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Drawing game characters since '95

Male, 19, United States

Ciao mi chiamo Matthew mi piace disegnare, I'm from NYC and I've been playing my older brothers N64 and deleting his Pokémon red save data since 1995

Wed 22nd February, 2012

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torotoid64 commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I love the idea! People who hate it are just salty that they bought a old 3DS XL but let's be real, that's like buying a iPhone 5 two years after it came out and being pissed about the iPhone 5s. technology is obviously gonna have a better version every year or two to be blaming Nintendo is childish



torotoid64 commented on Weirdness: Yoshi's Real Name Is Both Silly and...:

The T obviously stands for Tupac, duh didn't you guys know Tupac never died the Illuminati made a fake dead Tupac body and sent the real Tupac into super Mario world, there he protects the world from the apocalypse and he will be back with hard-core yoshi raps when we finally get a Decent Yoshi game Dawg



torotoid64 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

And most of the time the tablet never leaves the living room? Damo I'm sorry but over here I see Tablets EVERYWHERE not as much as phones but the number of people who pull out a ipad out of their Bag is pretty high even in schools High school and College you see students just hanging out taking notes on their iPad or Samsung Tablet and even If Nintendo is able to pull it off they're is still cheaper options like the Kindle Fire HDX or the Nexus 7 both of which are highly praised for cheap prices and still having great quality people will see commercials comparing the Gamepad to a tablet and probably figure "oh hey something nice I can take to the subway with"