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Fri 8th Oct 2010

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tons_of_bits commented on Mission in Snowdriftland Returns this December:

Ok, it is SET!
This year the advent calendar will run under the "INDIE GAMES EDITION". We contacted some of the best Indie Game Developers and asked for exclusive downloads after each level. The feedback was very positive, so that we gathered an impressive list of participants.

At the time of this announcement already participating:

tons of bits (chick chick BOOM)
Akaoni Studio (Zombie Panic in Wonderland)
Broken Rules (And Yet It Moves)
Gaijin Games (Bit.Trip)
Press Play (Max and the Magic Marker)
Ronimo Games (Swords & Soldiers)
Spaces Of Play (Spirits)
Over the Top Games (NyxQuest)

We will contact further quality Indie Game Developers to increase the amount of exclusive downloads for the calendar. But we think that the list of participants is already eyecandy for every Indie Games Fan, isn't it?

I am posting the URL for the calendar here again:

Haven fun!



tons_of_bits commented on Mission in Snowdriftland Returns this December:

Hehe, Nintendolife was fast again. Thanks for that

We were very busy and hard working the last days to prepare our advent calendar Mission in Snowdriftland for bringing it back this christmas only for your pleasure!

Most probably all levels will stay the same, but we will have a very interesting addition for the downloadable content at the end of each level...I think you will be surprised and happy to hear/see this...

We will inform you, the press and all we can reach today afternoon with the news! At that time the advent calendar site will be updated and online as well...

Stay tuned



tons_of_bits commented on Review: chick chick BOOM (WiiWare):

Hey Marcel! Thank you very much for the review! And also huge Thanks to nintendolife for keeping small game developers in mind! We enjoyed reading the article and are happy about the positive feedback! We plan to upload some more videos on the chick chick BOOM homepage the next days/weeks, so people will have a better impression about the game. Thank you again!