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Sat 19th Mar 2011

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tinman commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

One source claims that he or she learned about eShop Publishers dropping releases in Germany due to certain circumstances. Who on this earth is actually meant to believe that this might have taken place during "secret European developer meetings to discuss the current state of the eShop"?

Better check back with multiple sources - that is, of course, if any other members of this secret society watching over the eShop can be tracked down.



tinman commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

"On YouTube, and in modern media as a whole, the content creators and trend-setters have the power - so it's mutually beneficial to let creators do what they want. It's free advertising and exposure."

That's the kind of lies we're being told over and over. It is thievery we are talking about here - going by way of attempted blackmail. Give in to our terms for we're the new gods of a whole new generation. Displease us and we'll sick the kids at you.

"There's a place for controlled content and broadcasts, yet this is a period in which younger consumers - in particular - are accustomed to being able to share their opinions and content on anything they please with the world at the click of a button."

This may be true, but that doesn't make it right or legitimate. Shut off your damn devices and do something without posting about you doing it or what you think of it. And, please, do not make a video or set up a live stream.



tinman commented on Nintendo YouTube Creators Program Update Clari...:

"Heavily criticised by some of YouTube's biggest stars" - yet I haven't heard about even one of these so called "stars". Think about that, kids. Stupid chatter or screaming over gameplay is a waste of your time. Go, play the games yourself!

Let more companies give 'em a decent smack on their grubby fingers and show them how insignificant they really are.



tinman commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Virtual Console Has S...:

Get those prices down. Start sales, a "Thank you for buying Wii U!" campaign. Say: Games drought? Well, make it a retro Spring / retro Summer with some of gaming's biggest classics for less money. Most of us have bought many of them numerous times. We've paid more than enough for them in the past to justify lower prices today.



tinman commented on DICE Tested Its Frostbite Engine On Wii U, Was...:

If it doesn't work right away, make it work. Don't just whine about it. Making it work is your job.

And: Since Frostbite 3 will be hitting PS3 and X360, hardware can't be the limiting factor on Wii U. The real problems here are ideological stubbornness, bigotry and ugly malevolence. EA has come pretty low when most of use sure believed they couldn't sink any lower.



tinman commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

I don't have the money to spare, so I won't buy it. Even if I had the money to spare, I still wouldn't buy it. 'The Gamepad' has to prove itself after launch. The lukewarm, underwhelming use of it they've shown so far didn't convince me. 'Exciting exclusives', 'third-party catch-up', 'Miiverse'. You're joking, right?! 'It's a new Nintendo system'. Might have been enough somewhere back in the past. You know, when there was less talking and more getting the great games out there, announcing big stuff on Nintendo's side. Nowadays I hear and see and read Reggie, Miyamoto, Iwata and company talking their heads off in that self-satisfied, narcissistic kind of way I despise. They don't have anything substantial to say, but they chew your ear off babbling - and think they're so cool. Shut up and make stuff, I say!



tinman commented on Reaction: Wii U Preview Events:

Nothing new to raise my attention level for Wii U to anything above 'meh'. Bayonetta? Seriously, the sequel no other company wanted to make. Who cares?! Monster Hunter? The port of a port of an old Wii game, possibly with additional content. If I had cared for this in the first place, I'd have played this on Wii! To be honest: I switched the thing off when they started blabbering about Nintendo TVii and went for a walk. I went out expecting to miss out on nothing and came back actually having missed out on nothing. Good old lazy Nintendo - at least these days. Just a bunch of talking heads.



tinman commented on Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Confe...:

They had plenty of time. They just spent too much of it telling us about garbage and non-games I never wanted to see or hear of in the first place. Throw in some lukewarm ports of games that were hot yesterday and one must be confused about what they were trying to achieve with this.



tinman commented on La-Mulana Director Would Welcome Offers from P...:

Calculate the amount of money needed to publish it yourself, then evaluate the chances for this thing via Kickstarter. This way people could buy the game in advance and the Nigoro guys might at least be sure not to end up with a financial loss.

