I can't wait for it's release next year (hopefully it's before May as it would make the best 18th birthday present).



twadezelda3dsxl commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I need to get one of these. If they are released in the UK before next May I will ask for one of these for my birthday instead of a PS4 even though I already have 2 3DS XLs and a 3DS.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on September Brings Iconic Learning Characters Bi...:

I remember reading these books about 12 years ago (I'm 17) at school. There used to be different levels of these books and the classes at my school were separated into groups of about 5 for their reading ability and I was always in the top group. I think that gives some explanation as to why I love visual novels so much.



twadezelda3dsxl commented on Sonic Boom Release Dates Are Confirmed for Wii...:

I'm not looking forward to November. The 11th will be the release date of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, the 18th will be Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric and the 25th will be Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire. I might see if the Sonic games can be for Christmas as I won't be having anything bug this year after having a 3DS XL last year and the year before.