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I'm a gamer first and a friend first. Add me if you love Call of Duty, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, and Gears of War... oh and Indiana Jones

Wed 2nd Feb 2011

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The3DSisMINE commented on Feature: Diamonds in the Rough - Dementium: Th...:

I played this game when it first came out, I was really freaked out, but honestly I stopped playing because the controls were hard for me. But after Kid icarus: Uprising, thats no longer a matter. I'm going to try this game again and the sequel as well



The3DSisMINE commented on Feature: The Mistakes of the 3DS Launch:

I'm sorry, are we still going over why the 3ds had a not so successful launch. Its old news, Nintendo learned from it, they move on. They know what they are doing if they didn't the 3ds wouldn't be successful like it is today



The3DSisMINE commented on Rumour: Japanese Developers Moving from Vita t...:

I honestly wanted the 3DS much more than the Vita, I was very disappointed with the lackluster titles available at launch. The Vita has better launch games than the 3DS. I played it yesterday at Best Buy (Where you can get it right now if you preordered it) and the sony rep even told me that there was going to be a PRICE DROP for sure and perhaps soon. That sold me on the idea that I will not get it now. Do I even want it? Heck ya, its beautiful. For me though the touch screen on a PSP just doesn't do it for me. But everybody above me had some very good points. Like if Sony isn't really promoting it well in most stores, how can we be sure that they will support it in the future. Everybody knew that the 3DS was going to sell much more than the Vita purely because fan base. I'm not good with business politics but if the Vita wants to survive it will need to do something fast or you'll find out that in the coming months it will be yesterdays machine, and no one will want ti anymore. I want the 3DS and the Vita both to succeed. Each one has great franchises and great developers. Its sad though that when you have one major franchise (Uncharted) be on the launch lineup and its still not doing well, you have some major problems and tough waters are ahead. But in contrast the 3DS had none of nintendo's major franchises at lineup. Imagine if the Vita and the 3DS came out very close to each other? What a difference that will be.



The3DSisMINE commented on Out Today: Resident Evil Revelations (North Am...:

Just got my copy, but honestly the free 3ds case is a joke. Just a really flimsy piece of plastic. But it does have a 3d image on it. Anyway my has the typo and I am not returning it!!!!! I will sell it on ebay for $300 give or take a few (Muwahahahahahahahahahhaahah)



The3DSisMINE commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Use the Circle Pad Pro:

NO,No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no!!!! I am super excited to get this game. When I went to PAX I was estatic to find out that KID ICARUS was there to try out. I played 5 minutes of it and I was done. Not because of the demo but because my hand hurt like HELL. This game needs to have an option for using both circle pads. If not I will only be able to play this game for like 10 minutes so i can rest my hand for 30. Bad Idea Nintendo.



The3DSisMINE commented on Star Fox 64 3D Multiplayer Trailer Brings its ...:

I played this game at Pax and was immedietly impressed. I got to play wireless multiplayer and owned the competition. But I found that the 3D was hard to watch because unlike OoT, it was much more action based and I was tilting the 3DS whichever way. But still it is a great game with the 3 levels I played.



The3DSisMINE commented on Walmart Already Selling 3DS for $169.99, But B...:

It may seem kind of silly but one of my best friends, when he heard of the Ambassador Scheme, he went out and bought one right away. I told him to wait for the 12 but he wouldn't listen . . . Idiot. And he did this because he wanted Legend of Zelda