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thelastgogeta commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

I have a Japanese 3DS and also find it very tempting to get all of the free software and demos at once on top of the digital sales, my 32GB SD card isn't enough with the behemoths Bravely Default, Inazuma Eleven 1-2-3 and Senran Kagura Burst to get to 300 but I definitely have well over 100 software spots taken up.

I imagined there was a cap and don't really think 300 spaces is a problem, but I hope the cap gets removed or rather increased to the point where it is near impossible to be full all the same.



thelastgogeta commented on Tomodachi Life Sneaks Past Watch Dogs in Singl...:

Don't think the Hyper Japan sales will be recorded by ChartTrack UK but the boost in awareness with the 50% off sale and it being a great family event will probably lead to a nice uptick in interest which may be reflected in future weeks.



thelastgogeta commented on Gaist Crusher God Is Getting A Beastly Serving...:


They want it to succeed that's why.
Yokai Watch had an anime which made the game series blow up and now the sequel is using variants on the anime's opening song for the two versions. The original Gaist Crusher has MH4 nods, Sengoku Basara 4 nods, a Gaist by the artist of One Piece, a Gaist by the artist of Dragon Ball among other things. Pretty much any game will try crosspromotion, especially with internal series as that is cheaper to organise.

Gaist Crusher God is here as they don't want to give up and perhaps had some ideas they were hiding like MH4U was. >_>


You need to sell your soul and have an earlier firmware on your 3DS to do so, but it is possible according to a number of January 2014 articles... I just bought a Japanese system instead.



thelastgogeta commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (Wii U):

@Cobra This game was developed by Ganbarion, who developed tons of previous One Piece games (Unlimited series, Grand Battle series, Gigant Battle series, Jump Superstars + Ultimate Stars too) as well as Pandora's Tower.

The lack of a dub is tied ultimately to what Bandai Namco feel like doing, given that most of the fans are followers of the Japanese voice cast and it is cheaper not to focus on getting both. They made this call for every One Piece game since Unlimited Adventure in 2008.



thelastgogeta commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (Wii U):

Yeah, it may be more of your jam even with the faults and unnecessary changes. If you pay $30 for it on the 3DS, you don't have much to lose as well.

The 3DS is the lead platform, don't hesitate to get it for the platform that has a good user interface though I'll admit that the Wii U has drop in, drop out multiplayer in almost all modes even if the second player loses as much health as Tails from Sonic 2 because they didn't make an effort when porting the thing.



thelastgogeta commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (Wii U):

I'm sure it is clear that Holding X with Luffy leads to him doing that opposite attack but maybe the game didn't explain it as it gives you all of the attacks at once.


This game is considerably more linear to the point you don't even unlock combos and have less attacks though everything flows in a more traditional sort of way.

I think it is the worst Unlimited game yet, but given what you are asking for maybe it will be your favourite.



thelastgogeta commented on Mutant Mudds 3DS 'Deluxe' Update Has Been Appr...:

Brilliant news, I felt a little bummed buying it for my little bro's 3DS and finding out there was an improved version for the Vita (and potentially more platforms), it may be a wait but if it is a free update. I'll be pleased to see it.

I hope they can look into partnering with a Japanese publisher (Intergrow ) so the Japanese 3DS and Wii U can get the game as well.


I don't see any reason to argue that Nintendo are worse than any game company for censorship, aside from publishing and funding some projects directly like Devil's Third, Bayonetta 2 and never stepping into third party games (see BMX XXX) unless the rating system has an issue.

I suppose Fire Emblem Awakening was a thing, but between everything else and given that God of War and The Last of Us were censored in Europe too, I don't think it sticks out that much.

I do appreciate your response making the purpose of the rating system in North America clear, though unfortunately some rating systems are more intrusive than others... And to be honest, I find how video games or television shows (mainly focusing on DVD releases, I understand watersheds) get so many restrictions when other media are free to be equally or more graphic without a glance to be irritating.



thelastgogeta commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Case Begi...:

Already imported the limited edition of this and it had both the Japanese and English versions... Maybe I would be interested if it was a physical release, but as a digital release, I'll pass and continue collecting all of the DS installments. >_>

I suppose a lot of people already played AA123 on the DS, but I sorta expected a physical release for this one still. Curious whether some of those folks who didn't want to buy AA5 because it was digital only have caved in, it was a full fledged sequel, so missing out isn't ideal.



thelastgogeta commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven (3DS eShop):

