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Sat 22nd October, 2011

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theextrememugge commented on Review: Frogger 3D (3DS):

i really don't understand all the reviews sullying this game's good name. frogger 3d is a good game! i've almost completed it (very basically) and put in over 7 hours. it's frogger. it is supposed to be difficult. the "sluggish controls" and "cheap deaths"... what? this game is leagues easier than dkc returns and much more fun. okay, i understand if you hate frogger and simple puzzles... i cannot honestly recommend this game enough, also, the hard-shell case you get w/ the game is really awesome, too. this is the best frogger game i have ever played. i'm shocked critics panned this game. i rate this game below ocarina of time, doa, and street fighter...but, better than everything else on 3ds currently.