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Wed 30th Mar 2011

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therpgmaster commented on Features: Things We Miss About the 8-Bit Era:

This article has touched my heart quite deeply. I'm glad to see that my generation as well as past and future ones feel the same way as I do.

My introduction to videogames happened when I watched my mom & dad play with their Intellivision when I was 4. Me, my older brother and my twin sister (fyi, I'm a boy. Well, a man now.) asked them if we could play. They both said yes, and we proceeded to have fun, playing such games as Night Stalker, Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack, Donkey Kong, Major League Baseball and, yes, a game called Kool-Aid Man.

In 1987, my old man bought the Nintendo Entertainment System, or the NES as most gamers called it. Needless to say, I was captivated by the music, the graphics and the controls. We spent literally HOURS playing Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, using the screen cheat with the Zapper on Duck Hunt. Other games we played were Tetris, Dr. Mario, Guerrilla War, Faxanadu, Gyruss, 720° and Double Dragon II: The Revenge (me &my brother played that into the ground).

Most hardcore gamers never forgot their first game they ever bought with their own money. My first game was Punch-Out!! (not the Mike Tyson one), and to this day, I can only get as far as Mr. Dream.

In Christmas of 1990, We got the SEGA Genesis, aong with Home Alone and Spiderman Vs. The Kingpin. When me & my bro rented Sonic The Hedgehog 2, we were SPELLBOUND!!! Fast graphics, cool backgrounds and awesome music! When Sonic 3 came out, we tried to rent it. However, every rental place was out of stock (there were 6 in my area, each with 8 copies, 24 total), but you could put reserves on it, so I got to play it! Other games we played were Bio Hazard Battle, Fighting Masters, Forgotten Worlds, Toejam & Earl 2: Panic On Funkotron, X-Men and Rocket Knight Adventures.

In Christmas of 1993, we got the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES). I got Mega Man X, my bro got the Victor Maxx Stuntmaster VR Headset and my sister got F-Zero and Sonic & Knuckles, now in me & my bro's possession. I actually wanted the Super NES instead of the Genesis, but I digress. The Super NES was a fun system, and it was my bro that turned me on to RPGs via The Secret Of Mana. I loved the graphics, the music, the story, the battle system and the humor they infused into the story. other games I've played for the Super NES were The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, Clayfighter: Tournament Edition, Killer Instinct, Tecmo's Secret Of The Stars and of course Super Mario World.

I've bought numerous video game systems after that, including the Sega CD, Atari Jaguar, Turbografx-16, SEGA Master System and The SEGA Dreamcast, totaling over 22 systems (not including portables). Even with the PS3, XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii in my posession, I still like to play the games that got me to that point, in their original format (no Roms or Emulators). Life was fun growing up, and I owe it all to the systems that got me hooked: The Intelltvision and the Nintendo Entertainment System.