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Tue 14th Jan 2014

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toastyc12 commented on Video: Extended Mighty No. 9 Footage and Detai...:

@noctowl Here's how I would understand it, they grouped the consoles together from a development point of view. The Wii U uses similar architecture to that of the X360 and PS3. (note: I'm not implying that means it's inferior to be referred to as next gen-- the Wii U certainly tackles what large marketing groups would refer to as Next-gen,(Sub note: since "Console generations" are just a marketing term in of itself) that of digital distribution, a Social platform.) I'm referring to ease of development.

Since the first version was developed for PC, you might think they were to pick the X86 consoles to port to first. Here lies the issue that, since those consoles were so new, they don't have as large of a userbase as the PPC platforms, which have been well established. I'm sure they considered each of the next gen consoles, and decided to write a Wii U port of the game, because it has the added benefit of sharing a hardware platform with two other large userbase consoles, and most of those players that are a fan of this serie's genre probably own a Wii U anyways. I imagine that they considered this, and decided to port to the Wii U as their first console of choice. (Frankly, this game belongs on at least a nintendo platform anyways)
Since the Wii U uses a similar architecture to that of the PS3, X360, it wouldn't cost nearly as much to write a port to these consoles, and as the three platforms have quite a large userbase, Inafune wouldn't have to worry much about a risk of his investment into the platforms.

The next funding goal is a no-brainer, since they have a lot more risk with developing for smaller platforms, it makes sense that they placed these higher on their goal scale, to minimize the risk if this game just so happened to completely bomb for the PS4, XB1, 3DS, and Vita. Since they raised enough money to support development, they have a lot less to worry about porting to those consoles.

(Post thought: I was initially upset because a port to the 3Ds wasn't a top priority, but I understood how hard it would be to port to the platform. I initially thought that if a port WERE to happen, it would only get ported to XB1, PS4, and MAYBE a Wii U port if I was lucky. I can't really see a reason to be upset over the Wii U being amongst the first console goal, if I were in your place, and wanted the Wii U port the most, I would be quite thrilled.)

@Kuribo4, Inafune actually has quite an important role in play.If you've ever worked on a project as part of a team-- work, school, you'll know that a lot of work has to go in to it from all members of the team. Inafune has designed nearly every part of this project, and manages who will work on what, while he is free to bounce around to different departments to help where he feels he is needed most. If you pulled a project off 100% by yourself, that wouldn't be a team effort. These other guys are simply showing the end result of the work they were assigned (which looks to be that of coding, development for the engine and basic gameplay mechanics.) Inafune helped with them in this area, of course, but he's not 100% responsible for ALL of the code. At the end of the day, when you gather around and show what you've done to contribute to the project, other team members have probably brainstormed some ideas to show Inafune, or they were assigned to "do what they do best" (Like tweaking the lighting engine ever so much just so it will be "perfect"). Just because Inafune didn't tweak the lighting engine himself doesnt mean he lost all of his credibility on this project.



toastyc12 commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

my thoughts:

metroid prime 4: great, but lets follow the prime trilogy with a new timeline of events. Otherwise, anything metroid will be at the top of my list.

Dread: Heres my idea for a 3ds metroid: That team that made zelda ALBW? GENIUS. i want to see a sidescroller that resembles Super Metroid, but overhaul it in the same fashion that LTTP was.

Fzero: Give us one big blockbuster hit from this franchise. you can take the GX, AX levels, but expand on them, push the wii U to the limit, and give it tovus in 1080P. Sega may not house the development team that delivered us GX, but I know they can do it!

mario galaxy collection:Id rather pass on collections, unless they made these two games play as one large game. dont give us a menu to pck separate games like the metroid prime trilogy was

mario paint would be great if it was developed specifically for the wii u, and not just a port. give us new tools, and more features expanding on the basic animation capability of the first game

mario and luigis mansion: no.

majoras mask and kid icarus seem great.

snes remix, this was probably wgat got me the most excited. the banner mock up felt very nostalgic.

starfox:this series needs a bit more love than just an eshop title! but ill take whatever may come.

Some more ideas I came up with

An enhanced Panel de Pon on Wii U. I know intelligent systems doesnt want to bring their forest faeries over to the west coast (though a new art style would do quite well for them), but I dont want another pokemon themed one! At LEAST give it to us as Tetris Attack 2. this would be great for the eshop.

Another great eshop puzzle game? puyo puyo! c'mon, Sonic Team!

Heres a franchise to think about. Startropics. the two games that were released here on the NES were a hit. these would be a great game to relaunch as a 3Ds action RPG. itld even look great with ALBW's graphic engine (though My first image of this game came to me by walking around on my new leaf island at night). combine the first two games, remove the 90's references with something that is a bit more... timeless. expand beyond the events of the second game, and give it a three-act trilogy feel. sold!

CING may no longer be with us, but i'd love for someone to pick up their IP's, and give us that much wanted connection story between Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory. the wii U would be a great platform to base its puzzles on as well. find those devs!

theres a lot of other possibilities, but im not strictly aligned to these franchises, moreso their playstyles. whatever comes, im betting im not going to be disappointed!