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Sat 27th Oct 2012

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toasted_crumpet commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 20 Wii Games:

Zack & Wiki was a superb little title - definitely utilised the Wii's capabilities in a truly unique way, a refreshing approach considering the post-launch experimental shovelware period. There are also a number of underrated Wii titles that have yet to receive any real sense of recognition:

Opoona - while not a classic by any means, Opoona offered a wonderful in-game aesthetic coupled with an avant-garde electronica soundtrack and battle mechanics that are somewhat reminiscent of Dragon Quest VIII.

The Last Story - fantastic production values and an interesting take on the action-RPG genre, with fluid mechanics that allow plenty of character versatility during battle. Superb English localisation and a moving story to boot too.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - a truly amazing game that meekly bowed out of the public eye soon after its launch. In fact I have yet to find one person who acknowledges this game's existence. Very sad indeed.

Rune Factory, Fragile Dreams, Red Steel 2, Warioware: Smooth Moves, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and A Shadow's Tale. The latter is incredibly akin to ICO and offers a gorgeously realised artistic vision that is now commonly found on XBLA/PSN games.

But yeah, in conclusion, there are so many forgotten Wii gems that I would totally put in the top 20. Madworld would probably make its way on there too!