Downloadable game size constraints is a lie. I guess as a Brit, I can't know how big this download is as a remake of a DS game but can it be bigger than Senran Kagura's two huge plots (14,626 blocks) or the "Inazuma Eleven 1-2-3" 3DS collection which has 6 versions of the Japanese games in the name (14,615 blocks).



thelastgogeta commented on One Piece Unlimited World Red Is Sailing To Wi...:

Glad to see all of you folks are interested, but as a importer of the original I have a few things to say. Even if some of you like @Aaronzord disliked the older Cruise games, this game is more streamlined in how you access bosses and more of the story even if I like it a lot less than the older Unlimited games (even if it is better than Romance Dawn) for a dozen reasons including the fact that they made fishing and bug catching more boring that @BulbasaurusRex could have even anticipated. >>

On that note, don't exist any costumes for Nami or Robin which AREN'T somewhat skimpy or decent options for them otherwise, even if they make the cut out DLC available, BulbasaurusRex.


The remake (Unlimited Cruise SP) was localised, but just not in North America. >>



thelastgogeta commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Woah, this is still going a day after... I intended to address a bunch of comments before but will settle for addressing the soapbox itself.

First off, the title... I'm not convinced that the objectification of women in games... is a problem to begin with. The approach that many have with claims like this are that adults, otherwise of age individuals, younger individuals and unstable individuals are going to be pushed into being desensitized individuals who hate/disrespect women, drive recklessly and kill hundreds for no reason.

Since GTA V managed to sell over 32.5 million copies by February 2014, managing to reach every primary school gamer I've chatted to and features not only some abhorrent characters, torture and all sorts of crimes... In addition, it isn't the first GTA or video game to reach beyond the age rating in tens of millions and we have so few... or even no murders or crimes connected in a substantial way to Rockstar's Bully, Red Dead, GTA and Manhunt series or heck mass media in general. I don't see an issue. Younger gamers "might" play this? Younger viewers might switch on the DVD player and find the Human Centipede.

People can separate fictional works or constructed works from reality for the most part, even when it is the children you want to hide from whatever. In addition, works which portray or allude to insensitive content aren't necessarily at fault for doing so, Senran Kagura plays with a number of tropes some have some loathing for but still has a solid story, a cast of fun characters who never feel "exploited" (debatable) unless you count up to 10 skippable seconds in every mission or if you are the type to pan cameras for interesting views in Smash Bros...

The question of whether Nintendo Life or other sites should take a stance on the games on not... I wouldn't mind a writer or few having an opinion for their opinion pieces and reviews, nor to be honest a site deciding to focus in a specific field like this one focuses on Nintendo games and GamesIndustry gives us a good deal of analysis and numbers. Just know that people are going to find it odd when you dismiss Senran Kagura, but promote Dead or Alive, Bayonetta 2, Fire Emblem (which with the last installment is more of a dating sim game than most of my library), The Wonderful 101 or any game with a playful sense of sexuality.

I think there were two problems with the exchange on Twitter, one is that you didn't have any sort of "SFW" standard for when you posted on Twitter as even if it is a playful game or whatever... The other one is that the woman who responded was unnecessarily sensitive in their response (maybe?) and overlooking the work itself despite how it was marketed. Senran Kagura as you say is a fairly good brawler and also one who a fun cast of characters (Bonus points for over 24 girls in the main installments and only one guy without it going for a harem direction? Or not?) and sound story.

I don't think the recent Tomb Raider should be seen as a sign of how far the industry has come. Every year we have sleazy H-games, brilliant carved H-games, games with poor female protagonists/no female protagonists (exchangable to a number of you), games with more developed female protagonists. Get what you want and keep an eye out for games which play with something you don't like on the surface being good...

I'm going to have a lot of comments to read later on and expect to be repeating dozens of points...

Nearly forgot to address it, but many games exist to "objectify" men in a similar sense (VitaminX, VitaminZ, Kuroko no Basket 3DS, Sweet Fuse, Hakuoki, Starry Sky, Fire Emblem Awakening and so on), not that few of them tend to be localised. Their equals in other industries could be called Twilight, Magic Mike, Fifty Shades of Grey among others.

... Done, spent too much time here.



thelastgogeta commented on Senran Kagura 2's Japanese Website Bounces Int...:


The first Senran Kagura was released in Japan in 2011. Burst is the 2012 remake/expansion. 3DS owners have been waiting years for another installment and believe it or not they made some significant steps forward between the first SK on 3DS, Burst, Shinovi Versus on the Vita (2013) especially and such.


