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Tue 14th Sep 2010

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tiffwi commented on Nintendo: "We Refuse to Succumb to Patent Trolls":

Seriously, guys, read up on patent trolls. This is not just a term Nintendo made up, and it is a rampant problem. These trolls usually don't even file patents themselves, they just buy up patent portfolios. Then they try to find companies that offer products/services that might be covered under the patents they've bought. Next they file lawsuits for tens of thousands of dollars against any company they can find that might offer a product or service that could be covered under one of the patents they own.

In most cases, if a company fights the patent trolls' lawsuits, like Nintendo did here, they can win easily. Unfortunately, patent trolls also target small businesses, and often the cost of legal fees to fight the suit would be much higher than the amount the trolls are asking for, so even though they know they would win the case, they just have to pay up to avoid a costly court battle. In some cases, even just paying to make the lawsuit go away can bankrupt a business. It's disgusting and immoral, but it's also currently legal, so these trolls make good money mooching off of others' ideas. And what makes it even worse is that it also means they're scaring innovative people from wanting to share their ideas, because there is now always the fear that a patent troll might own a patent that covers some portion of your idea, and if they sue you, you'll have to pay up. It's really sad.



tiffwi commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

@FluttershyGuy THANK YOU for being the only one I noticed who actually pointed out the economy's influence in all of this. Sure, Nintendo didn't have the best launch plan for the 3DS. And yes, the lack of software is not helping. But this was simply a horrible economy to introduce an expensive new portable gaming system into, and I think THAT is the decisive factor that has lead to the "failure" of the 3DS so far. Right now, I think it would have taken some crazy epic ad campaign, plus a boatload of appealing titles, to have helped the 3DS's chances, and I'm not sure even that would have been enough when a lot of consumers just don't plain have the money.

To put things into perspective, when the original DS and the Wii came out, times were good. Most people weren't so strapped for cash. I personally had a decent job and was still living with my parents, so dropping $250 on a console, plus $50 per game - and not to mention all the extra wiimotes, classic controllers, Wii Points, etc. - was not a big deal to me. But as the years have gone on, times have gotten worse. Most of us don't have anywhere near the kind of disposable income as we did back then. Again using myself as an example, I've just graduated from college, am currently unemployed, my husband is a teacher and we all know they don't make a lot of money, and we have plenty of bills to pay. So there was no way I could justify dropping $250 on a portable system, plus $40 per game. Even with the price drop, it's just too expensive. To commenters like @mumof2kids82 yes, I think those of us complaining about the price of 3DS games have a point. Many of us simply cannot afford that in this economy. If I'm going to spend $40 on a game, I'd rather have that go towards a Wii game that I can perhaps enjoy playing with my friends. I don't know anyone who has a 3DS yet. But I have plenty of friends who have Wiis and/or still love to have Wii parties. It's much cheaper to just enjoy what we already have.

However, my husband and I did have some "fun money," and have wanted a DS of some sort for a long time, so we finally decided to get one this summer. But we ultimately chose to skip the 3DS and get a DS Lite, instead. (We previously have not owned a DS of any kind.) At first I was a little miffed when I heard about the price drop, since we bought our DS before the news, but now I'm happy with the decision, particularly since we got our DS for less than 100 bucks. The promise of upcoming 3DS titles hadn't been enough to sway me, anyway, and after playing demo units in the stores, I just wasn't a big fan of the 3D visuals. There is a huge library of DS and GBA titles out there for us to choose from, many of them now fairly inexpensive used, so with so much software out there, I don't feel like I'll be missing out on 3DS titles. I'll probably get to play them eventually, anyway, and by the time I get to them, they won't be so expensive, and hopefully I'll be in better financial straits. So I think Nintendo just plain jumped the gun with this one, and I'm not sure they could have done much, save completely delaying the 3DS release, perhaps until Christmas. I wouldn't expect to see much of an increase in sales until then.



tiffwi commented on 3DS Drops to $169.99 from 12th August:

My husband and I have wanted a DS for a long time, and we finally had some extra money and decided to buy one at the beginning of summer. We couldn't really afford the 3DS and still have much to spend on games, so we went with a DS Lite. This news just makes me sad. I certainly wasn't expecting a price drop so soon, or I might have put off getting a DS until August. Sigh.