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Fri 2nd Jul 2010

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trackrunr800m commented on Review: Triple Running Sports (WiiWare):

to the reviewer..I'm sure this game is horrible, it looks horrible but some of the critisisims you made are wrong, for instance, complaining that the athlete doesn't leap high enough in the 110 hurdles....that's exactly how it should be, watch even a good junior college race and only focus on their shoulders,their shoulders doesn't raise at all because they're not jumping. so it's good the game at least hit that. But im sure the game is boring as hell, we need a legit track game to come out.



trackrunr800m commented on Review: Pong Toss Pro - Frat Party Games (WiiW...:

I'm not going to speak on the game since i haven't played it but to me it seems like if the reviewer doesn't like beer pong in real life of course you wouldn't like a video game version of it. Every time we play it at college it gets intense (really playing,not the game).