With the minimum sales limit for WiiWare still in place this game isn't exactly cut out to make money for a publisher or even Nigoro themselves.



tinman commented on La-Mulana Canned for North America, Europe:

They've had years to cope with the fact that La-Mulana will never make money (due to the minimum sales limit). So, why cancel it now?! Including the game in your game portfolio (on the website) is obviously okay, but sticking with your business partner to push the software through onto the sales platform seems to be a whole different thing. Dishonorable!



tinman commented on Feature: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 - An Insight ...:

Bought it, played it, liked it! From what I've seen so far this is a steal at just 500 Points. I'm looking forward to more chapters! The retro vibe is really cool. Reminds me a bit of the BIT.TRIP games, while obviously having an art style and great production values (if I might just borrow the term from the movie business) of its own.



tinman commented on Review: MotoHeroz (WiiWare):

I didn't stick to my initial reaction (said I wouldn't buy for 1500 points) and bought MotoHeroz after the first reviews! This simply is one of the best games you can get on WiiWare and the price is absolutely justified by the addicting gameplay and polish to be found in the game. Buy points, buy the game, compete online! Doing a good run can be tricky, but you'll get better with practice, practice and practice.



tinman commented on This Is How You Upgrade Items in Skyward Sword:

YUCK! I hear too much of that crappy MIDI music in the trailer! I'd hoped they'd gotten rid of that, but they seem to use it once again. This is something that really bugs me. Can do without voice acting, but this?!



tinman commented on de Blob Developer Blue Tongue Shuts Up Shop:

I've had my fair share of fun with both games for Wii, but the second one - while still being a good game - clearly was a sequel for the fans. I guess it was a bit too simplistic, straightforward and colourful for the HD crowd. Both games have soundtracks that are simply ace though! I'll always remember painting the town with those incredibly addicting tunes blasting away.



tinman commented on Review: Burn the Rope (WiiWare):

Avoid this rip-off completely! All parties involved should be ashamed for putting such a hefty price tag on this title. And yes, Cave Story and La-Mulana are completely different cases.



tinman commented on Review: Captain America: Super Soldier (Wii):

SEGA needs to dump HVS ASAP! They seem to be incapable of making good games and the major complaints in all the reviews covering their titles are always the same: uninspired, generic, bad art direction (if any), contains stuff copied from other games jumbled together rather badly. They're either unwilling or unable to learn and evolve. Some people just aren't meant to make games at all.



tinman commented on Just Why Is La-Mulana Taking So Long?:

Maybe it's some sort of misunderstanding or mix-up. We'll hopefully be able to solve the problem so that I'll be able to give the folks at Nigoro some money for their work - although they won't see any until the game reaches the minimum downloads limit.
Cave Story for WiiWare is a great buy and I figure La-Mulana will be worth the money as well.



tinman commented on Just Why Is La-Mulana Taking So Long?:

I contacted the USK via e-mail and Christine Schulz (head of their examination department) replied as follows:

"The legally binding [as in: ready for sale] approval process for the game [La-Mulana] under that very USK number was finished by November 24th by approving the game. Therefore it's all done as far as we can say. There's no new situation causing a hold-up from our side."

Press contact:
Christine Schulz:

[--at-- -> @]



tinman commented on Just Why Is La-Mulana Taking So Long?:

From the USK website:


System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Rollenspiel / actionorientiert
[RPG / Action RPG]

Publisher: Nicalis, Inc.

Altersfreigabe: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren gemäß § 14 JuSchG
[12 years and up]

Prüfdatum [date of approval]: 24.11.2010

USK Nr.: 29469/10

Sprache: englisch

(Stuff in [] added by me.)



tinman commented on Nintendo Download: 28th July 2011 (Europe):

Where is La Mulana?! They seem to be sitting on this one!

EDIT: MDK 2 sales in the U.S. "don't justify" a EU release (according to my e-mail correspondence with Interplay). Liight for WiiWare outside the U.S. was abandoned some time ago (again: poor sales in the U.S.) and I wouldn't wait for The Magic Obelisk either (no plans for EU release).



tinman commented on Another Zelda Remake for 3DS?:

Man, don't keep releasing the old stuff over and over! This is the kind of nostalgia that's bordering on plain laziness a little too much for my taste.



tinman commented on Features: The World of MotoHeroz:

These are the features that should be most important to gamers in the US and EU: release dates and price in Nintendo Points. I will - most likely - buy this one right after release, so all I need to know is when to expect the game and how much it'll cost me.



tinman commented on Review: Liight (WiiWare):

Well, it seems that the Euro release (at least on WiiWare) isn't going to happen (due to various reasons). What a letdown for us Europeans.



tinman commented on Review: Liight (WiiWare):

Come on, guys and gals! German is covered, Dutch and Italian still seem to be vacant so far. Spread the word and maybe activate your passion for videogames. Let's get all languages covered! That would really help to raise the odds for a European release.