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Fri 29th Feb 2008

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tiny-ant commented on Why April Is A Massive Month For the Virtual C...:

@damo & charco
are you sure about your recomendation, damo? 'cause i pretty much never played a vertical shooter in my life until i tried out "r-type 1" on the vc and i kind of loved it for a short while, but it was just too damn hard for me. the fouth level killed me. i got to the boss once on my last life and with no continues left - i died and that was it for me.
maybe it just really is not my genre, but i feel like charco, like i might be missing something - since it's thrown in your face all the time how popular these games are.
i did a second try with "lord of thunder" but lost interest even faster.
might r-type 3 for snes be worth a last try? i hear it has unlimited continues, which would be great for me, 'cause i might be able to beat it i like beating games. play for x hours - have an ending - be done with it and move on to the next game.



tiny-ant commented on More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Load...:

i think i will have a problem with paying money for c64 games, because you can get a c64 with tons of disks with games on them for practically nothing on every flea-market. you can even find "give away" ads in papers.
maybe, if they'd give me an accurate copy of a competition pro joystick to plug directly into my wiimote, i'd be tempted to buy summer-games for example to have the channel right next to mario kart 64 for when i have friends over.
but still - the large disks - the sound of the disk-drive and the smell of dust...
no, i'm both a vc and a c64 fan, but i'm not excited at all that they get together.