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Fri 11th Jun 2010

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thunder commented on Review: Illusion of Gaia (Super Nintendo):

I cleared this game recently. I didn't like it as much as Secrets of Mana nor Terranigma, but its a solid game. I liked the graphic and the design very well. The music was good, but not as great as Terranigma. The story had good narration with variation in gameplay from keeping it from getting boring. But some of the places were a bit annoying and straight forward, but I guess you could find a lot worse examples than this game.

I didn't like the other playable characters, their performance seemed a bit random or foolish in the game context and experiance. I would prefer Will to relay on his own powers, instead of being helped by those inhuman stage stealers, that should appear more awesome then Will, but in my opinions failed. The game had some unique boss battle that had their own styles and ways to fight. Illusion of Time was a bit harder than most of the other games i have played, but I like that in a game.

The game ends up in my Top 10 Super Nintendo list, somewhere in the range between 5 to 10. However Terranigma, is easily the greatest action-RPG I ever have played! But its hard to say if its the best SNES game ever created, there are just too many childhood memories on this console. Because of every gamers individual experience and different meanings of the games, is the greatness always arguable...