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Fri 19th July, 2013

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trixmydog2 commented on Nintendo - Inclusion of Peach in Super Mario 3...:

I personally like moving the controller and using the nunchuck. I find the gamepad great, but i tend not to look at the wide screen tv, and that changes the game completely.I am just looking a small window.I think it should be set fair both ways,to please everyone.I really miss the old wii style gameplay,especially in games like this and olympic,racing etc.So please try to please everyone..That way you will not lose as many sales.i hated to play sideways with a controller,and i sold the super mario bros,when it came out on the old wii..That was the last game i purchased. When i seen the 3D mario, I bought a wii u console..So i am hoping we can have a option..i think it is only fair for all.