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Thu 25th Jul 2013

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thetruth111 commented on Nintendo Blocks 3DS Flashcard With Latest Firm...:

I made a temporary account just to state that people putting down pirates have no right due to the nintendo ds lite only started selling so many consoles after the r4 was able to play commercial roms and if you look at the current sales for all gaming systems the hacked or pirated systems are all in the top ten sales while the 'secure ones' are last after all did you know the 3ds is bombing in the sales department? if not look it up because its true and it because of nintendos ignorance to the fact that pirates buy more console, games, and all around hardware that the average gamer. their is always going to be pirates and just like refusing to give a human air the 3ds and wii u are dieing without any flashcards, before you try to argue this point research it on google. im not a pirate but i live by facts and i think those who condem pirates without looking at the truth of the matter are a bunch of morons, meaning 33.7% of the human race.