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Token_Girl commented on The 3DS Virtual Console Pokémon Titles Won't ...:

Sounds like a good plan - since you could save pretty much anytime in a pokemon game anyways, I think you don't lose anything from not having save states, and I can see how the features they removed would be a problem with glitching/trading. I just wish I knew people to trade with...can't "catch 'em all" by myself.

Personally, I have an ambassador system, and I would be perfectly happy to have the GBA games released to the general public (because it would probably mean that more games I want would be released too). I know they said the games were exclusive - but I still got the games for FREE, years before everyone else, that's more than enough for me. If other people could buy those games now - it literally does not hurt me at all. Also, I don't care that there are no additional features beyond what was available on the GBA - by the GBA era save systems were pretty decent. I wish Ninty would be willing to compromise a bit on "quality" in these cases - I'd much rather have GBA games (even without all the bells and whistles) on the 3DS than the WiiU.



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

Yes! That! I also would be forgiving of a few bugs in releases when transferring systems. Nintendo has really strict quality control standards, and I think that has kept games that would be perfectly playable off of systems. Nintendo just has to develop a working emulator for each system and test the games for MAJOR issues (e.g. are colors showing up right?). Additional bugs could be reported by gamers and patched as needed. This frees up QA testers from testing parts of games that AREN'T issues. Yes, users are beta-testing, but if that was made clear as part of the system transfer process, and games bought were free (or very very cheap to transfer), I doubt people would have a problem with it.

For example, ambassadors got GBA games on 3DS. However, because the system has to go into DS's old "GBA mode" to play them - they won't release them as VC titles, since they can't overlay the VC's features on them. However, I would say that things like save state and button mapping our less needed on GBA games, since by the GBA era native save systems were pretty good and the button layout is not too different on the 3DS. I'd rather have the games without the features than no games at all.

One of the issues that needs to be solved is the ratings issue. Games that have no content changed (e.g. all VC games) should not have to go through full re-rating every time they're released on a new system; it's time consuming and expensive. Once a game has been rated on one system, there should be a cheap and quick process to carry that rating onto a newer system even if it's years later.



Token_Girl commented on Rumour: Details of amiibo Features in The Lege...:

I actually really like how they're using the smash amiibo - they're cute bonuses for people who bought them for smash (the Ganondorf one is really cool), but completely unnecessary to enjoy and complete the game.

I'm a pretty big completionist with Zelda, but even the wolf link dungeon sounds fairly missable and something I could ignore. It's not like I was ever struggling to have enough rupees in the original game, so the item is kind of a waste of time. It really just depends on how cool the dungeon is...I'd be pissed if they locked the only cool new addition that makes the game worth buying behind an extra $10 amiibo (that's the cost difference between the digital game and the bundle), but if it's just a couple easy rooms, who cares. It would also suck if it was intrusively advertised throughout the game.

I like to have everything digital, so I think locking real content behind physical (and somewhat expensive) toys sucks. If I wanted to have collectible figurines, I would have bought a bunch of happy meals to get toys whenever McDonalds is featuring Nintendo characters and gotten something for about the same quality appearance-wise for $5 (plus food). I really don't have a problem with little bonuses like costumes, smash-style character saving, etc. - those are really great value bonuses for people who would want the figures anyways. However, it's 2016 - substantial content needs to be available in some form digitally (and it'd be great if it wasn't a ripoff, but Nintendo's not the only one who abuses DLC).

Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles are a bad example. Each cartridge was a full game. The game was originally designed as one game, but was too big for one cart, so the broke it up into two regular sized games. That's like being angry about having to buy two DVDs to enjoy Kill Bill. Together 1&2 make a full story, but each part is as long as one movie (and both together would have been really long to sit through in a theater), so you're still getting an appropriate amount of content with each purchase.



Token_Girl commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage Shows a...:

Definitely see a difference, although the regular 3DS version is still certainly playable, unless you're obsessive about framerate, in which case you probably already bought the new 3DS anyways for the extra oomph, most likely - or you will buy it for this game - and isn't that really what Nintendo wants?



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

@khaosklub - this is what they should do. However Ninty fans complain every time a game comes out they don't like (see whining about amiibo festival).

Personally, I'd be ok with an amiibo line of games. I'd skip it completely, but folks who love amiibo could get value without making it difficult for me to access meaningful content in games I do want to play. Different strokes.