Considering that we can see no more skin than your Dead or Alive or Tekken or any other SK due to their "humorous" anime-esque self censorship and it is still the same rating in Japan and naked characters (usually the top halves) have appeared in games worldwide before on consoles and such (Saints Row and God of War)... I don't agree.



thelastgogeta commented on Senran Kagura 2's Japanese Website Bounces Int...:


In Japan, they released the first game in 2011, Burst in 2012 which is an expansion type of deal with double the content and better mechanics NOT Senran Kagura 2 ( ), 2013 had a Vita spinoff which may outdo the whole lot called Shinovi Versus and 2014 has three projects lined up including a rhythm cooking game, a PlayStation Estival Versus and Senran Kagura 2.


Senran Kagura Burst wasn't censored in anyway from Europe and America.
I suppose every successor has a new fetish and steps further into nonsense, but we already had a flat character and all... >_>

@DarkKirby What PS3 version? I would argue that all installments in the Senran Kagura series are around on the same level of lewd from 2011's 3DS game to 2013's Vita game Shinovi Versus. I suppose you could debate about a few things, all of these games are targetting the same market and all of them have the same limit. They can't break into H-games without going onto PC, consoles and portables aren't permitted to do it.

Body pillows sold separately.



thelastgogeta commented on 3DS Hack Removes Region Locking For Retail Car...:


Unless and often even if importing is painless as can be, the amount of people who import should be incredibly small though they will appreciate it and if the game is good praise it to the heavens so much that the game gets a quickly built fanbase in a region regardless of them double dipping (as I did for The Last Story, BlazBlue, Ace Attorney 5 among other games).

This effect has been pronounced positively in the case of Game of Thrones where even piracy was having a positive effect on how the show did overseas. Plenty of anime and manga get pushed hard

It only has a problem in cases where the game is bad (see Time and Eternity, but anyone could google for Japanese reception too) as people are aware they don't want the game months or years in advance or when the game is significantly delayed which may decrease interest immensely if the game is easy to import and the console is going through a phase (Devil Survivor Overclocked had new bugs with a four year wait and DS 2 was just plain late in 2013 for a DS game when there is still a better version coming - Both turned out fine though).



thelastgogeta commented on Senran Kagura Bursts Into The UK Top 40 While ...:

Since you guys keep asking, I'll confirm it. Yes, Senran Kagura Burst is a good game (read: not perfect, not quite great) with an interesting story, solid enough combat mechanics and a lot of content.

Also, these sales are only retail for a good amount of the stores in the UK, not Europe. The game hasn't released in a good number of PAL countries retail wise and even on the eShop (we can't change country now with Nintendo IDs without wiping a ton of data including games if we buy them).

Is 38 a good rank? Depends more on what kind of numbers, Marvelous Europe and Zen United were expecting. When it comes to the high profile games, they usually top the charts in their week (Thief, Lego Movie, ) or hit somewhere in the top 10 (Thief, Donkey Kong) and perhaps continue to do well for months. I can't jump for joy, but assume that they did well on the basis of the Life and Hometown edition at going out of stock fast and only seeing one copy left at my local GAME last Friday.

One thing you can look at for more of an idea of how it did is the 3DS charts, as these charts are combined (even if the games are different like The Lego Movie on 3DS and on PS3), having any system exclusive chart is impressive in a sense.

And... Senran Kagura was the fourth best selling game at retail last week behind The Lego Movie and Pokemon X + Y:



thelastgogeta commented on Matters of Import: Grappling With Attack On Ti...:

Levi and Sasha's stories (and additional items) are DLC, but free DLC for many months. They were recently extended till February 28th ( ), making it one of the better DLC policies as few people aren't going to buy a copy in the first 3 months.

It would be nice if they just keep the stuff up forever as it is clearly being used as a means to bait us into buying early, even if it doesn't need you to buy the first print or second print. It is just an unlock code as you expect taking up only 2 blocks or so.



thelastgogeta commented on Matters of Import: E.X. Troopers Brings The He...:

For those of you who want to support this game coming west, you should look into this Capcom Unity thread and the articles detailed inside it, they are willing to bring it if we make our interest clear:

Otherwise, this is probably the only 3DS title I have now I would import a 3DS to have on the go. Brilliant and honest from top to bottom.

@Weedy, Namco Bandai localised Project X Zone.