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Tue 16th June, 2009

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Tsuchinoko commented on Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami:

I love Momotaro Dentetsu. Its a very long running series here in Japan with lots of fans. To a lot of people this is a pretty big deal and there have been many of these released on Nintendo consoles. I was sad when I thought the series died. Glad Nintendo is giving it life.



Tsuchinoko commented on Rumour: Could Female Link Be In Hyrule Warrior...:

@Omenapoika exactly. Though I kinda like having the character to be decided up to a point, including appearance and gender. Even though I'm open to a female Link, I would rather she be either a separate character or a specific incarnation of Link. I'd rather not turn this into an avatar situation with a customizable protagonist.



Tsuchinoko commented on Rumour: Could Female Link Be In Hyrule Warrior...:

@Tsurii oh wow, I had no idea. But was this just an idea the Zelda team were throwing around, or was it specifically for Hyrule Warriors?

And about the gender-swapping, I guess I have an unusual opinion about that for Zelda. There are many versions of Link. Although sometimes the same Link has appeared in multiple games, most of the time its different people. And each time his relationship to Zelda is different. Maybe there could be a female link who is Zelda's best friend or sister?

Anyway, having a kid sister type to Link that similar to him would be cute. It would be nice to see the regular Zelda cast grow.



Tsuchinoko commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

The goal is very attainable. The kickstarter has been gaining steadily. In the past five or six days they completed 200,000 worth of stretchgoals. It seems like they have a huge amount of money to raise for the WiiU version, put people are really throwing their money at this game.

Edit: forgot to say the main campaign page doesn't show the additional money they've been receiving through paypal.



Tsuchinoko commented on Challenge Mode to Accompany Shovel Knight's Pl...:

I live in Japan and have been wanting to play this game for a while. I'm excited, since there are so many western indie games that never get a release here (still waiting for VVVVVV). Until recently Nintendo didn't even give games that did get a release much promotion (the bit in the latest Direct was a surprise).

Now, my question: in the tags it just has the WiiU listed, but isn't this also on the 3ds? I only have a 3ds and want to play this game. Plus, even though the WiiU audience is growing, having it on both will give the game more chance to succeed and push for more games like this to get released here.



Tsuchinoko commented on Mewtwo And Lucas Confirmed As Super Smash Bros...:

Let me just speak as a Mother 3 fan (live in Japan and speak Japanese and own an actual copy of the game), I'm absolutely elated and I couldn't be happier. Its an amazing game and I'm glad it has more recognition in the overall Nintendo canon. Even if you don't like Lucas, be happy for those that do.



Tsuchinoko commented on Ocarina Of Time 3D Reportedly No Longer In Pro...:

This game came out a long time ago. Nintendo produced a lot of copies, they were starting to be sold at a budget price, and in Japan at least were offered as a free giveaway in a promotion last year.

By this time if you didn't get to game you can't get mad at Nintendo for the now short supply.

Currently the game is still in stock in Japan. It might just be a regional issue or a temporary issue.



Tsuchinoko commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M Gets European Release Dat...:

@DarkKirby So the rule is, if you don't want to have to carry your Lucina amiibo with you everywhere in order to play, then don't die.

And "utter trash"? You seem to feel very strongly about this, since you practically copied and pasted you comment from a different article. You do realize they didn't have to include this feature right?



Tsuchinoko commented on Pixar Movie, Up, is Now Available for 3DS in J...:

Guys, the thing that the article doesn't say is that this price is insanely expensive even for Japanese standards. For a 5 year old movie to cost as much as a newly released DVD or a game with no special features is crazy. I can't see anyone buying this way.



Tsuchinoko commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets Devil May Cry a...:

@Tsurii897 Umm, I think you're mistaken. Japan is getting these as well (all the Nintendo ones at least). What was created to replace the JUMP DLC are Square-Enix inspired materials designed by Tetsuya Nomura though its rumored that Japan might get these as well, just at a later date.

Edit: Okay it does seem like the Street Fighter stuff is western exclusive as well, for now at least. All of the Nintendo stuff, as well as the Sonic and Megaman costumes are released in Japan.



Tsuchinoko commented on Nintendo Shows Off NFC eShop Payments for New ...:

@Aqhu I love calgary! I used to visit my ex for weeks at time and just walk around downtown. Its so comfy there.

I'd be interested to know if the London or Paris Metro cards had that function. The NY, Shanghai and Korean cards are so much thinner than the Japanese ones.



Tsuchinoko commented on Nintendo Shows Off NFC eShop Payments for New ...:

Do other countries have a mass use transportation card system with a chip in it like the IC cards in Japan (like Suica, Icoca, or Pitapa). I've used the NY metro cards, as well as cards in Korea and Shanghai (Shanghai specific, doubt it would be usable in other places like Peking).

In Japan we can use the IC cards for so many things other than transportation. I use it shopping a lot. It will be nice to have the option to use it on my 3DS.

The Smash update can't be far away.