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

I don't like amiibos in general, but I generally understand why people like them. However, help me understand how this isn't a shameless money grab:

1. Take game that everyone can already play on their current system and smooth out some graphics,

2. Charge full retail price for game (based in WW, I assume that will be the case)

3. Lock any actual new content that would justify paying full price for an old game that you likely already have as on-disk dlc you need to pay for separately.

Sorry - I just don't see any argument that this is a good things (except for maximizing profits for minimum work for corporate). This is the sort of thing that makes you believe the internet rumors that game company executives sit around calling their fans "stupid" as they look for sinister ways to microtransaction them to death.

If this is the case, I'll be firing up my Wii copy of the game and ignoring this release completely. I can't encourage this type of lazy business practices-but I'm afraid probably enough people will.



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Can Exploit Its Rich H...:

I just wish they'd put up everything on the VC as opposed to remasters. I don't want to pay full retail price for updated graphics. Nintendo did games well the first time around, so even if the graphics are dated, older games still generally play well (and if that wasn't true, nintendo wouldn't be able to get away with full-priced remasters that are 99% graphical upgrades and 1% actual game changes/improvements). It also takes a lot less time and resources to make VC games than completely remaster them. The whole dream with the VC was I wouldn't have to buy disc complications of my favorite games every generation - I could just transfer the digital files. Even the $1-$2 transfer fee is fine with me, since we did get a lot of new features when upgrading to the WiiU versions of VC games.

I guess I must be the odd one out though, since Nintendo seems to pretty much ignore the VC as much as possible....



Token_Girl commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

Nintendo surely did alright this year, but for me, this year was disappointing.

For the WiiU, just so much unfulfilled promise. No real must-have games for me. Splatoon I would buy in an instant, if it allowed two people to play online at the same time. However, the local option just didn't seem meaty enough to justify buying on it's own. It's a shame that the option to buy a second gamepad and play with two people never materialized. Super Mario Maker just isn't my thing. I would like to pick up wooly world at some point, but it's just not high enough on my priorities list given my backlog. Xenoblade I know I just won't have time for. At least I've been super busy otherwise this year, so the lack of games doesn't really matter to me. The only games I'm looking forward to in 2016 are star fox and zelda, but I'm looking forward to those a lot at least.

3ds was also a meh for me. Probably will pick up Paper Jam, but otherwise there's not really a whole lot I'm interested in.

VC was pretty crappy too all around. I'd love to buy more games to play on the gamepad and on the 3ds, but ninty doesn't want to give me any more (and neither to many third parties either, unfortunately).

Overall, unfulfilled promise and wasted potential was the name of the game in 2015...hopefully NX will sell enough to live up to it's potential when it releases.



Token_Girl commented on NX Won't Be The Next Version Of Wii Or Wii U, ...:

It would be a bummer if there was NO backwards compatibility. It also would be sad for me if the gamepad went away too...all I want is to play VC games on the gamepad...but I guess my Nintendo dream is not popular enough to be profitable.



Token_Girl commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass...:

This was a really great handheld Zelda...I was skeptical about the stylus controls, but they really worked flawlessly. Interesting characters too. Not the biggest or the grandest Zelda game, but it's on a handheld. It was just pure fun the whole time. It's a shame they aren't doing a DS VC on the 3DS like they're doing a Wii VC on the WiiU, because I think this game is really best suited for a portable.



Token_Girl commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

What is wrong with your WiiU? Did you hook it up to a potato? Sure, VC games are a little dark, but they certainly don't look that bad on my TV. However, I do mostly play on the gamepad, and I think they look much better there than on an HDTV, since the gamepad resolution matches older TVs (480p).



Token_Girl commented on Amazon Lists Pokémon Red, Yellow And Blue At ...:

Not too surprising if they did give us link cable functionality - you know how ninety hates doing that kind of stuff. The price could also be a placeholder too, if they're selling preorders. Amazon does do that sometimes and then adjusts the price when they get the real $$$.



Token_Girl commented on Pikmin 4 is "Very Close to Completion", Though...:

If it was for WiiU, I think they would have said that and not been so secretive. While it's possible they haven't decided yet, my guess is it'll be on NX. I doubt it'll be a smartphone game (though it would actually be the big franchise that's most compatible with smartphones), but maybe it will be cross platform - home, NX, and maybe smartphones as well.



