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Faroe Islands

Fri 7th Dec 2012

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theJP commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

This isnt really a big problem, just think about it. its just in europe, its only digital games, you can easily just go out and buy the game digitally if you just cant wait to play it, and this can EASILY be fixed in an update... i doubt they will keep it for long, but it seriously isnt that big of a problem. (i live in europe btw so im not bragging)



theJP commented on Nintendo UK Looking To Maintain Wii U Momentum:

@Rapadash6 I can kinda see what your meaning, but i have to give you my opinion. First off, i dont see the sales going down that quickly they may go down alot later, like with any console. The lack of clarity? well nintendo have always been known to be about video games (well of course some people are stupid enough to think its just an addon to the wii, those people first started gaming on wii), if you look at the ps3 or the Xbox 360, the thing they are all about are... video games, ive heard many rumours of the next duo of third party support consoles being the Playstation omni (4) and WiiU, with the next "xbox" being a casual heaven. maybe nintendo wont be as succesful with sales this gen, as they were with the Wii. but they wont be as bad as gamecubes sales. people know there will be mario and all the other nintendo Ip's so they will surely invest into the WiiU, But the thing the wii u is all about is Multiplayer fun. And i defenately see the WiiU being one of the best nintendo crafted consoles. (sorry for the bad english)