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Tue 31st Jan 2012

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theasiangamer20 commented on Nintendo May Not Call Wii U a Home Console:

The wii U isn't that bad for a home console but i think that the wii made great progress as a home console...i hope more games come out for the wii u and i heard that battlefield or dynasty warriors is going to be put on it.



theasiangamer20 commented on Review: Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes (Wii):

I love Sengoku Basara and SW3 but i prefer SW3 since there are more features in there and the gameplay is great and the graphics are alright but the gameplay and graphics are 4% away from SB graphics but SB is a good game but they weren't the first one to make it koei was. I love both of the game no matter what people say.