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

I'm surprised this hasn't been shut down yet, since it comes preloaded with some amiibo figurines' data. That's what will open them up to legal trouble from Nintendo. It's like how emulators and devices used to backup games are legal, but distributing rom dumps isn't. If they were smart, they'd just sell the device blank, and let the savvy find amiibo data on the web.

If Nintendo let me just download amiibo locked content as dlc, I'd have more sympathy for them. Not everyone wants crappy figurines cluttering their house.



Token_Girl commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

Meh, not everyone wants to shell out extra $$ for a plastic figure (i.e. clutter) to access game modes already available on the disk they already paid $60 for. There haven't been any amiibo features/modes that I've found super compelling yet, but if there was something I wanted locked behind amiibo, I'd be pretty pissed if buying an overpriced toy was the only way to get it (and a different overpriced toy for each game at that).

If they had a way to just pay an extra couple bucks for the things that amiibo would unlock on the eshop, I'd be happy to do that (cards are nice because they're cheaper, but I don't want to mess with losing them; I want to be all digital). If that doesn't happen, I could definitely see myself owning one of these to enjoy one-stop shopping.



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

@kirk Its not illegal for him to say what he wants about the company, that's true. He got fired. - he's not going to jail or getting sued. He's certainly able to talk with his friends privately, but companies are certainly within their right to fire someone for speaking publically about the company if it's against their policies.



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

Anyone who's held a corporate job knows that they cannot speak publically about the company without clearing what they're going to say with their communications/PR department. I would have totally expected to be fired from my last job if I did a public interview without notifying them. We were instructed to send all media requests to communications and they had to approve them. I'm sure nintendo's policy is similar and clear (otherwise, we'd see employees doing this stuff all the time). While it's sad to see someone lose their livelihood, they need to be consistent with their policy, so the next employee doesn't spill secrets or badmouthing the company, thinking they can get away with it. While it would be nice for Ninty to be more open, letting rogue employees say whatever they want isn't the best way to do that.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

Too little too late. NX has been announced, so the only thing that will convince people to invest in a WiiU at this point is a major price drop. If people didn't buy a WiiU for NSMBU or or 3D World, Mario Maker isn't going to sell it to them. I love Star Fox, but I also have to agree that it's probably not going to be a system seller.

Personally, I think they gyro controls are going to be a bit too complicated/imprecise for Star Fox. And looking at two screens wastes time when I want to shoot the baddies as quickly as possible - so it seems immersion is a tradeoff for gameplay here. I'll give them a spin, but I'm not optimistic.

Unfortunately, I DO love the gamepad, mainly for off-tv play. I hope that feature doesn't die and the gamepad is usable on the NX (though I appreciate devs don't want to waste time on a feature perhaps few will use). I love it for VC games especially, so if at least those retained off-tv play on the NX, that'd be sweet!



Token_Girl commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

The 3DS could very well still be profitable, especially for smaller companies a year or two after the NX releases. It's got a large enough install base, I wouldn't be shocked to see it still supported (if not with major 1st party releases) for at least a little while after NX releases.



Token_Girl commented on Video: Classic N64 Stages Make a Triumphant Re...:

Ooh, I love the N64 stages. I feel like the new ones have too much stuff going on all the time. The N64 ones were simple, but you could just get in there and fight without worrying about the stage falling out from under you.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo Cancels Camp Miiverse in Honour of Sa...:

Are people seriously freaking out about a game being released on 9/11? It's been 14 years. Nobody freaks out when business goes on as usual on Dec. 7. I'm old enough to remember 9/11 vividly, so it's not something I take lightly. However, the world moves on - I don't think 14 years is too soon. For those of us who remember 9/11 - you may also remember what we were told to do the next day - if you don't go shopping, the terrorists win.



Token_Girl commented on Feature: Our Tributes and Memories of Satoru I...:

Iwata-san was truly an artist. He couldn't NOT be creating. While Nintendo made money, he never sold out. He created games and experiences that everyone could enjoy for the sake of making the best games and experiences for people to enjoy. The world lost an amazing artist, leader, and human being. If all leaders were like him - the world would be so awesome.



