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Thu 4th Jun 2009

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theguitarhero commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

I know this sounds overly fanboy-ish, but if the next Zelda game really is a first person adventure I'll never play another Nintendo game again. There is absolutely no reason why it should be an FPS of any kind.



theguitarhero commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess...:

In terms of gameplay Twilight Princess is pretty good because it adds a lot of new weapons and stuff to the game.

In terms of story, however, it's pretty blah. Wind Waker, IMO, has a way more compelling storyline but seems to get crapped on because of the "kiddy" graphics, which is a shame.



theguitarhero commented on Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver "PokeWalker" u...:

Awesome, I was just thinking about my Pokemon Pikachu, too.

I wonder though, how is Nintendo going to work around the fact that the DSi doesn't have a GBA port, in regards to getting Pokemon from Hoenn and Kanto into the game? Am I expected to transfer them over from Diamond/Pearl or will Hoenn be a place we can travel to ala Kanto in the original Gold/Silver?