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Tue 16th April, 2013

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thedefalcos commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - Super Mario 3D...:

I went home last week and spent some time with my family. But, every time I go home, I get together with a group of hardcore gamer friends that literally spend all day playing video games. And even though most of these guys cut their teeth of the N64 and Wii, they spend most of their days on the other two consoles (PS360). I fully expected for my WiiU to be greeted with a bit of sneer. A little bit of turning up of the nose if you will. Surely they would express disappointment with what was supposed to be Nintendo's big year and rub it in how bad the sales have been and how much more powerful the new consoles were. Heck, just to make sure it got some play time, I went out and bought Mario 3D World at full price pretty much on a whim. I honestly didn't think we'd play the WiiU other than trying out that one new game.

But, when everyone got there and settled in, without any hesitation at all, they saw all the games I brought with my WiiU and decided to put it on the big screen downstairs. We took turns playing 3D world and then switched over to Mario Kart Wii for a loooong time (nolstagia was a strong drug that day). After lunch we came back and played several rounds of Smash Bros and Goldeneye. I asked the host, Tim, if he had his Wii U hooked up on the upstairs TV. He did, so I introduced them to the awesomeness of ZombiU's Killbox. Man, they fought over who'd go next for hours. In between Wii U sessions, those who weren't playing, were on their 3DS doing Pokemon battles. So by about 6 PM, we had Goldeneye downstairs and ZombiU upstairs and Pokemon in between. It was so much fun.

Here I was thinking the WiiU would be side-lined and it ended up being the only home console we played that day. It served as a reminder to me that true gamers have mad respect for company that made Mario and that Nintendo IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE UNDISPUTED KING OF COUCH CO-OP.

I almost- almost- felt bad for Tim's brand new PS4 that sat untouched in the corner the entire time.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody and play lots of Mario World with your cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and kids tomorrow.



thedefalcos commented on Vote: Pick Your Favourite NES Games:

Here’s my pick for top 10 NES games:

10. Punch Out! Featuring Mike Tyson
9. Tecmo Bowl
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
7. Double Dragon 2
6. Gauntlet
5. Super Mario Bros 3
4. Castlevania 3
3. Bionic Commando
2. Super C
1. The Legend of Zelda

And just a fun bonus, my honorary mentions:

Blades of Steel
Double Dribble
Baseball Stars
Castlevania 1
T & C Surf Design
Skate or Die