Token_Girl commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

My wishlist:

1. Great games with awesome local multiplayer experiences. It'd be wonderful to see something revolutionary, but those days may be over.

2. Off TV play in some way. That feature was probably my favorite thing about the WiiU.

3. Sweet VC - get all the games from Wii/Wii U plus maybe GCN and DC games. Backwards compatibility for Wii/WiiU games too. Reward us loyal fans by not making us pay full price again if we already have the game.

4. Unified account system - if a game is on the console and portable - let me buy it once and get both versions (for a new retail game, like smash that had to be developed from the ground up for both systems, I'm happy to pay more for a "bundle", but not so much for a NES rom-dump.



Token_Girl commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

Great article. This is such a huge loss. Iwata was truly a visionary leader who truly cared about everything Nintendo - quality games, fun for gamers, and his dedication to the staff and company were unparalleled.

I am worried about what will happen to Nintendo without his vision. He stood up to investors in regards to selling out with mobile games. He was not the fastest moving leader, but you could be sure when he did something, he would put the time and care into things and do it right - hopefully that's what we'll see with the mobile strategy moving forward now, as opposed to just slapping a Mario skin on a Candy Crush and Farmville and counting cash.

I fear that's likely what many investors want, because it's quick, low-risk cash. Hopefully NX will blow everyone away to prove those investors that Nintendo can still be successful in the console world (and keep making awesome games I want to buy), because without someone like Iwata at the helm...I fear Nintendo could be the Sega of the 21st century.



Token_Girl commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

Ooh, rumble is back! That's why I didn't by the Wii version (had the GC disk with Master Quest). I also have the 3DS version, but I'll probably get this if it goes on sale. I prefer to play it as I remember it. On a big screen with cubes. I just can't justify spending full price on buying this game AGAIN when I can play it on the 3DS. Now, if Majora's Mask hit the VC... I don't have the 3DS version of that, and without a Master Quest, it's not really worth me spending $40 on a retail cart to play that title.



Token_Girl commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

Multiplayer is great for the WiiU/home consoles. But my husband isn't super interested in buying his own 3DS, and as it's a portable, I'm often out and don't have access to wifi when playing it. In my opinion, portable games should always have a robust single player (with the exception of maybe sports/smash bros type entries), since that's likely how many would play it.

Nothing wrong with a game having/being built around a strong co-op experience. I'm sure there's a market for it (couples with two 3DS's, siblings, kids who play at lunch/on the bus at school) - it's just not as easy to pull off for people as with a home console, so the single player should be worth buying the game for as well, for the most part.



Token_Girl commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

I'm just kind of bummed that they are starting to be used more and more to unlock content already on disk...I don't care about the occasional costume or anything, but if I pay $60 for a game, I want the whole game. I get that people who buy the amiibos want value too...but you could do that if they didn't come out with a whole new line for every game. Plus, you get a physical, collectible object. That's great for some people...for me though, I don't need that clutter around the house (I'm happy to have fewer game boxes due to downloads).

I'm bummed that actual gameplay is starting to be locked behind amiibos. I'm voting with my wallet and not buying any. Hoping that the few activities/missions/whatever I'll miss by not owning any will be made up for by the awesome NX console/new games made from the financial windfall of the toys. I just worry that since amiibos are probably a whole lot of profit, Nintendo starts seeing games as purely marketing tools for the figures....



Token_Girl commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

If they did a subscription service, it would be awesome if they did a Netflix model where you can access the whole catalog for a monthly fee. As long as you're a member, you can download and play whatever you want (though I wouldn't expect to be able to keep any games I downloaded afterwards, of course). That would encourage me to try more games. Ultimately, I'd just prefer cheaper downloads and buying what I want, but if a subscription model gets more games I want on the system, because it's more profitable, I'm ok with that - as long as it's not crazy expensive. (I'm not playing 9.99/mo. to putz around a couple hours here and there for Mario 64, for example).



Token_Girl commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

I went with the N64 version. Perhaps it's nostalgia, perhaps I'm just old and crappy at smash...

Some people consider the N64 version "limited" or "barebones." I find it to be clean. I can actually see where my character is on the screen, because the stages aren't bigger than the TV with a million different things going on. The roster was small, but the important core characters were there. The only issue was it was a lot easier to resort to "cheap" moves.



