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United Kingdom

Mon 1st Oct 2012

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tickling commented on Wii U Review Score Average Is Modest, At Best:

Also it should be noted that 2 games which will get 90 + in terms of rating slipped in 2013 to avoid the crowded launch day. The games where Pikmin and Rayman. Stats dont show the whole picture and while the day 1 patch did not help a lot of the gaming press are coming round to the wiiu and the features it has.



tickling commented on Talking Point: Time for Wii U to Treat Us Like...:

I believe it will fixed for Uk gamers. What has happened is that they have blanketed the whole of Europe with the German law of after 11pm. They are taking the safe approach due to launch and when the consumers and the developers kick up a fuss it will be tied down to just Germany. If this continues this article is fine but for me Nintendo are just covering themselves legally. Remember we are still within the first week of launch.