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Sat 22nd Oct 2011

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theextrememugge commented on Review: SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):

@Inkling I'd agree with except that can be false. For example, if you have an opinion based on an incorrect fact, your opinion can be objectively wrong. Now given that opinions are subjective by nature, it is silly to argue with you about this. If I said I hated all dinosaurs because they were made of talking cigarette butts that's my opinion and it's stupid and also wrong.



theextrememugge commented on Review: Frogger 3D (3DS):

i really don't understand all the reviews sullying this game's good name. frogger 3d is a good game! i've almost completed it (very basically) and put in over 7 hours. it's frogger. it is supposed to be difficult. the "sluggish controls" and "cheap deaths"... what? this game is leagues easier than dkc returns and much more fun. okay, i understand if you hate frogger and simple puzzles... i cannot honestly recommend this game enough, also, the hard-shell case you get w/ the game is really awesome, too. this is the best frogger game i have ever played. i'm shocked critics panned this game. i rate this game below ocarina of time, doa, and street fighter...but, better than everything else on 3ds currently.