Token_Girl commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

Ugh, I was really hoping to use it for N64 VC games (hate playing those with a classic controller). Guess I'll just download this game from the eshop then. Does anyone know if there's a third-party adapter or something I could buy that I could use to turn my GCN controller into a Classic Controller? I just can't play N64 games with the CC layout.



Token_Girl commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I agree with @Gilantus - the parents I know don't buy their kids a tablet, but they will give them their old tablet or phone when they're ready to upgrade themselves. Also, many parents let their young child borrow their phone/tablet on the metro or while waiting in line to give them something to keep them distracted - so in that temporary situation, it's not worth it to carry a separate device.

I know mostly parents of young children (2-4ish), so their kids mostly aren't asking for video game systems yet. Also, I think there's a much larger selection of games on the App store that can be played by YOUNG kids, plus they can watch videos on it too. Most Nintendo games don't start being REALLY playable until about 5 years old. For younger kids, it's a waste to drop extra money on separate hardware and then at least $15 on a cart that is small enough to choke on for a game no better than 99 cent apps on the app store - we're not talking Mario or Final Fantasy here, we're talking "Count with Big Bird."

Tl;Dr Parents give kids old models when they upgrade and for preschoolers, touch screens are easier to use and games aimed at that age group are no better on the 3DS but are more expensive.



Token_Girl commented on SNES Classic Super Mario Kart Is Racing To The...:

If they do something similar in the US, I'm game. I got SMK from club nintendo on my Wii for free, so I'd pay the $1.50 to upgrade and get a discount on MK8. I couldn't really get into SMK - too dated for me, and I don't really have nostalgia for it, but I will be getting MK8 pretty much immediately, so it's worth it.



Token_Girl commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

My suspicion is that they were originally porting this over to be one of the first GCN VC titles for WiiU back when Reggie was dropping hints for that before launch.

Then when 3rd party publishers dropped the WiiU and first party games all got delayed, Ninty realized they definitely needed something quickly to promote to fill the hole. They probably had the SD version of the game mostly up and running for a VC release, which would include some of the more difficult aspects technically, such as off TV play, and decided to just quickly upscale it and move it to retail. That's my suspicion as to why there's not very much in the way of new features.



Token_Girl commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

Hasn't this been their policy for a while (at least since gen. 4)? Hacked Pokemon have never been allowed in official tournaments (they're ability to actually catch them nonwithstanding). Call me when they have a way to keep obviously illegitimate pokes off the GTS.



Token_Girl commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

I wonder when that data was collected. Sure, how many people are playing original Xbox games at the end of this generation? How many people payed gamecube games on the Wii in 2012? It's different in the beginning of a new console's life though, I'd think. Being able to sell the previous gen system at a decent price helps soften the blow of the new console's release price. The old system's backlog also makes the initial release draught easier to bear.

I can totally buy that the cost it would add to the system to put it in may not be worth it, but I'm skeptical of the 5% number in the beginning of a console's lifecycle.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo Download: 16th May (North America):

I like the reduced price promo they're doing with SMB2. I can't take advantage of it, since I'm upgrading, but I hope that becomes a trend. I would impulse buy so many more VC games if there were sales.



Token_Girl commented on Research Finds Gamers Can Transfer Skills Lear...:

So...basically what this article is saying is younger people (who have grown up with games and online access) are comfortable with facebook selling their personal data when they "like" a company as long as they get a coupon? It's just another way to deliver coupons to people for the purpose of buying something they wouldn't have bought anyway. Instead of spending time clipping from newspapers, they're giving away personal information.

I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, but I think it's hard to make the arguement that, as a generation, they will be better off financially because of it. Like anything else, some will be smart and benefit, others will just end up drowning in debt (ironically on cards they were "pre-approved" for according to a social media ad). Companies wouldn't waste money on thes promotions if a majority of people who take advantage of them would have bought whatever they were selling anyway.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

While I will miss the hype of E3 - I've done enough meeting planning to know that a stage show like that must be astronically expensive. They can see all their investors and business associates in smaller meetings, and have a demo booth for press. Most people get their E3 news from gaming websites anyway. They'll still probably get all the new announcements and trailers. We just won't have to sit through an hour video to see it all. Being able to skip through the announcements we're not interested in may heighten the excitement and lessen the disappointment about E3 reveals - which is often more about the presentation itself than the games anyway.