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Tue 18th Feb 2014

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thisismynamelol commented on Former Nintendo Marketing Specialist Sheds Lig...:

I find this perspective a little ridiculous. I see its merit, but I also see that this is the attitude that's driving Nintendo into the ground in today's market. It's embarrassing enough to be 22 years old and buying consoles that Miyoto describes as failing because "we aren't releasing games that make kids ask their parents to buy them". But now the argument is violence distorting the characters' home franchises? Seriously?

First of all, there's no blood. This is the most family-friendly "fighting" game I've ever encountered, even the sound effects contribute to this. It's fantastical enough to not be replicated by young, impressionable children, unlike more realistic 2D fighters.

And in response to 12 year old IP not helping Nintendo's current image... Well, firstly I'd outright disagree. Anything that puts Nintendo characters and franchises in a positive light today is a good thing. Their modern games are becoming a total joke (every Mario except 3D World and Luigi U, Metroid: Other M) or they just DON'T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE DESPITE A PREVIOUS GAME HAVING BEEN THE #1 TREND ON TWITTER IN JANUARY (F-Zero anyone?). The thing is, had Brawl been a decent competitive game (as in, not totally ****ing boring to watch), this wouldn't be an issue for Nintendo. You want us to regard your current games well? Then release current games that we want. Halfassed compromises don't count either (which is what I'm expecting from Smash 4, but hey I'm preordering and picking it up on launch day still, solely because of Melee's legacy). Nintendo seems to have this attitude that if they release any piece of trash with their classic IPs faces all over it that it'll sell.

All we want good gameplay: we want the depth that went into Melee's physics engine, not more fluffy, kiddy BS. It's just as saddening for us as players as it is for Nintendo that we haven't had a game as engaging as Melee in over 12 years.

I'm really angry with Nintendo right now, not for protecting their IP and being cautious from a business perspective, but for having such alienating stances on just about everything. There's a good lot of us that grew up with Nintendo games in the 80s and 90s that feel completely betrayed right now.