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Sun 29th June, 2008

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TokiToku commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Aquarium:

im excited for:
Mega Man 9
Tetris Party
All Strong Bad episodes
Alien Crush Returns
Gradius Rebirth
Midnight Bowling

NO!!!!!! I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(



TokiToku commented on EU WiiWare Update: Critter Round-Up & MaBoShi:

@ aaronjayhead
i was June 16th with Cocoto Fishing Master and Block Breaker Deluxe.
it would make the game take up to much space. the manuals are made up of html files, a average vc one takes up 1 mb, in fact, manuals in nes games usually take up more space then the game.



TokiToku commented on USA WiiWare Update: Midnight Pool:

the last time we got 2 games in one day was June 16th (Block Breaker Deluxe and Cococto Fishing Master). Is it a new rule that there can only be one game a week!



TokiToku commented on Braid Is Too Big For WiiWare:

this sucks! ninty really needs to do something! save files take up like a third of my space!

SSBB: 128
Blast Works: 128
Elebits: 109
Metal Slug Anthology: 29
Mario Kart Wii: 26
plus all of the 1-25 blocks games!



TokiToku commented on USA WiiWare Update: Wild West Guns:

its not that bad of a game. controls are simple for pick up and play. There's a good amount of challenges, and the ones where you have to shoot people are really fun. i give it a 8/10



TokiToku commented on Review: SPOGS Racing:


the deep blue ps2 discs are CDs, not the ps2s standard dvds. the CDs are used if the game can fit on a CD, as it slightly cheaper then a DVD.



TokiToku commented on USA WiiWare Update: SPOGS Racing:

E3 is a big gaming event happening between july 14th-17th. its at the LA Convention Center. Its invitation only, so you cant go, but G4 is having live coverage starting july 14th, so dont miss it!



TokiToku commented on USA WiiWare Update: SPOGS Racing:

pretty sweet, im gonna expect more surprises as the months go on. what with all the Neo Geo games, i want some N64 ones! Heck, SNK is releasing SNK Arcade Classic Vol. 1 tomorrow. it has 16 Neo Geo games on a disc for 30$. im getting that cause i wanna play king of fighters and other games.



TokiToku commented on Most Popular WiiWare Games in America (2nd July):

my favorites are
1. My Life as a King
2. Lost Winds
3. Star Soldier R (buy it)
4. DYC
5. Magnetica Twist
6. Dr. Mario
7. TV Show King
8. Toki Tori
9. Gyrostarr
10. Block Breaker Deluxe
11. My Pokemon Ranch
12. Pop
13. V.I.P. Casino Blackjack
14. Family Table Tennis
15. Critter Round-Up
16. Protothea
17. Cocoto Fishing Master