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Tue 31st Aug 2010

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theJudeAbides commented on Nintendo Download: 4th August 2011 (North Amer...:

Wow, one game for the Wii-ware and nothing on the VC? First they refuse to release the Operation Rainfall games, then they continue their trend of releasing fewer and fewer games over the Wii's virtual services... WHAT AM IS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING, NINTENDO?!? I don't own a 3DS (can't afford it), and I only have a Wii.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go beat Mega Man V for the umpteenth time...



theJudeAbides commented on Review: Mega Man 5 (Virtual Console / NES):

OH. MY. GOD. My life is now complete, now that this game is finally out. To the guy above who said this is "nobody's favorite Mega Man": Bullcrap! This is MY favorite Mega Man! This is the only one I ever had as a kid and I played it to death.

I just downloaded this and played through it (in it's entirety) in under 2 hours, not even using a continue. It was amazing how quickly my skills came back and how I remembered all the enemy placements. One thing I thought that was funny about Mega Man 9 was how, in Water Woman's (or whatever her name was), they copy the bubble jump part from Wave Man's level in this game.(As a matter of fact, the bubble patterns are EXACTLY the same).

Really, this game should be 10/10. 2 &3 were alright, but lacked the Mega Buster, which makes them clearly inferior. 4 was a step up in the right direction, but they hadn't quite perfected the MB in that game yet. In Mega Man V, it all came together perfectly. Still haven't played 6, so I can't judge it, but now that I have I-V on my SD card, I can clearly see that V is the best.

This game was long past due to be released. Shame on Capcom for taking so long. Hopefully Europe will get it soon and 6 will be on it's way shortly.



theJudeAbides commented on Nintendo Drops Wii to $149.99 and Launches Bud...:

I like the idea in general (especially since Nintendo has not been price-dropping their games this generation which is detestible). So getting them for a nice $20 sounds very reasonable to me.

However, this first round of titles really has me scratching my head. I understand (and even endorse) Twilight Princess and (to a lesser degree) Animal Crossing. However, I didn't think Super Sluggers was that well recieved and can certainly think of many much more deserving games. The biggest head-scratcher, though, is Wii Sports. As others have said, probably 99.9% of the Wii's install base already have this game. In fact, for many, this is probably the only game they own. I just don't see the logic in releasing it at all, especially when there are so many other deserving games.

As others have said, this is just the first round, so here's hoping they drop some better games in the next round. Here's what I'm hoping to see:

  • Super Mario Galaxy - I already have it, but it definately deserves it.
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy - Easily deserves its. Plus, I missed the first release and buying it used costs more than it did to buy it new way back when. If they were to make this available for $20? Steal.
  • Excitebots - An overlooked game because Nintendo did a horrible job advertising it. Nintendo needs to make up for past sins by giving this the "Nintendo Selects" treatment. Oh, and release it in EU and Japan already, for cripes sake.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - For obvious reasons.

You want to sell titles, NIntendo? Then you gotta re-release the best ones you have. These are it.



theJudeAbides commented on Nintendo Download: 9th May 2011 (North America):

sigh. Lack of Mega Man V, as usual, means epic fail. And that's not even mentioning Super Mario World 2, Star Fox (SNES), Earthbounds 1-3, Fire Emblems 1-5 (which are out in Japan and NEED to be translated), Dr. Mario (NES), and Yoshi's Safari. Those are ALL first-party, Nintendo titles, so there is absolutely NO reason why they shouldn't have been released by now, except for blatent laziness on Nintendo's part.



theJudeAbides commented on ESRB Rating Outs Mega Man 5 for Virtual Console:

Holy Hell, it's about time! This is pretty much the main reason I bought my Wii in the first place: VC -> Mega Man V -> Greatest game of ALL time, and certainly WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY better then those crappy Mega Man 1-3 which don't even have the Mega Buster! Finally a reason to get some more points!!!



theJudeAbides commented on Nintendo Download: 13 September 2010 (North Am...:

You can't tell me the VC isn't profitable. If Capcom can release a full-on disc game with like 20-30 Mega Man games for $30 and have it be profitable, then there's no way a $5 NES Mega Man game or an $8 SNES Mega Man game wouldn't be profitable. I've been waiting for Mega Man V since I first got my Wii back in 2007, and I'm still waiting.

Mega Man V was the only Mega Man cart I had back as a kid (we were pretty poor and only got a couple games per year). Granted, I still have my NES, but it's a pain to get it to boot properly and the controller we have is iffy at best. They need to release this to the VC stat, because there's no good reason not to. Come on Nintendo, get with it already.



theJudeAbides commented on Nintendo Download: 30th August 2010 (North Ame...:

Lack of Mega Man V = Instant fail and will continue to do so until the situation. My lack of whooping up on Gravity Man and Star Man is directly proportional the amount of incompetance at Nintendo. There is NO REASON why we shouldn't have all the NES and SNES Mega Mans by now other than Nintendo's lazyness and incompetance. Heads need to roll, management needs to be replaced, and several other changes need to occur immediately to get the VC back on track.



theJudeAbides commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2010:

Is it really too much to ask for when I ask for Mega Man V? I mean seriously, we have I-IV, so why not give us V? Also: Mega Man VI. Really, all the Megaman titles for the NES and Super NES should be available. I don't understand why that's so hard.