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Thu 3rd Apr 2008

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themightyblot commented on Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual...:

While that is the positive spin on Tsuchida-san's comments, I see it the opposite way; what he is saying is that Square thinks the value of their games is much higher than could be dictated via the Virtual Console, and thus don't expect to see any "AAA" titles on it. Games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana have a huge fanbase, and while they'd make a killing releasing them on the VC, they know the real money is in remaking them, sprucing up the graphics, and adding a tiny bit of extra content for release on the DS/PSP. $8 vs. $40 a game, and your almost guaranteed the same buy-in rate? To Square, it's simple math.

Hopefully what they do is take the games that Square or Enix published back in the day but never released in the US, translate them, then release them on the VC. Or possibly some of the games that didn't do so well or don't have the hype of their big titles (Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, I'm looking at you) to cash in on the RPG-starved masses currently drooling over the potential of the VC.

In the end, we'll probably get some original apps for the WiiWare service, a few ports of their lesser games, and if we're lucky they'll release one really good game to keep us begging for more (Super Mario RPG is my guess).

Brian J. Blottie
-Can't see Square giving up their big IPOs for "chump change".



themightyblot commented on North American WiiWare launch games:

I'll be picking up FF:CC on Monday (just bought my WiiPoints Card today), but I don't know how many points I have leftover from my last WiiPoints splurge (and it really is a "splurge" for me as I typically trade games on Goozex rather than purchase them at this point).

If I have 1000 points left, I'll pick up either LostWinds or TV Show King (as me and the friends have a hoot playing trivia games), but if I only have 500, I might just wait a bit and see what else is available in the coming weeks (or save them for the next WiiPoints splurge).

To those complaining about the launch and/or price points; don't buy the games if you don't want them. While it's obvious that Nintendo should cater to their fans and what they want, there are times that they are clueless as to what we actually do want. The best way to let them know that we're not happy with their release schedule is to not buy the games. With a lack of funds rolling in, Nintendo will get the hint, and release the games that will actually sell.

Also, one man's Earthbound is another man's Magic of Scheherazade (my favorite old-school game and most wanted VC game), so while a game might make you say "blech, what the hell?", to another gamer it might be the holy grail they were looking for all along.

Brian J. Blottie
-Gonna be rocking the WiiWare for awhile.